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jueves, 30 de enero de 2014

The Principal of culture...

Divulging of how the growing population share the love running in the route of enlightenment, people become superlative of how we make instances in ascertaining factions of different sets. In the nth hours of our lives we used to make relaxation and everything which is quite calming around the reality. The most feastive visions that make me intuitive is everything which is called a mentallity that become disturb leading to mind oppression where it's only love can give a resolution. In this growing economy karmas may be a good reflection of virtues reprimanding of what can be an ailment in this society. In these hours the figurative culture can pursue people of who may become the pioneer to cleansing the path of desecrated righteous one and must be given a notion to treating of their odors due to a simple fault. Intimacy... Proposals and Bargaining, everything that can be an addage to this growing economy and culture to provide a good sort of avoiding destruction of our entire realm. The principal of culture may be sophist one invigorating of what can be a good strategic yearns for viral causes. The culture in the longevity of search to give a machine like vilis must fertile of the each individual who suffered this causes:




So in terms of Mentallity and Social factors, realistic issues where can make interdisciplinary approaches to improve of a more seeking pleasures to happiness that must imbibe though latent. Most people who suffered due to diverse harshness and pressures of society which is intriguing to make resolution with most mental disturbing reality. The principles of enlightenment is showing how emotions can be colorful though in the massive fragilities of too much of things and everything that can make one person stoic especially of the longevity of years which becomes striving in the life procrastination and things which is a significance to giving resolution of this economy.  Look at this pictures:

So who amongst them can give the greatest love with the woman thinking of Robin? Supposedly this isn't a part of lesson but perhaps a surrealistic outcome to enlightenment of giving passages with my bestfriend.  Used to be he already revealed but there's only a probability of making issues with him. Look at the last cartoonic man he's still under a latent features who may show me another love story one day. He's trion personality may give me some choices to view of what can be a possibility with in this population full of conspiracies, Heaving with karmas and proportianilities of economic growth everything seemed to be hypothetical means of giving intuituition with women and society. So these hours it's always a good nuptiatl that may conclude but haven't prove of myself being enthusiastic of my past. Being intrigue with men and indulgence of popularity now a days everything must had to have a seek with honours of my bestfriend to give resolutions with the principal of culture in this figurative world. As a verdict to the primitive and social elite cultures, there must be principles giving ecclairs of who may be a principal to acknowledge society to heave of the problems especially of the beautiful women thinking of Robin and errors of interdisciplinary approaches. My bestfriend can be indulge with beautiful harmonies of superceding himself especially of dethroning the fouls in this realm.

That's all :) ang gwapo mo talaga :)

A courtesy

For pleasure but sorrow I acknowledge the moments that I'm with her, most of the moments that I personified in a rigid miniscule thing she still give the value that encounters me much of having sympathy with gift of enlightenment, which is a fad in the benigns of the the great Senor. It happened to be a perfection and not a destruction of myself, it's a truth that prepondered by a great man, someone who's envisioned with innate treasure which is from all the security of mind and behavior. Universally speaking it's a clash of different conscience that runs from the society. Once it was a story of a Joan of Arc dying for triumphant force, everything that I inculcated to escape from the harshness of reality where the unknown Master of madness in this society runs the legion of war and fate crisis which affects me most. It's superficial that I acted idiosyncratically with the people of unsinkable emotion and deprived mentality against what is truth and wisdom. Seeing what is a more sophist and feastive in everybodies sight is all what I can say a flavor that had to be  cheered with ,wonders and great love. A while ago I'd watch a movie regarding enthusiasm and pledge of success, the man had been honored by mounds of powerful people because of the simple wisdom he shared in their society. Everything run towards his simple strength and becomes a great courtesy with the queen. It's babble in fame that everyone can be wealthy of having contentment in what they have not fame and popularity, there's always an accidental victory in the worsening treasure that fades away. It can be a knowledge or a wine to sip concluding an enamor for a thwarting career, knowledge is not just a power but also can be courtesy that can help for the assurance of a fugitive soul. There's always a dire clothing that most children never imparted an interest, it's like a fate that a soul never incorporate with and took granting challenges for a better claim. Like a blood that runs in our veins there's always heroism to wear your own beauty, you may never hear a word but simplifying yourself as a sociable thinker in our humorous escape from pressures of work facing the banks of leisure and enjoyment with styles and designs of a belleza coutour. For a more mature activity, what's more pleasant not only in the enjoyment of a highest duke but in the marmalades of equality. It's not only in fashion but a mere concocted mirror of conjuring attitudes beneath the skills and craftmanship of fate and human being. People are always that of juicy things, if only the wonders can touch what really means for an optimistic future and happiness as the whole world sings together with the sun. Like a pour of honey in the verdict one day, there's always an heirarchy of status and orders of mouthful wisdom with the Mr. Rufus who never lures me but a betrayal becomes the curse between the love that we had for a long time. Mind is always overture but mustn't be overtaken by itself, most of the trials and uneasy conditions, pobres are the one who can be an assault in this betrayal. My journey must always be in comfort though derisive with the savvy people, I must be noble not only in dids but also in name and publicity. It can heave my dreams of wealth that had to be in my hands, there are varied purpose why people do this and do that. In the reign of society, fads can say that media is also a medium in the scepter of success, on the right hand maybe the treasure that never lures people but tell the truth. For a better reason people may also can do everything that honors them so much not only in what they have. My emmo-hemmian side of self brings flavor with the road that I'm traveling so far and only matches to those who never have a poisonous tongue. Matching my own courtesy it can be deal with jurisdiction hoping for an unshrinkable endeavors, everything must be in courtesy though burrowed under furrows of dethronement.

The pride of bosses

                                A culture beauty of my Emmo Hemmian side of self Fairy tale                                                   
It's he who taught me things which are quite essential in most points of human being on Earth, though lost in a graceful land for so long time I think it's a sacrilege of people to pin me as a bolt without any strength to interface against the belligerent soul of people making me as a target point around. Though that past is really annoying, still I can say most of them were handsome and quite a veer when dealing with my happiness. My sudden destruction ought me of a man whom I really don't know but give me some of his knowledge that I learned to escape from a clandestine role in this society giving some instances in my part and made me keen that some important people were quite a destiny of a dramatic bomb that may be a reprimand of my thoughts. Everything in my life are vicious that must be optimized by my mind to have a clear part with the fantastic analysis and legend of a woman in the hands of many people but given an option by he who seemed to be a pride of all bosses and help me to propagate myself in the sage and humorous trends of his enlightenment. I never doubted that hours but there's a point of view that I think I had to be mad of him, because of his notions in life. Really undermining it is that I have to explore of myself to see the world quite liturgical and enthusiastic when being with him far more years in my life which is though oblivion still become a part of a ricocheted society that have a lot of conspiracies. Though crucial and an indulgence as a semi-diplomat and culture enthusiast writer, I see a derailed womanhood deep inside of myself acting in the jolts of people for a crave of lavish envoys that I may share in the progress of society. Learning with this adventure I see different protocols and modest demeanor that I'm quite oblige to see myself seeing different fads around which may improve a new culture. With his encompassed visions seeing this world as a neglect trend urge by people to decline, I manage myself for a colorful voyage in different facets of reality from the feigned supranational activities which is not so potent to be a credit of different statuses of life. I can say that it's more of something if the pride of many people who may give me learning to earn more credits, it's better to envision a reverberating culture in this world. Teaching me how to breath for myself dealing with knowledge, it's much a consecrated thing to apply the skills he taught me in this world. As a head inside my mind one aspect that I learned with him and it is keeping closed mind when hearing too much knowledge around which may seem a sociological syndrome when obsessed. I had to vow him because he's a pride of different current affairs, a pride of most women and a meek person who lead the world with necessity of a "Surrealistic World."

Cultural Imprisonement: A crayon of happiness

In the jails of long live truth and exploration of a unique though feeling no exorbitant happiness a new set of an unfrailed life had been formed in a story full of colors and enthusiasm. In the sake of a truthful and frank sense of an oblige role in the society, I see most of the things which have a lot of hypocrisy in the face of a resort that have to be innate and persevering to splurge a colorful reality. Things which are quite innovative but deal with a surrealistic world, this route had never been antagonized by the naked eye of most people in the crowd. It's everything which can be a foundation of an imprisoned wisdom that must be putted into a courageous and skillful enthusiasm of a derailed society by people who had longevity of a picturesque outlook in life and had to be acquired by themselves dreaming of a high regards that they may achieve.

  Look at this man, he seemed to be a fond of looking for his own fortune but nowhere he's envisioned to make himself contented feeling daunted by many people belong to a bourgeoise society. Because of long life experience of a sabotage he quitely experience a self dethroning reality wearing dire clothes and enough treatment by many people around the garden. For a long life journey he's merely capable of believing that everything is a just for himself that he's sufficed of his everyday life feeling comfort and enthusiastic about reality though there's the ailment of a poisonous visions made by society.

There's a faction of fishes having one line so that destruction of their rail may be avoided so far while playing with the children and having their own society that mustn't be undermine by culture in progress. Children may found them quite stronger especially that they become bigger as it is, they seemed being interrelated together having connection with themselves as a school with invigorating class for a next lesson. It's like a culture of people with life fulfillment trying to escape in a cage for a new fiefdom that they may enter. It's a procurement of new wisdom in the changing society that have to be encompassed by a new strength.

At the end of the journey there's a city of lights that I may encounter as a rode of happiness and everything as an innovative Holiday, that I may claim after a surgency in life, a sort of happiness which may give enlightenment one day. The light posts shows candle lit of sweet benigns caress by a kindred monarchess trying to make comfort of most women in her glad tydings against the pressures of the growing society. It's like a scenic trend in this surreal world that may be a good outcome for the longevity of time.

It's like a legendary story amongst a phenomenon that I'm trying to overcome against sufferings and endeavors. But though being, it's quite happy and humorous with my colleagues upon the race of jolly life with the other people in great sentiments and this savory that I am merely fascinated of foolish things. Sometime I ask myself, is there any reason why I'm here and it's just that everything seemed to be colorful though frustrating, I had to be pretty punk'd. The Nerdy User Friendly give me a great whims in this journey, The Blessed Saviour of Serye deal me with acknowledgements of flavor with her magical ear rings which some sort of a mirror. All the hours most of them as Amazons gave me a floral beggining endowed into an Emmo-Hemmian core, fairy tale inspired amongst the mass. Everything seemed to be a route of intelligence with their great help especially of the Telephone Engineering Maja though connections around are quite a present in my life. Where most people are quite humurous with the tempers of the Death Striker Kathy that boils down annoying people and help me accomplished ever pieces of sorts. It all become feastive deluxe around our life dethroning a society of pretetious people. May all the enlightenments of this little achievement be a remembral in my Memoirs, it's in the middle of our journey through the Baroque Era as Amazons against the attempts of the mad society (The Dark Forces) and the (Goats). That hours is an aide of help with them through my dire need of preponderonce with myself and the growth of fruitful journey.

Only the beautiful neck can wear scurves...

A picturesque life that I'd interlude with myself dreaming of the huntsman that he have also the same way as mine. A lot of coaches I encountered the hours that passing us by, both of us generated an issue which is quite enthusiastic into our lives, but... I told myself I'll never be like him since he had that attitude of betrayal and real unworthiness of a feign senor in this world. Unlike the real phantom whom I believe never become brive himself as a gift in this world. The Hunstman whilst on the other world made me think that he's a man of my whims, still I missed him so much when the other Amazons experienced a threat in that world against the Dark Forces. I told myself it's a deep procrastination that I'd wondered with the Staciel Cheer Leader, the Princely Teaser, The Grandmother Lotlot and the Baby Destroyer in the midst of our travel with this benign world. It's an all life dramatic proposal of myself to have a search for my beautiful stomach and muscular abdomen but still I can't figure out everything with my life, things were like a betrayal inside. This surreal world is full of fantasies through the means of a creed with the popular enlightenment bringer and I believe there's always a magic of truth with my life. Then I try wearing what the phantom had told me in that if wear that scurf I may say "Only the beautiful neck can wear scurves" so I can derail those people who belong to that dark wizard group who may deal with the goats. Until a beautiful make-up appeared with the beautiful women saying she has the same as mine, "You can be my face as a lady who seemed who took caress of me since my childhood."
"I believe one day everything is in eternal popularity for your fashion garment my beautiful lady." Then everything in my life give me an interjection that there's always a scribe of Philippine cigarette in my own Scientism with interdisciplinary approaches of what she who had an acknowledgement of beautiful make-up in most theories of love. I told her when reminiscing everything in my life only that phantom whom I believe give me the strength to be who I am and fought the realistic tesoro de mal humanos. In my life I can say that she's really a beautiful punk who lured me after so many years dealing that this route of success, still good diplomacy always had the victory in an entourage of who I am.
"Dear fair lady of beautiful make-up what sort of things in me of that phantom is quite difficult still wherein my life I had to be thankful because he becomes a part of me in my in my teenage dream. Everything seemed to be wary in the crowd at the village as I wear my scurf in a glazed of having a beautiful neck that hours. He's really a phantom of my life who told me that, that Huntsman showed me things which is essential trend as the same as mine... quite esoteric with my life but I think this will be a rumor around my circumstance, I believe.

In this crazy world of choices I've only got a few
Either you're coming with me, or I'm coming with you
Cause I finally found, I finally found you
You never have to worry if what I say is true
Girl I've been looking for you
And when I saw you I knew
That I finally found, I finally found you

he said... Then I smiled :) and wake up one morning...

domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

Witch baboy in the Bubungan

Creeuuuuxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!! and it all buffled as my new pet (dog) named Marco Sam had been given me by an unknown man in the midst of my search for truth. What's far more clandestine where that it's the society that try's to interwine with me. Everything seemed to be difficult since, things where untiringly changing I'm turning deviant with how am I going to keep up this mess. Every woman in this world had the capacity to become innate of vulnerble things, he said I'll be the one to pay for all of my debts. Especially if Marco would vandalize away, extorted and treated as nonchallant in this society, he become much of my interest now that it was his 1 month old of journey as concocted pitbull and chow chow. This day he's crying so much heaving for enthusiasm of his own as a manly dog looking for his mother, how I love his face that looks like a mestizo dog who'll concumbine against the harshness of this society. I believe he can give of the shares of love that I need. Whatever it takes he's too shy these hours, like a witch baboy in the bubungan since of our very first hours to encounter each other, but still he's encompassing he's own  knowledge as a figurative one of what he feels. He cries but as hours going longer he learned how to cope up with our environment. With the karmas that I think can never deduce he's personality I believe everyone wouldn't longer to incorporate with me especially of the villain running on my twists. This is my fate to have the greater instincts as a journalist and an espionage against the wilderness of cultural imprisonment. He the only one can give me of the calms I need to ruin the feigned enlightenment in exchange of unbeatable romance, everything seemed to be a betrayal in my sort but there's my believe tha this society is reallistically incline of how I can devaluate of the issues running towards me. He's name is Marco Sam a dog who has the journey to run in the modern concerns of world. I believe he's yet a puppy but needs to have resolution against this humanity full of insanity. What I've learned in this route is the deviant reallity where you have to do everything in order to make the finest means in giving corrections from error. It's always learning of how you would dilute the detriments of curses through the means of karmas such as society where people live through orders, in the sense of my dog though conditional I believe I can interwine with feigned people who had it all to rebuke the truth and the righteous it's me and my dog's journey gaining the whole faction of ethereal academics in this route of principalia community.

Meet my elemental pet who will learn of the benigns that we had to have, learning the karmas of reality I believe the one who me him is a blessing in disguise or an unknown realistic super human concluding of how will everything would gain of the real treasures in this reality. Things must be in an arid visions to avoid the frails of society gaining the reality of superceding people towards ecclairs of wealth. He's really a cute dog in my voyage to help me make satisfaction of how culture give impact be it pessimistic neither optimistic. Wanting to look for something new which is an essential trend to an optimistic outcomes in this society. In terms of proliferating what's better in the knowledges of a tranquil reality the visions of the weak had to have a massive intuition in the part of what is an essence to reality. I'm very much imbibe with karmas and consequences to be vital in purging a colorful mentallity.

Having the essence of being a pilgrim the next union that I had to efface is mutualistic, how funny it would be. With the greatness of Witch Baboy in the bubungan soy busco por el buena puerza de perro especialmente en securidad de neccessito de me mente. En el buscar con illustracion el supersibo es eso el dime de que es cuadro de Witch Baboy looking dog in the singularity though fully indulge if thinking of the named Marco Sam who's been blessed by the powerful karma concocted with the essence used by the Witch Baboy in the bubungan, I believe I had to carry of how instincts wouldn't frail us in our journey this is really goodd sort of future, how I'm indulge with you... Muy bien :)

"The casualties that had been give in the entire hath never sink of my sort that may avoid of penetrable forces to coy of the mad conflicts." She said to me before I continue my journey, the Witch Baboy in the bubungan make real guidance and everything that can be involve ine fate and consequence. Muy bien por ambos otra vez, senora Witch Baboy in the bubungan :)

You got what I need, you're just a bestfriend... An Italian Hippon Kebab story

Hey... Hey... hey we got a compromise, it's my hour of conituous journey for a more lamenting vengeance with Nathaniel Cookshore, Jhayson, Huntsman, my Bestfriend and the most of all, probably the Phantom who lurks deep in my adventure to destroy my emminents until claim the royalty that I have as an Espionage, Sociologist and Writer in an Interdisciplinary status way. Many people say this is just a vibration of being a semi-diplomat in the world full of madness. For me I care everything how I would give the protagonist theories for the various sorts of mankind just to claim of their necessities as a hunger for popularity. In the midst of my search for realistic consequences I mean as an aspiring ___________________ one day. My issues were always that in a latent way, against the intimacies and my wanting to discover of the frailties that had to be ignited away. In this purity of searching for depleting down mentalities (I mean ill mentalities) of people who may be in my siege of catapulting pretenders. A synchronized realm that must perished away is a just I think in the sight of many sureties.

Interdisciplinary garbage
Negative Demeanor
Mediocre Serious
Meron ba nito?
In this sort of reality I continue my travel and journey encountering lots of people, my apologies if can't be seen what I wrote on the comic cloud. At least I pasted the picture of the very handsome man I encountered (the Fireman) whom I missed, much of things with my sort this is my Bora elegance and a journey of cooking with my Italian Hippon Kebab. What matters most with my life were the sort of my bestfriend's images whom I never seen for most of my life, I must by precarious this hours now I'm showing the very good spicy dish I made.

A buttered mix hippon-deli concocted with oriental spices that suits to the flavors of bountiful munches. My sort were always that into a very exclusive equality with my twin brother but for me as his sister he must know where to draw his lines. I believe it's always that reflective with my good qualities of imagination to pour in this realistic world, with my sort I'm very much into a myriad society of people who may deteriorate of feigned truth but real wisdom must occur. And so I continue my surrealistic world as person with many ideas envisioned for my path to be consanguine with enormous indulgence of illuminous resort. One day I'll took again my vacation to somewhere that may not be deteriorated away but  a masterpiece to a very good voyage philosophist. It's a fiefdom with us that I mingled with great people but in my part had to be aware of who they are since many things will be in an instinct of firing down what's important with me. In this world of enlightenment what I'm seeking for is him, now is the time to figure out his images but to incorporate him with karmas and virtues, and also consequences with latent aesthetics of intimacy then this would be a very good start to my career until I can desolate this feigned people who hadn't have just gaining their own victory. I've learned a lot with the testament I called Pandacanage leading me to a good voyage and karma of health. Then everything would be in a must divulging of what is truth and what may be a cure to a society in death to become civilized and renowned with the calamities usually occuring this hours. What matters most in this reality I can't suffocate everything but treat myself as his mediocre Bestfriend because I'm that an ill, selfish, reluctant lahat ng tingin mo sakin pagkakamali ko but I'm just doing everything, all of this dahil _______________. I don't like anymore since I'm very much diluted with that sort of thing which he the only one can give to the woman he'll love one day. I'm just a bestfriend, also him but what I can interwine these hours is that he's very usefull especially of giving myself an alm to burn down the antagonists sickling around with me and my bestfriend but hadn't have to be procrastinated.

Last one ang gwapo mo talaga Enrique Iglesias

The Facets of reality and virtue

Bring me your heart my dear dear, ______________________ come out, come out who ever my name it is I'm Jai_Em Goo a drama queen confessing of what's the real meaning of love story in reality. A modern sort of virtue which is something flashes of emotions called the Emmo-Hemmian. Everything which I can say beautiful though full of secrets. What matters most are an innovation of virtues to be a context in the siege of a realistic whim. In the longevity of seeking things which can be materialized I'm very pluralistic of everything that can be a view to a capture of anti-dullness of someone's enjoyment if added with wisdom. Hoping that my bestfriend is always around not just to follow rules but become genuine of who you are. If things are complicated, it's better to become a Psionic trapdoor like Zeratul who ruin everyone's happiness because of his attitude that become a wisdom to own everything from his own sake. Colorful it is, I'm very into search for real wishes, every human kind in this world must have their gift to propose a manifold sayings for their masters someday. In my part I'm always used to challenge myself to seek more things that can be a design to real heirarchy. What's far more important is relationship in a diplomatical status in the verge of society and a means of psychology, at least I have at least 2 reviews for my scenic blog that had been given a value by one of my depots. A very depot who help me to gain extra credits for my continues search for society and an honour to what is a good advice, so lets take some lessons from this paragraphs.

 How people treat you is their karma, how you react is yours.

So what's feastive in this virtue? then it's a value of showing what can be a reprimand in this society. Everything which is deviant. What are deviant things were which must be sorted, some were colorful if seen without any bad thinkings, others may see righteous though pesimistic incites. So when speaking of reality everything can be a consensus if concocted with harmony though stoic in somebody's difficulties.

Now this phrase:
You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something - your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.
You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something - your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.
You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something - your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.
You can't connect the dots looking forward; You can only connect them looking backwards. So that you have to trust that somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something-, your gut destiny, life, karma, whatever. The approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.

This one's more a quest giving karma, to connect with reality, it may give everything which is a good sort of value in this society and up above what is called success in the nth days of each hours. Everyone must have their own belief, though not sharp still, everything is in a the hands of a punitive giver of fate. I hope I'm still ok, after each running moments.

Oooooooooh... another picture of a swift image of a picturesque man...

Now, if he's the one you're thinking? What you can say? Much of it were bountiful especially with everyone's effort to be imbibe with harmony in this realm full of allurance. Now what are the Facets:

Everything which is in the sight and mind of people or things which can be pluralistic in their own belief.
Everything which is healthy with each belief.
Everything which is concocted with beauty and aesthetics
Greyish things which is equal to someones sadness
Things which must be connected with reality to become fantastic and more of a belief in his eyes.

All of theses should be enervated from the next issue to become humungous in environment natures. Another chance for the next Longevity of period my bestfriend. :)

Heirarchy VS Child Bullying A Society of Denoument for equality

Look at this pictures, they're sort of different images of children  who suffered from deviant forces of enlightenment not only in this society. If they'd become involve to a deteriorated sense of happiness what you may feel or think?

Now this image shows popularity and an esque of a woman who'd encounter deliciously divine greatness around Philippines especially of being a choice of people to be the primetime princess though cheated many times.

Now this handsome man is an epitome of a super human whom all around the human being in this Earth pointed as a view of a man who's perfectly match with me.
Now every pictures stated that I can be logical as all of them, regarding twists of fate and anything which is a glamour and worth someday when I've been deal with good proposals especially above enlightenment. There were disappointment that can be hypothetical when issued with views of reasons why they must acquire the neccessities they need to give securities in this world. 1, everyone who suffered from bullying is paralleled to karmas of achieving aesthetics and honour especially with my bestfriend who never dictated of what is a real good virtue for an equal issue in this society. Everything shouldn't have been involved with sense of beautiful opportunities for tomorrows new welcome. In my sort I'm very enthusiastic of how karmas may move them to unwaver the truth of wisdom, especially of my bestfriend. Everything must ought to learn how the balance of good sight and a better sight for a wise guess with emotions and motivations to be imbibe with my bestfriends society. I believe there's no whites but a colorful senses to give from the enlightenment that I'm saying. They're pictures of an epitome, the prime one to see the sympathy from most people and the other one to envisioned of what must become a mediocre in this society. Heirarchy is for people who had to give way from the real worthless whilst Child Bullying is for everything that everyone may see how karmas and virtues must be given a balance in this world. My enthusiasm from art and wisdom with my bestfriend who may achieve the greatest success in my sort to give values from everything which can be dealt with things which is really improtant in this world. Now even Heirarchies need securities and success, even child that have been bullied where popular because they're an epitome of people who knows better rather than older people and gives more issues that may become a success with them. If not saying popularity but everything that can be a good verdict in this society. They're all pictures that can show good proposals in an approve deluxe with what is myriad in this surrealistic world. To see everything what is cool in our minds though spoiled, still can be detailed as a means of harmony.
Last one... ang gwapo mo Enrique Iglesias, regalo ko pag ready ka na hah...

Images of my bestfriend (Baby whatever)

Look at these picture, they possess two diverse images of my bestfriend but have their own messages to make us believe of things which is quite a good proposal for enlightenment and real opportunity for our own security. What's quite more enthusiastic were everything which is in the claims of a paramount treasures that most of us as human beings may achieve in this world. Seems like a very sociable ray of light to imbibe wealths and treasures in everything which is called popularity from an anti-hypocratical nature of  Handsome in disguise. In my procurements of what is a massive instinct in this reality regarding music with heirarchical status in this society, in my part I'm just staying alone at my own society. Quite feigned to let them say what I really feel in this world but with indulgence of happiness and virtues, my bestfriend may tell me of what is luxury and how to manage securities with life and everything which may be a good value with my sort
Everything seemed to be innocous in my part looking at these images, both cunning, both have a tendency to become an image of a things which can spoil modernities and everything which are surrealistic in the sight of the society. The question is, who amongst them may really reign the road of stoic karma of indulgence which is inheritance from a great royalty, though cunning and a durable esque of love story.

Here... read this two set of lyrics giving significance in my bestfriends long search for his own fate.

Could you look me in the eye
And tell me that you're happy now,
Ohhh, ohhh
Would you tell it to my face
Or have I been erased,
Are you happy now?
Are you happy now?

 No puedes escapar
Si decides dejarme
No te voy a suplicar
Alla tu si mas tarde
Aunque corras, te escondas
No puedes escapar
Now this time it's all in your sight to make issues of what may be the very best significant between the two of them. Now in the nth hours of my journey I hope I may achieve the gift that I need from his picturesque features as a man who look like the craziest funk having colorful sort with me especially in the deviant hours of the plagues running toward my back.

How to have a boyfriend in every 2 years?

It's always an issue with me having a boyfriend with a word December, once he came in my life I'd experience a great love then became enigmatic of my sort that he vanished immediatley with pains and sorrows deep inside of me. As a Jai_Em in the route of success, I can say still there's a tormented part of myself especially if the Phantom used to destroy with a stoic memory. Now knowing why it used to be an occurence with my life that he's like an Igor Malev who's enamored of undermining our trust. In my sort I had to be stronger and become a survivor of this society learning how to be fascinated with people who had that deluge to bereft my circumstance. With the empowerment though being frailed for my own assureties I can say there's always a myriad hypocracy of people who loves blurting out what is beautiful in the sight of each of them wanting to achieve everything of what is delcious for themselves. Saying that there's a much idiosyncratic of the wisdom that I have, difficultly speaking I'm always in a rush to gain the esteem of what I want which everyone may call a wealth and pleasure with 10 beautiful women to give me a path of success through wisdom, women who had that karmas to gain also what they want giving respect of me. It's always a good mentality for me to be adhered with a good vow from most of this faction that I created as a good established group to help me maintain my wealth thinking that they'll become a hand of help for me to become manifold of enlightenment from the path that I'm walking. As a torn woman I can say I'm very derailed with much success though hardly saying I'll continue to soar and will claim a more beautiful anarchy with a scenic life. In a picturesque attitude of a lady being destroyed by a  group of people, it's always a good sense to become genuine of my self thinking of things which can be more materialized in my route. Remembering of a good judgement with my sort I believe it's a victory for me to escape from harsh people, especially that the phantom had that emotions of being enigmatical when there's a real enlightenment even though people had a belief with a colorful life for us to prevail with what is realistic. My name is Jai_Em Goo believing that one day every pieces of treasures that had stole with people like me will come back and gain a better diplomacy dealing with enlightenment. In years of leveling up as a woman in this world he never introduced with me, never befriend who am I but teaches me everything which is good in this society, and all that can be valued. Unlike of what is more superior, he tend to be realistic of what may become a good verdict with me, especially of how I may be acknoweldge in this ill-fated society. People who were acclaimed in fatality, it's a union to gain freedom and love in memoirs, from whims in this world he tend to become a true picturesque of attitudes but still it's a debunk with my life that I never figure him out. Most of the things that encompasses of the cunning master who may steal all the things which is devious from me I can say it's a lurk a pure madness. He's a phantom in my life whom I never met from most of this world, I believe he loves this hours because it's already real happiness from our friends though most of them which I find out much difficult to be with. In my case I always had to become pluralistic in this world that my views with men were always exclusive especially when being engage with relationships. Most of the hours with me were not reluctant though difficult to be justified with issues or unresolved cases. With my own comfort, everything must be manifold in many situations, he's my real kindred one especially with these hypothetical times that I had to be liturgic telling him around to become indulge with what I have especially of the society that I can say in a good system. As my lover for many years knowing that these were only the times for me to say I acknowledge him as a superior approach with me, encompassed with proposals to avoid the frailty of my emotions. I can say it's easy to interwined now in the society called the wealth and pleasures in a very truthfull circumstance. Nocturnal twists of emotions were concocted with venerable visions not being constricted by a righteous conscience inside my path, with his right arm to give me a bundle of success which is symmetrical in terms of diplomacy. He's a good provider of enlightenment with a lovestory that I have especially of what everything may give a good purdue as a gift in this world. Esoterically speaking, I'm much that indulge with  picturesque things that may penetrate as a good karma when making a beautiful vision with the enlightenment of this harmony. In a faction of a myriad culture, there where heirarchical status that used to be honoured but it's always the appearance of an archetypal denoument from mentallities of people to overcome what they want and what they believe in this world. When telling myself I'm very anxious of vendettas, the ecclairs of my contradictions in these world, he's the only one who may say there's always a creed for you to avoid the flow of the mad and the success. Attitude is always concocted with good virtues though there were heretical lyes lied down to devaluate the more pitifiul one, if the greater one had that answers to beautify the culture. I may say, the once who were very literate on how to treat my lover then it's a good answer from my sort. Lessons and every knowledge that becomes a learning in my journey as a traveler, these may be a beautiful diary around my life and is an issue in propagating myself to achieve of what is not called fatal in my life. Will it always be a learning? I told him because much of his brives in this society which just a promise and become a bereft with the surreal world. It's better to say that these must be destroyed, he used to say it's always time for me to give a real colorful event of your beautiful esque as a woman. With me  I'm always that of a genuine individual gruelly speaking that I'm really fidgeted with a bit of danger, if only people may help me ascertain my man, I can say truthfully it's a stoic sort of love story within me. "You're a very superb being telling myself that I'm really enamored with how you're stance give special things with me. You're a real kindred motivation that help me improve of myself though it's difficult for me to seek the achievements that I'm hardly figure out, when there's a beautiful side of myself as an emmo-hemmian in this world though sounds not easy in my esque." He's very a superlative man creating different things and I'm very much endowed with pragmatic approaches of things that are a blurt regarding of what is good and beautiful with the honours of a realistic memoirs. One day he told me he'll be a great form of person that he wants to be for me to avoid the my destrcution especially against my enemies, I can't understand why it used to happen in my life even though I'm a handicap person? One day he'll understand everything and give me and my friends our special expectations of proposals from ourselves. It's always a beautiful notion to achieve more distinguishable karmas, when it comes to making stimulations of our relationships. He's the barrier of everything that I need in terms of securities and running errands against morose system of the madness of society that I may say can integrated the neccessities of what I constitute in this world and its the so called diplomatic relations through my covert acts. How fascinating dealing with my own latent faction that loves acquiring a good status in the society which is real work of heart especially in consultaion of needs in this arena. In the minarets of mountainous columns of strength to face challenges, in group of men who's enamored in destroying my sort. An answer can be given with my life to perish down the hindrance of annoyance and sardonic emotions of madness that continues to bereft of what is a real solution in this society. I proudly present the Emmo-Hemmian core or anything which is said to be the colorfull in the dark or anything that may used to avenge for the curse of love and good memoirs that may be a sense of reciprocity in the environment of love stories and success. He becomes my all years of veneration and mode of real boyfriend who understood me from who am I though in the very worst scenarios of my issues. For not loving my esque as a woman it's a figurative dellusion in my part especially of my past, I may say he's a man who may give the meaning of what the society seeks as a resolution from a form of reality though everything is stoic in my part. Giving me a basket of flower and wine, I can't say what really means that from me and I'm that woman who knows everything which is enigmatic and a riddle to discover of what knowldege can define karma. He's really a handsome man and a social elite in this sort of reality though in the billows of fate though become ill or a passive one with myself. The other one of his sight who have miniscule sort of defining himself but eagers to gain in touching the taste and savors of success. I'm into deal with anti-prophecy in this world but what's far more important with me were virtues and knowing how to cope up with everything which can be navigated by my path in this enervating catapults of pushing up comforts in the destruction of life. Every times of his visit, he had that sands of dusts to sprinkle over me just to gain what I want in the world of my dreams and things which I can't say a happiness but is a significance of dangerous applause in my sort. He never insinuated anything regarding lovestory and vows of what seemed to be equal in my sight unless he who gives flowers and wine. As for me, In my own verge of hypothesis, there's a growth of economy if karmas and fortune becomes a rudiment in giving values for everything that am I doing. At last it's friday again, a 27th day of glories of our months, 5 more months and it's our 1st year relationship without knowing what's happening between us. How happy it is though very difficult to analyze and it's hypocritical sounding that there's still many options to look for this world.
I love him... Goo_Jai_Em

The tenth day hour above enlightenment and my last warrior

It's quite liturgic with my voyage in the hours passing around where I encountered the very fair lady at the far east of my life. She's not that pretty as it is but I believe she becomes my sort of equality on the right success, notwithstanding at all through the means of my belief with entire realm. Hereafter she becomes one of my ecclairs and can be sorted with a realistic approach in life which everything can be a deluxe verdict with my proposal in a very difficult situation. In the midst of my difficulties to sort her just to realesed of what can be jive, internationally speaking with the society of our entire group. She becomes quite a memes of my own sort against the devilish lurkers who tried murmuring deep inside of me, but her calculations is that accurate to accomplish of what is really worthy in the eyes of macho man. Who's her? Said the macho man, then I said myself a woman who named basic accounting calculation.

White Lillies Jai_Em

This road is quite never ending, my belief with the entire reality seemed to be going obscure when things like an encompassing ritual in my sight had scent within myself. Things which is a positivism through enlightenment suddenly destruct issues around my esque, it's always a reason of popularity why I'd envisioned a more lawful ascertainment in a not debunk but a true good when dealing with society. I can tell myself that looking unto the waters where white lilies flow in my sight though an illusioned picturesque and pretentious fragrance in the nosed of each individual. Ideas which is knowledgeable and is a protagonist through the means of happiness and enlightenment though not really acceptable in everything which is called a realistic taboo amongst people. Bones, white paints and imprints of dangerous ecclairs where a sort of things which had to be sensitized and figure out as a dramaturgical that must destroyed. Everything which is not logical from the eyes of people who may see the real esque of equality within the society, everything which is a preponderonce in this world are not really vitiating but a myriad colors with the enlightenment and trust. White Lilies... Everything which seemed to be humungous in an islet I've seen that I may say deluxe in reality. In my own belief I never believe of things which had never seen by many people, it's an ecclair through humanity that all of us have issues within ourselves to encompassed a more realistic sort of what we called wealth and pleasure. If dealing with myself being a White Lillies_Jai_Em it's more systematic of enlightenmen, trust and love may combine not only a flower that may cleanse everything around. Innovations and society in terms of esoteric figures of mentallity to seek the real thing though naive. In a heave of conscieved diplomacy that I tend to counterattack, things which is punitive and comes to me especially if I feel the bossom in the path that I'm running to visualize a more scenic virtue. White Lillies Jai_Em, I can say myself though in the hours of horrific instance. Everything in my eyes where a beauty of image that I had to propagate around. I believe I'm very pobre individual in this world but I've encountered a real devious world that brives anyone just to achieve of their own exito in life. I'm a real White Lily in this world, a torn woman because of the phantom whom I can't say if a real hero who had that belief to lead our lives in security. This is quite energetic and stronger if I'm going to deal with honours from the mentallity which I had, and have been destroyed either captured by many people who where more capable of destroying humanhood just to get what they want, one day I'll be a beauty on the fire.

Even fairies: have wishes in life...

Hitomibore gave me something... :)

It's a case in my  life helping people to fulfill their dreams and made their life an entire fantasy through the means of a caricature like life that may be a good camaradery. Many of it's features are a sort of difficult thing to manage, some dreamed for greatness, others marrying their prince whilst others have fanatiscm in life of being wealthy people. Having multitasking activities in various circumstances made me think on how should I manage myself and think for my own, most of the times there were perils but had to be fixed and featured as a means for my continuous learning with the society and the growing population. More of it, thousands of things entering in my mind; earning credits in my profession especially in dealing with people, gaining lot's of commitments that can be a good resort in my life, having good affiliates in this society even though life is really pressuring and a million smirk against arch-enemies. Some suffered difficulties but in my instance, I gained a very uneasy comfort but flourished in my learnings and instances. Like me, I can say even fairies have wishes in life especially in techniques and styles of making cases regarding conflicts and cooperations in assaults of the growing culture. The most heinous enemy that mark my way is the boredom frustration that finally still have good result in my life, though it's archetypal encountering White Zombies who becomes a reprimand in my life. Things are growing tighter as things are devaluating, sometimes it's a must have in my life to protect myself against the undermining circumstance of treachery and life denouments of evi that lurks inside my mind. Being a fairy sometimes have a lot of process leading into a beautiful resolution, at least I've win sometimes though not become a cheer leader or a prom a queen. Most of things which I can say a fortune in my life is not being with people who becomes a bad luck in my life. It's really much procrastinating that I construed with in a must oblige faction of people but still make a sentiment of frivolity leading my entire diary a feastive one. Life must always be given a caricature to people, mostly who'd been endangered with catasthrope whilst some have flared under derailment of underminning circumstance. There must have a succulent issues that may conjure an image of vitality in the route of giving wishes, for me though it's a strategy of a latent feigned enlightenment and success in the mass. A better understanding and ascertainment in my life is a passion and instinct of choosing a better option and it's a crave for resources of my neccessities in long way learning with people.

A culture in progress

How are we going to achieve things which we expect for all of the years that we're lacking in this life. Through the passive years people were going much optimistic especially of being encourage with life against the challenges. This society were growing much bigger in enthusiasm with fads, fashion, wealth and preponderance of culture. People were enticed of vying with objects that are hardly may obtain, one that I may say there's a progress in culture, something a synthesis in growth of economy. Though there's a rise in population and everything surrealistic in the sight of human kind. A resolution that may conquer our problems seemed to be an assumption to approaches but a jeering thoughts with most optimistic thinkers that may change the world. Nothing important anymore since, this progress become an answer for great thinkers, especially of humanity. Each individual think that an arouse to an invention of love story seemed to be Emmo-hemmianic (new fad you may figure out with some of my articles in If conscience may spread anywhere, people's belief may wonder and differ from ideas they exchange from each other. It happened with my journey before encountering some old age women who have deep sentiments that they encourage with themselves for a more likeness with freshness of interests, that other individuals state themselves that they're pioneer there esque as living human beings in this world that they can insist whatever they want in their life. The movement of society is much endowed, speaking of inter-relationships: each society needs a pillar to recover from the procrastinations of phenomenon that occured due to the madness of the declining economy that tends to the suffering of individual with too much status of goodies. Enlightenment through the means of wanting to overcome the problems entailed with people. We're much interested of how everything may sufficed there interests one day, like me who suffered under a cultural imprisonement just to get what I want. But nothing happened at all, a mere resemblance of feigned victory with the cunning environment and people who clenched their fists underminning my womanhood. A story of a faction where, news turn around in each of us as maiden of truth, pero hay suffrir con el sociedad eso quieremos hacer muchos buena signifique en ojos de humanidad. With the entire population though, people rise with their sentiments I saw everything is in touch with the good hands of an irony whom I may say just a figure of frugal sweetness and a kind of a bitter one. I guess everything is pretty punk'd in my journey, an adventure that I love to escape from the pressures of society, this Jai_Em Sewell and this is my cybershot.

The 9th warrior

 My dear fair Carlo of the media and communications all I remember she told me is the that daughter of a queen who has lips pink as cherry blossom, skin brown as wood, hair dark and crescent, as eyes twinkles like a melon. "See how I give chances for the fairest princess of all," it's all what we've talk together naming me as the Woody Brown or Grazildon who fall from the sky like Mr. Bean. You've been gone for so long time my dear warrior Carlo as one of my 9 saviors secretly astonished me from the long hours of eve in the woods. I'd wonder if she could help me against my pondering moments against the dark forces who yawns to capture me but I can feel she could be one of the honour and glory as I bestow myself having a karma of good and bad. It's the old which who says I have to give her my heart as Dear dear Grazildon who lives in a far far castle briving with life expectancies while escaping from the chivalrous success of the king who wants to marry me. No wonder every people on the towns have that rumors that I must run and run to save my life, this minutes I shouldn't have known that it's hours that counts everybody's happiness.

Your the princess who have lots of uses maybe you can be a good messenger one day it'll be our chance together with my other warriors could have that security not handing that help from White Zombies.

By the river Sta. Elena I saw Paula, sat down and wept

My likeness of the river curtails of the man I've met, encountered a child bullying practices but believe that I'm finely became interested of the girl who plays with me symmetrically. I think I've become an image of a woman who help myself yearned for a help and closeness, he's the prince that I think I found the man who will love me most though experience different damages in my body which I think can be a physical abuse and is much a surprising yawn towards my success. he used to be a man full of secrets never told me about he's dreams with a woman especially for a soul the he will be with in the bed. Amongst all the things that I can appreciate is that I used to stay in our province where I'm with my cousin garnering lots of ideas and experiences. All about matrimony and child rearing practices especially for the real esque of love with a woman like me. The symphony of life abounds  reality and a symbol of far cry about emotions and dreams of success, is all that he wants to have for, with bravery. All of the moments is my cherish toward virility of a real woman, I never expect she will be a man of honor and dignity that will embrace my fate asking for a real love. Sitting down the verge of cognizance and motivation I look upon the river where I shouted all the wishes and outcomes of life with wayward even though everything feebled down my mind and thoroughly is upright. For my up heave towards= growth against failure and daunts he defined me as a so called deluxe woman of different characters which I believe I'm merely proud of, about myself. All the moments enamored me with much cheers and fantasies that even a minute part of my esque is of her grace from what I called beauty of my soul that one day can make a progress of my cows toward vulnerability and a good status that I envisioned much my life, all became much a colorful reality between us though we quarreled most of the time like kids on a playhouse. The far more we've been enunciated with love and sweetness I consider myself it would be a valley of reign and enthusiasm, all of the things us against reluctance of the people who had naive intellects that can easily bestow us with what we called judgement. I missed him so much, the man who'd help me attain lot's of achievements and inspirations especially of becoming a pobre, or let me say human being who lacks society and is much of a clandestine rims of tapestry that merely connects with us towards a youthful madness and fantasies, we've become friends though my shallow heart summoned the depths of the river of Sta. Elena, my cries is a woe that seemed to be a sonido or everything is our moment. Each pieces of triads is what he called myriad variables of trust that she thought me how I could enable everything to get my prim, I guess? It could be if I could be one.

It's anniversary between us...


And so after running against the immediate vamps of the dark forces, the phantom danced with me. Giving a ray of light, I vowed a big murmur of bad words bitchin' outloud towards the sky since I've been jested again by his powerful sweet loving caress that eventually had destructed myself. Telling that he can't give me enough love anymore I prepondered that he's just, will explain why I am this? "I think I was clandestinely inlove with the one who's in front of me, it was you. There are a lot of guys trying to tell a whim of love with most of us as ladies earing for that treasure which we don't know when will attract us, will it be immortally follow our dreams?" Until he added a hint suaving his hair then took caress with my arms. I cried instead since a lot of fights that I've been thoroughly move for the thing that the ethereal man who used to tell me anything about a sacrifice in the name of greater love. "Diversely speaking it's an err to get in love with you, ask some questions will you love me if I gave you the greatest thing that you wish for?" My fear is all a trouble in this undermining life I can't say if I'll smile at him because he's a perfect man in my sight and know whom he prefer to choose. I nodded then added a hint, "It's crucial if I say I love you, you have everything in this world. My reason for telling that I can be a good companion with you is that all of your  handsome features that I think can give me enough caress in this world. Though you've lost me a thousand times, you're the man who's such a mystery gift in my world." Until a shallow sentiment came after in his mind. "Reason's? I don't have doubt's to love you but why did you shouted at my mother last night?" Until I give a hint of madness, pouring a great jealousy of love and scares of the crocodiles who try's to catch me in the midst of a crisis I called suffering in great danger. there's a prompt in me again proving him to believe me, "I was deteriorated with all the dire things that I need in this world, I can say you're a balowny guy who just follow your father for nothing it's not my fault to love you but you're just a wealthy man, a man who follows your father howbeit the woman becomes an old maid deeply hunted down by a group of crocodiles in a hambre of a comido." I think that hours there's no more time for us to stay in this world, that night I found out the answers with the phantom or I say the mystery man in my life. All I can give that hours is just a trust but not the love that might defy me, and everything is a challenge with me though my worth have been doomed away, still his the phantom whom I doubted if will love me. I have nothing at all but being a torn woman is my motiff that I can say he'll give me love, scary it is to say...
Though I was a woman with lots of unfertility of life I can say my happiness living with the phantom is everything that I dealt that had a scary symptom. It wasn't much a perfect thing for me since most of them hunts me down to destroy and rigor just for their own sake, I can say most of the minutes between us were the most exciting, he then touch my lips like I was portraying a woman with lots of attitude who's much scary of living waywards comprehending of what it really means with me. Everything which is all about a gift from his father, should I say will he be my strength? Men... They're all a woman's great success. My espionage in this world won't stop until I saw him and understand his naive though perfect life. "This is a modern world mr. I know a lot of things, though I'm much that stupid when it comes to love stories and they called a fantasy, but my belief will always be with me. Crazy things about happiness deals with me, the old elephant still bribes my life." Meanwhile he jested again "Why are you acting like that? Telling things about the man who used to catch you? I can easily escape against him." Notwithstanding with what I called my own labors he can turn them down easily because in my own belief he can destroy them easily. "Oooooohhhh...  Your visage face has it all beneath everything." I tried running away jumping onwards with my fright against the crocodiles and the elephant who bewilders all the moments that I've been cherished most of my life.
"Shall I call you Nigel?" He reiterated, then nodded needing nothing but a smile.
"Nigel? Ahhhhh... I only have one name but it was all superficial if you'll call me the real one, I think? Nigel is a better name."
I can say most of my life I think of better things, but he's the only one, the phantom in my life who bangels me down. For more beautiful things everything in this world must have an effort in make-believing things. One day I'll prove this man that I'm the woman who's right for him, he'll see.
"I know what you're thinking right now it's easy to share more of it I can give you a hand of help."
Running against the curvatures of the untamed features that unlikely made me feel everything can be a weaknesses against the Old Elephant and the other crocodiles who has lovely issues for their own wealth, he told me there's no problem escaping against those gringots peeving against us. "Pleasures will be pleasures the truth of all is that it's we had everything to believe that whims can be our luck nothwithstanding at all. I can you the dream you love most, Magnolia of endearing wealth you have everything I love to see most especially having a beautigfull soul who has no molests within yourself. My glory will always be with you, can I have a kiss?' Though it's too difficult between us forbidding the invaders I see him as a perfect man who becomes inlove with me for so long time. He's my only one I think? Though can't see his face in a blurry ash that flares down in an airy bizaare of July 27, 2013. Great thing to divulge around my bedroom just like everything become a conclusion above all, like I already found the greatest love that I call and it's him. Meanwhile he uttered again, "This dance is between the candlelit of our happy memories, for past years of suffering against people belong to this world at last I can sigh."
"Great thing for the both of us at one glanced you have that shaved goaty mustache though blurry in my sight, much of an interesting clouds smiling upon me. Clandestinely I'm still scared especially of the people whom you called, belong to this world not knowing about the truth but share worst things to gain oppulence for themselves." He smirk then purge me a hug after kissing, that moment becomes lovable between us theres no more tomorrow, in that I feel I had bright future being a shining dancer and as a Magnolia who experienced love with he who has fair attitude and a judgemental mouth along the mass, it's a divine and mediocre pride within me airing myself also as a good sociologist in this phenomena herd with bunches of happiness though a bit undeary amongst all.
"My fairest one of all, how I court a lovely princess and a mermaid indulge with an airy feature you're much ethereal my dear lady." After dancing, we laid down the bed until we slept the whole midnight. Until morning came, I wake up in my bed smiling happily saying, "It's him again the phantom in my life who doesn't have any errs in life but a sacrifice for the sake of our feast and feisty outcomes.

The Little Vampire

The heavy rain falls along the streets of Sant Boi de Llobregat, Barcelona, only the light posts were shown that stormy night. The town's people lighted up there candles since the electric current had shutted down. Only one man is walking along the street who wears a leather hat with a black rain coat and leather boots seemingly that his mustache was only seen in the darkness of the street with his foot hardly stamps on the floor and the water smashed within his clothes. His way is going to the church carrying a luggage and a cross with a sharp blade on its edge. Reaching the church, he opened another big luggage filled with a body of sleeping vampire, meanwhile the priest came, and both argued; "to kill a vampire, I must attack him straight to the heart and burn his coffin in front of the cross where Jesus was crucified." With gentleness and meek virtues the priest tried to convince the hunter being enthusiatic of faith and virility overcoming hatred. "Maverick, if there's a chance for that vampire to become a human I can baptize him to live again in eternity of enlightenment." The priest sighed after talking, "Father, after all he did to my wife, my son and my daughter, do you think I have to forgive this blood sucking demon? His a menace!!!!" The man shouted inside the church. "Maverick if there's another time to forgive him and give a chance to live well again, I can do baptism knowing that I can make your family back to humans after 18 years," the priest then replied humbly. "But father after 18 years of surgency to baptize a vampire making him human again is complicated to accept that I'm living with demons, they're not normal anymore they might hurt anyone?" After talking, the man breathe deeply then the priest continued arguing. "No, they won't, because I blessed them so that they can live well and do what people are doing." The man in eagerness to kill the monster rebel against the priest. "My apologies father I had no choice but to kill this sleeping creep..." Smashing the vampire with a cross straight to the heart, Maverick astounded when his arms perplex  by a monstrous hand. The the sleeping vampire smashed the the two with his claws hitting them away, sadly the priest had thrown in the pointed grills and killed while the man fell in the ground. His blood filled the floors of the church and the vampire wearing black attire with his ephicanthic folded eyes blinking against the man closed to him, his humungous body transformed into a demon, bat wings appeared in ecstacy and face looks like a tiger having gigantic fangs and eyes of lightning red.
"I swear upon the heaven and hell my daughter will avenge my death," the man whispered to the vampire. "You have two choices Maverick, to live eternally with me or to die?" The vampire talks in a husky voice. "Rodrigo, you put yourself to shame, you sold your soul to Satan just to live with power endow with undying body. Then, you transformed my family into a monster just like you." "Hahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!" The monster laughed loudly. "My powers are never ending not like you, an ordinary human being who put himself in the laws of the Almighty one? Hah!!!!! We can defeat him, but only if you would join me?" Then the vampire walk towards the man, "Just kill me wreckless demon I may never put myself under your power, you shameful arrogant," the man lying down the floor angrily talk with the vampire with blood bursting his mouth due to the painful strike. Smashing in the heart the man lifted oustide then the vampire shouted, "I Rodrigo will rule the world one day!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahaa!!!!" Then he live the two bodies inside the church and transformed into a bat flying towards the sky and went out of the church.
17 years have passed, it was a bright morning, Sarah Lei watches the sky outside where the birds fly together, their neighbors are watering the plants, washing the car and some children were playing along the garden. "Sarah!!! Breakfast is ready walk down stairs!!!! Sarah!!!! Sarah!!! Sarah!!!! Sarah call your brother!!!!" Her mom call's her. "Wait!!!!!" Sarah go down stairs walking straight to their dinning hall.  "Mom I was tired of being..." Sarah speaks anguishly as she reacted impishly, Lorites on the other hand continued what she's saying with a serious and straight voice... " A Vampire, just call your brother, breakfast is ready." "Mom you know what?! I'm totally messed up with this undying power! I can't live being a vampire, you know that?!" Giving a tranquil personality Lorites scolded her daughter in fury. "What Sarah? I told you a million times, lets be happy for ourselves we're blessed by the priest to live like a normal people. We're blessed with God's words so that we won't indulge ourselves to human blood, sleep at night, wake up in morning, use animal blood for life sustainance, eat three times a day and used our powers in a right way." The little vampire frowned, then bend her mouth and continued talking, "but mom I want to live as a perfect human being, I'm tired of eating animal blood and I hate this power I don't like this invisibility and I hate flying." "Ok, you wanna know a story? Then here it is," her mom conitnued, "your still baby that time and I was pregnant of Ben. Maverick and Rodrigo were best friends before, they were vampire hunters, until one day, they fight together just for my sake. Rodrigo's bad intentions for me made him kill his wife and left his son alone deep within the curse dwelled  on him so that he will also become a vampire like his father. My love for Maverick made Rodrigo dissappointed a lot more, being derailed with jealousy and disappointment, Rodrigo on the other hand sold his soul to Satan and came back to avenge himself. One night around 6'o clock in the evening, clouds entirely cover's the sky seemmingly it was going to rain. Rodrigo himself visit our house looking furious, with his ephicantic eyes seen glaring at me. While marveling around he choke your father and throw him on the ground then immediatley bite me affecting your brother inside my womb. Feeding you with  his blood just like a bottle of milk change you a vampire. Your father immediatley wondered when he saw us as different creatures of the night. In order for us not to harm him or any people, he injected us with sleeping medicine until he brought us to the priest and bless us with holy water to live like normal people. One night I can't insist him not to avenge our sudden change but he leave us alone and confront Rodrigo, but it's too late, Rodrigo is powerful and reigns all the vampires. One stromy night before Rodrigo wake up Maverick hunt him in the cave while sleeping. Unconspiciuously, he captured the sleeping vampire in the den and hide him inside his luggage to bring him on the church. Nothing happens but Rodrigo woke up to kill your father and the priest who baptized us." Lei in an astounding attitude made her eyes twinkled while staring her mother then prompted. "So, is there anyway for us to destroy this wrath running on our veins?" Lei asked. "I don't have any idea to unleash this sort of curse in our body, now, all we can do is to be aware anytime maybe he's around waiting for us to be his victim and do what he wants to us,especially with me," Lorites added before finishing the story.
After breakfast Sarah together with her younger brother Ben walk straight to school carrying her black hand bag, wearing black bolero with white Spagheti strap inside, black jeans and black leather boots. Long bangs covered her forehead, her big eyes shaded with black eyeliner revealing it in the crowd, she has flat nose, pouted lips and pale complexion making everyone noticed that she's unusual. "Why did mother chose Angel's Camp california to reside?" She whispered Ben. "Sarah why do you used to complain? We reside here because mom want's to avoid our ethereal enemy, he might hurt us?" Ben's rounded face revealed as he wave his bangs with his left arm to uncover his eyes. He used to act seriously but his round face seems to be cheerful and his dark eyebags made everyone feared him. His siter's frustration of being a human made him continued to argue with his sister. "I'm tired of residing Ben, why don't we face him? We also had powers. We can fly, I had invisibility you have telekinesis and mom has pyrokinesis we can join our coven to destroy that monster." Ben's annoying sympathy made him shouted his elder sister, "Sarah!!!!! We had no chance!!!! So please stop insisting!!!! His too powerful and we can't kill him, as what mom have said." But Sarah insisted her suggestions though she felt like her brother is annoyed,  "Maybe we can't kill him but I believe there are ways to kill him?" Meanwhile a cute guy from their school walks toward them, "Ohhh... Its TJ  his really cute," suddenly Sarah used her invisibility skills so that TJ won't see her. Afterwards, TJ had gone, the little vampire appeared again. "See you later at the house Benj, I'll go to the library and do some research about our curse and how to kill Rodrigo."
Bret Harte Union High School is a good school occupied by 910 students, one afternoon inside the Library Sarah Lei is busy searching for books about creatures of darkness and Satanism. Meanwhile, the little vampire was shocked being startled by an unknown teenager. She then shouted inside the whole library, "Damn!!!!!!!! May the Devil cursed you!!!!" She looked at the back gazing at the handsome teenager, tall, white american, with jet-black hair, ephicantic eyes, dark eyebrows with slender body, it was her crush TJ. "Hey... It was you, your so ridiculous I wondered why your here? You used to be at gym isn't you?" After asking, Lei cleared her throat allowing TJ to talk. "Don't wonder why am I here, I'm the one who's wondering why you're here? You must be at the park watching at the sunset while the kids are playing." After Timmy's impish introduction, Sarah utters, "Ahhhh... Nevermind I was just busy doing some of my stuffs here." Seeing what the little vampire hold in her hands the JV jock smiled insisting himself to join, "Hey, that's cool, it's about vampires and demons can I take a peek?" "Oohhh.. Sure you will," Sara replied then lend TJ the book of Vampires and opened another book to do searching and turning down the pages.
While turning the pages one by one and looking at the contents of the book, Sarah saw a page with a picture of a cross with sharped edge on it. at the bottom of the picture it says; This is the sanctuatrio, it can kill a vampire either a demon straight from the heart, it is more effective while the enemy is still sleeping, captured and straightly bring to the church. After a devotional prayer the hunter himself/herself can smashed the vampire at the heart then burn him in front of the cross. After reading she turned another page again and saw another topic, breaking the curse of a vampire blood subtitle; turning vampires into humans. below the topic says; A vampire who wants to be human can break the curse in his/her 18 years of age after being baptized by a priest. But there's one thing that she/he must do, the power of prayers were not yet completed unless she kills the vampire or any demon who becomes the root of their curse. "Mother never told me this before, I thought she's afraid of having the chance to unleash the curse running in our blood. If there's a way then there's a will, if mom can't do, maybe I can," Sarah whispered. "Uhhmmm... By the way Sarah, would you go with me this night at the party? Then TJ, give an invitation card with Sarah, "Sorry I can't go I have a lot of things to do," Sarah replied disappointedly, "But the party's waiting for you? You can go anytime." TJ bowed his head looking frustrated then continued insisting until the Sara Lei was convinced, "If your insisting maybe I'll try my best, what time?" Sarah took a deep breathe after talking as if she wants to try her best to attend the party, "9 pm sharped," Timmy gladly answered insisting the little vampire, "where?" Sarah ask. "At the church!!!!!" TJ shouted since Sarah's getting further away from him while running outside the library.
After doing researches at the Library, Sarah went straight from home to talk with her mom. "Mom, do you have any idea how a certain person could notice if there's an enemy? I mean how did you escape from Rodrigo? Do you have any idea on how to escape with a vampire or detect him when his near?" In a hurried manner the little vampire talk to her mother. "Dear, you have to be precautious of what you are saying our neighbors might hear us?" Lorites talk, with an underestimating attitude. Then Sarah prompted with curiousity, "Mom, I need your help, I'm gonna be straight to the point. We used to reside to different places just to avoid our enemy, I know you know there's a way to detect enemies, can you sight me what are those?" Being exasperated Lorites prompted with her daughter while preparing their dinner, "Sarah Lei, just calm down and I'll tell you one by one." The little vampire in curiousity fidgeted her eyebrows while frowning in front of her mother "Ok, I need the answers immediatley for its worthwhile I believe," that time Lorites never hesitated of her daughter's childish manner but having procurements regarding her daughter's questions insisted her to answer. "So... I used this potion," Lorites talk while combing her long hair then put the potion on top of the table to show Sarah Lei what is it looks like. "What's that?" Lei asks, "That's a bottle," her mother uttered having a serious straight voice and a calm personality. Then Sarah continued asking, "what's inside it?" "It's Rodrigo's blood sunk under boiled water that's why it's red. I've got it when I hurt him one time he attacked us and got some of his blood and make it a potion then putted a pendulum inside. By the way I forgot to tell you I'm expert in potions, make use of it as one special skills in dealing against the enemies. It is called Acacia's Pendulum, Rodrigo's detected whenever he's close with us. The water bubbles when an enemy is near," Lorites ignited a fire on the stove after answering her daughter. "Why enemies?" The Little Vampire continued asking, "That blood is came from Rodrigo," Lorites added. "Why is it also effective from anyone?" Lei asks with curiousity. "Because of his blood DNA connects with his coven's veins, he just want us to be like him and live with undying power but I won't and I'll escape as far as I can go farther until one day, I unleash this curse." Sarah fixed herself and decided to attend the party. Wearing a black coat, a black shirt inside, black leather boots and black mini-skirt she looked into the mirror turning her eyes around, saying; "I can never make TJ love me." Before Lei goes outside their house her mother whispered; "The pendulum inside the potion is like a compass, it moves around pointing the enemy, bring it, maybe it can help you?" Then Sarah blink her right eye while smiling at her mother.
Going outsitde the house Sarah bring the Acacia's Pendulum together with herself at the party, meanwhile walking through the church, the trees gust, as well as the bushes. Sarah Lei panicked and wondered why the Acacia's Pendulum did not bubbled and the pendulum tied inside it never moves. She turned around then released her fangs and armed herself for a fight, suddenly the pieces of stones float around her and thrown at her. "Dios mio, me hermano, I'm not joking little crap get out of the bushes!!!" Sarah shouted. Then Benj got out of the bushes while laughing at Sarah. "Why are you so scared? I'm not Rodrigo hekhekhekhekhek..." Benj forced himself not to laugh but the effect of his foolishness made himself insisted. "This night is my night with TJ, so please walk around and see yourself for a partner," Sarah Lei uttered.
Inside the church, is full of colored lights, the loud music urges the teenagers to dance more. Meanwhile she immediately tapped her bag since it's shaking, opening it made her feel a little bit warned since the Acacia's Pendulum made by her mother is bubbling and the pendulum moved around. As TJ walk towards her, the potion bubbles faster, until the pendulum point at him. Lei wondered and ask herself, "Why? How? I can't believe his Rodrigo, But how? His too young to be him? Maybe he has also the power to change his physical attributes?" Raising her voice made the JV jock listened attentively and walk towards her then chattered with the little vampire along the crowd. With amazement TJ proudly praise Lei's costume, "You look so cool, I like your costume, GROOVY... Shall we dance?" Sarah stop whispering with herself then talked with TJ, "Ahhh... No, I mean yes, no, I mean for a while please," then Sarah make-up her mind until finally decide to dance with TJ. The two danced as moonlight sonata played changing the loud rock music. "TJ, may I ask you something?" Sarah asked. "Oh, sure you may," TJ behooves himself in the crowd, while holding sarah's arms and body gently and whispered, "Do you have extra-curricular activities? Do you have any weird activities?" Sarah, ask with curiousity. "Me? Extra-curricular activities? Yes, but Weird activities? No, I do physical excercises like muscle building at the gym and basketball but I don't have any weird sessions in life, I'm cool." "Sure?" Sarah asks, "sure I never lied since my birth, maybe I do it sometimes but it is not my attitude to lie with a special friend like you," TJ answered. Meanwhile a man on dark coat with ephicantic eyes came upon them, "Oh, my incredible son, will you introduce that beautiful young lady with me?" The ephicantic eyed man asked TJ. "Uhmmm... Dad, she's my friend Sarah Lei Nightstrom, I met her at the school library," TJ introduces the little vampire with delightful expectations from his father. "Ohhh... A Nightstrom she seems to be a little bit interesting since I have a lot of Nightstrom friends in my teeanage years," The man talk with a husky voice. Then Sarah ask Timmy to introduce his father with her, "anyway Timmy how about your father he seems so mysterious but I prefer to be enthusiastic if I would know him, would you mind me If I want to know him? Then timmy replied nodding in front of his father and the little vampire, "Ahhh... He's my father Ronnie Underwood, he's one of the professors with high remarks in our school." "Hoah!!!... Cool, sounds optimistic," Lei waved her hair with her right hand smiling at the ephicantic eyed professor after talking. "I never admit that I'm a good professor like one of those in school but I love teaching children like you," the goo goo eyed professor talks humbly. "By the way Mr. Underwood? Can you leave us for a while?" Lei excused herself for a chance to talk with the JV jock then walk directly at the confession room. "Ok..." Then the ephicantic eyed professor walk alone at the party seeing the crowd dancing with the music. "TJ, you must know something about me," Lei speak with an obvious attitude seemingly that she's hiding something. "Know what? by the way, I'm Timothy  just call me Timmy instead of TJ." Sarah Lei's hurried attitude with curiousity against herself delve against Rodrigo but that night being quintessential of changing her identity talking swiftly.  "Ok Timmy or TJ, just listen to me carefully, I was born freak and you may finally get scared if you know the truth," Lei talks seriously without knowing that Mr. Underwood is listening at their back. "Know what? I don't understand?" TJ ask doubtedly. "I... am a vampire, I have fangs, and my claws grow in my finger when I'm in a fight," Lei added seriously. "What?!" then TJ, put his hands inside his pocket wearing White long sleeves, skinny black jeans and sneakers. "If you don't believe then look at this,"Then sarah revealed her fangs and claws, the little Vampire changed into a horrific monster with eyes glowed in a crimson colored orange. "Whooahhh!!! Ohh, God Heavens!!!! Your freak I can't believe!!!!" TJ shouted with amazement but a little bit scared. "Wait!!!! Don't be scared, make yourself free and comfortable, I'm not gonna hurt you," Sarah lei kissed Timmy to replenish nervousness and fears. "Tremendous..." TJ talks quivering but of weak voice then fell down. Meanwhile inside the confession room Mr. Underwood bloated while Sarah's trying to calm Timmy, "Hear yeh!!!! Hear yeh!!! Hear yeh!!! what a pleasant surprise," Mr. Underwood appeared and talk inside the confession room. "So, if you're a vampire then your mother is a vampire too, huh?" Mr. Underwood tried making stories, changing ideas and thoughts about family backgrounds to lure the little vampire in ecstacy,"Yes, then how did you know?" Sarah Lei prompted seriously being enigmatic with the professor then continued talking. "My name is Sarah Lei Nightstrom, my mother is Lorites Nightstrom and my brother is Benjamin Nightstrom that's all," Sarah Lei finished her story while suspecting Mr. Underwood. "Well, I also had a wise guess that your mom live in Kirby st. Angel's Camp California Together with you and your younger crap." Then Sarah changed the topic immediately, "Well, sir, your son collapsed maybe we have to seek for help?" Then the mad professor reacted furiously "No need, Ms. Nightstrom my unveiling powers could help my dear son." Lei then finally answered but with squirming voice "So, you mean your Ro...Ro..Ro..RRRRodrigo?" "Ohhh... Boom!!!! Your right and I think its time for me to reveal myself!!!" Then Mr. Underwood with his monstrous body showed Sarah Lei feeling nervous but not loosing hope. "Hahahahahaha!!!!! After many years of hiding my face, I Rodrigo found my love one. Putting a spell with my son is simple in order to hide myself against your magic potion Dear daughter." "Never call me a daughter Psycho," Then Lei bravely whipped the Sanctuario against Rodrigo's eyes making the big monster cried in pain. "No!!!!! My eyes!!! I can't see!!!" Then Rodrigo used his powers to cure his ephicantic eyes, bursting with blood immensely scattered on the floor then immediately waved his hand and throw Sarah Lei outside the room making a great comotion in the crowd. Being hysterically panicked, the crowd bumps each other stilling and looking for ways to go outside the church. Amidst the mutifarious strife around, Rodrigo fly  assaulting Sarah Lei with his fury attacks then submerged his hands to hit the young lady. But TJ immediately tried to still his father's antagonistic attack, being eager to defeat the enemy he realized something mystify in his body while running as fast as a turbulent wind. Running close to his father Timmy strike Rodrigo with a big ply wood and fell down. "Sarah!!! Wake up!!! Wake up!!!!" TJ summons the little vampire, upon waking up, Sarah  hold her head massaging it carefully then stand up while hearing whispers from the JV Jock being enamored though vitiate about everything that happens around. "My dad is Rodrigo, it made me analyzed his secrets from time to time until I found the truth that he's freak, he might hurt us? I'm turning 21 tomorrow, after 20 years of age, this is the time that I realized we're the same." Then the two kissed without noticing that Rodrigo's nearly waking up. "Wait our enemy wakes up he must die," Lei uttered. Meanwhile the vampire woke up then extremely vanished, Then Sarah tried to catch the vampire running outside the church. "He's  lost, mother's might be in danger, we have to after him before everything get's too late," then stared at Timmy after muttering. "I have my car we can use it," TJ talked immediately. After a while Benj came with a very candid funny attitude "What happened dear sister?" . "Ben there's no time for jesting we should go back to house and rescue our mother. I'm turning 18 this 12' o clock midnight, that Psycho-monster must die before everything mess up." Then  TJ inserted a phrase, "if your turning 18 then I'm turning 21 this midnight, we have the same birthday." Being hurried about Timmy's baloney phrase Sarah Lei becomes sarcastic hitting Timmy a cautious phrase. "Nah... Unsensible statements must not pay attention too much, we should rescue my mother before that jerk might hurt us." Then the three ride on the car and hurriedly went home to secure Lorites.
Sarah, Benj and Timmy got home, where they immediately saw Lorites carried by the evil vampire. "Ohh!!! He used hypnosil to made her asleep," Sarah whispered at the two boys then shouted at the vampire, "put my mother down!!!" But the vampire never released Lorites and vanished. "Remember what mom told us? Before a vampire get's marry her wife he must bring her at the church and used  powerful spells to make her like him," Benj sounds as if he wants to gain a sense of intimacy with Timmy while talking with his sister. "Ok, we've got to find out what's goin' on the church," Lei uttered. Then the three went back  riding Timmy's car, reaching the church they saw Rodrigo pray's a latin spell surrounded by his creeps. "Alright, take care of your mom Ben, I'll take care of these creeps," Timmy answered. Then the creeps attacked the two boys while Sarah Lei on the other hand  run towards Rodrigo. "Your mother is sleeping don't disturbed her or I might kill you, she's not gonna' meet you after this midnight because she's mine," Rodrigo talked in a way he's teasing the teenagers. "What if I want to get her?" Lei defies the vampire furiously. "Then fight my power young vampire heheheh," Rodrigo utter a little then armed himself against Sarah Lei. The evil monster tried to use a fire ball hitting Lei but suddenly the little vampire discovered a new skill, huge lightning force field revealed out her hands making the fire ball bounce back to Rodrigo. "Ohhh... Cool, this is the first time I've discovered a new skill," Lei wondered in the air as she smiled teasing Rodrigo.The monster annoyingly attack Sarah on the ground because his powers can't hurt the little vampire. They smashed each other until Sarah Lei finally got the Sanctuario and smashed Rodrigo on face. Then the monster hold his face screaming loud making him emmit a fire against Lei but the little vampire fly away. Meanwhile Rodrigo uses lightning strikes and throw it against Lei, desperately, the little vampire hitted on the arm then Rodrigo pinned her down the floor confronting in the cross. "Famous last words little vampire?" As the big monster frighteningly reveal his claws and fangs attempting to kill the little vampire after talking. "I remember what the book had told me about the Sanctuario, in order to be its master, you have to prick a blood on your finger tip and wipe it on the edge of the blade then it will follow you whatever your mind want's to happen, you will be its master." Then the Sanctuario moved outside Lei's bag and goes up to her hand then strike the vampire's left arm. The monster fly around screaming in pain with his hands. "Aaaaaarrrrgghhh!!!!!!!!!!! take away that disgusting knife, it bits my freaking arms!!!!" Rodrigo find it difficult to fly anymore since sanctuatrio hit him little by little. "I don't know what might happen if I kill you while your awake but what's important for now is to burry you alive with this blade!!!!" Sarah then run after Rodrigo smashing him at his heart while in front of the cross. "No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" As the vampire screams with pain, his power blasts outside his eyes, nose, face and the whole body releasing his whole energy inside making the whole church beamed. Waves made Sarah's hair blow in the air, While Rodrigo was floating with the Sanctuario engraved inside his Heart, Sarah Lei get the oil and match inside her pocket then burned Rodrigo making his body melt and blast into ashes. Rodrigo died, silence penetrated inside the church, bad spirits relinquished, nothing lingered around but smokes and scent of pulverized rubber and meat due to the death of the evil vampire. The district police came to investigate about the monster but Sarah said; "I killed him the story's finished," then she wake her mother up, being enthusiastic about everything in dark visions of Rodrigo, Timmy and Benj came. "Everything is done," Sarah said, "But our powers didn't vanished yet?" Benj asked his sister, Sarah then open the book she burrowed in Bret Harte library. It say's here: It is a grateful thing for the Lord our God to kill the vampire who cursed you, once you've killed the vampire alive in front of the cross give's God the knowledge that you've faced the monster even in great danger and you show courage to destroy the enemy. The curse will unleash in your soul but as a reward the powers you gained being a vampire will stay with your soul together with your family who was attacked by the enemy. You can make use of it in good things especially in facing other forces of nature. Anyone who helped you haunting the enemy will also be rewarded with unveiling powers just like you. Sarah looking at the two boys seemingly she got the answer at the end of the night, "Maybe that's why our powers never unleashed." Meanwhile Lorites woke up, "what happened? my head, my neck, I think my body's break into peices? Rodrigo, where's him?" Then the little vampire attempted to talk jesting her with her mother as if their enemy is still alive, "Mom I totally killed him, and... where humans now, we can eat burgers, or sandwiches or chocolates and drink juice instead of blood. Tomorrow is a new day from all of us it's 12:30 in the middle of the night let's fix this mess." After cleaning the church Benj and Lorites stand in front of Timmy's car waiting for Sarah and Timmy. "So, ready for our class tomorrow as humans?" Benj asked, "Yes, maybe no, oh I mean yes let's go," Sarah answered with hesitation then TJ hold her arms, pulled and kissed her under the full moonlight. The three go to the convenience store, eat burgers and corned dogs celebrating their victory as humans until the midnight ends.