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domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

Images of my bestfriend (Baby whatever)

Look at these picture, they possess two diverse images of my bestfriend but have their own messages to make us believe of things which is quite a good proposal for enlightenment and real opportunity for our own security. What's quite more enthusiastic were everything which is in the claims of a paramount treasures that most of us as human beings may achieve in this world. Seems like a very sociable ray of light to imbibe wealths and treasures in everything which is called popularity from an anti-hypocratical nature of  Handsome in disguise. In my procurements of what is a massive instinct in this reality regarding music with heirarchical status in this society, in my part I'm just staying alone at my own society. Quite feigned to let them say what I really feel in this world but with indulgence of happiness and virtues, my bestfriend may tell me of what is luxury and how to manage securities with life and everything which may be a good value with my sort
Everything seemed to be innocous in my part looking at these images, both cunning, both have a tendency to become an image of a things which can spoil modernities and everything which are surrealistic in the sight of the society. The question is, who amongst them may really reign the road of stoic karma of indulgence which is inheritance from a great royalty, though cunning and a durable esque of love story.

Here... read this two set of lyrics giving significance in my bestfriends long search for his own fate.

Could you look me in the eye
And tell me that you're happy now,
Ohhh, ohhh
Would you tell it to my face
Or have I been erased,
Are you happy now?
Are you happy now?

 No puedes escapar
Si decides dejarme
No te voy a suplicar
Alla tu si mas tarde
Aunque corras, te escondas
No puedes escapar
Now this time it's all in your sight to make issues of what may be the very best significant between the two of them. Now in the nth hours of my journey I hope I may achieve the gift that I need from his picturesque features as a man who look like the craziest funk having colorful sort with me especially in the deviant hours of the plagues running toward my back.

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