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domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

White Lillies Jai_Em

This road is quite never ending, my belief with the entire reality seemed to be going obscure when things like an encompassing ritual in my sight had scent within myself. Things which is a positivism through enlightenment suddenly destruct issues around my esque, it's always a reason of popularity why I'd envisioned a more lawful ascertainment in a not debunk but a true good when dealing with society. I can tell myself that looking unto the waters where white lilies flow in my sight though an illusioned picturesque and pretentious fragrance in the nosed of each individual. Ideas which is knowledgeable and is a protagonist through the means of happiness and enlightenment though not really acceptable in everything which is called a realistic taboo amongst people. Bones, white paints and imprints of dangerous ecclairs where a sort of things which had to be sensitized and figure out as a dramaturgical that must destroyed. Everything which is not logical from the eyes of people who may see the real esque of equality within the society, everything which is a preponderonce in this world are not really vitiating but a myriad colors with the enlightenment and trust. White Lilies... Everything which seemed to be humungous in an islet I've seen that I may say deluxe in reality. In my own belief I never believe of things which had never seen by many people, it's an ecclair through humanity that all of us have issues within ourselves to encompassed a more realistic sort of what we called wealth and pleasure. If dealing with myself being a White Lillies_Jai_Em it's more systematic of enlightenmen, trust and love may combine not only a flower that may cleanse everything around. Innovations and society in terms of esoteric figures of mentallity to seek the real thing though naive. In a heave of conscieved diplomacy that I tend to counterattack, things which is punitive and comes to me especially if I feel the bossom in the path that I'm running to visualize a more scenic virtue. White Lillies Jai_Em, I can say myself though in the hours of horrific instance. Everything in my eyes where a beauty of image that I had to propagate around. I believe I'm very pobre individual in this world but I've encountered a real devious world that brives anyone just to achieve of their own exito in life. I'm a real White Lily in this world, a torn woman because of the phantom whom I can't say if a real hero who had that belief to lead our lives in security. This is quite energetic and stronger if I'm going to deal with honours from the mentallity which I had, and have been destroyed either captured by many people who where more capable of destroying humanhood just to get what they want, one day I'll be a beauty on the fire.

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