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domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

It's anniversary between us...


And so after running against the immediate vamps of the dark forces, the phantom danced with me. Giving a ray of light, I vowed a big murmur of bad words bitchin' outloud towards the sky since I've been jested again by his powerful sweet loving caress that eventually had destructed myself. Telling that he can't give me enough love anymore I prepondered that he's just, will explain why I am this? "I think I was clandestinely inlove with the one who's in front of me, it was you. There are a lot of guys trying to tell a whim of love with most of us as ladies earing for that treasure which we don't know when will attract us, will it be immortally follow our dreams?" Until he added a hint suaving his hair then took caress with my arms. I cried instead since a lot of fights that I've been thoroughly move for the thing that the ethereal man who used to tell me anything about a sacrifice in the name of greater love. "Diversely speaking it's an err to get in love with you, ask some questions will you love me if I gave you the greatest thing that you wish for?" My fear is all a trouble in this undermining life I can't say if I'll smile at him because he's a perfect man in my sight and know whom he prefer to choose. I nodded then added a hint, "It's crucial if I say I love you, you have everything in this world. My reason for telling that I can be a good companion with you is that all of your  handsome features that I think can give me enough caress in this world. Though you've lost me a thousand times, you're the man who's such a mystery gift in my world." Until a shallow sentiment came after in his mind. "Reason's? I don't have doubt's to love you but why did you shouted at my mother last night?" Until I give a hint of madness, pouring a great jealousy of love and scares of the crocodiles who try's to catch me in the midst of a crisis I called suffering in great danger. there's a prompt in me again proving him to believe me, "I was deteriorated with all the dire things that I need in this world, I can say you're a balowny guy who just follow your father for nothing it's not my fault to love you but you're just a wealthy man, a man who follows your father howbeit the woman becomes an old maid deeply hunted down by a group of crocodiles in a hambre of a comido." I think that hours there's no more time for us to stay in this world, that night I found out the answers with the phantom or I say the mystery man in my life. All I can give that hours is just a trust but not the love that might defy me, and everything is a challenge with me though my worth have been doomed away, still his the phantom whom I doubted if will love me. I have nothing at all but being a torn woman is my motiff that I can say he'll give me love, scary it is to say...
Though I was a woman with lots of unfertility of life I can say my happiness living with the phantom is everything that I dealt that had a scary symptom. It wasn't much a perfect thing for me since most of them hunts me down to destroy and rigor just for their own sake, I can say most of the minutes between us were the most exciting, he then touch my lips like I was portraying a woman with lots of attitude who's much scary of living waywards comprehending of what it really means with me. Everything which is all about a gift from his father, should I say will he be my strength? Men... They're all a woman's great success. My espionage in this world won't stop until I saw him and understand his naive though perfect life. "This is a modern world mr. I know a lot of things, though I'm much that stupid when it comes to love stories and they called a fantasy, but my belief will always be with me. Crazy things about happiness deals with me, the old elephant still bribes my life." Meanwhile he jested again "Why are you acting like that? Telling things about the man who used to catch you? I can easily escape against him." Notwithstanding with what I called my own labors he can turn them down easily because in my own belief he can destroy them easily. "Oooooohhhh...  Your visage face has it all beneath everything." I tried running away jumping onwards with my fright against the crocodiles and the elephant who bewilders all the moments that I've been cherished most of my life.
"Shall I call you Nigel?" He reiterated, then nodded needing nothing but a smile.
"Nigel? Ahhhhh... I only have one name but it was all superficial if you'll call me the real one, I think? Nigel is a better name."
I can say most of my life I think of better things, but he's the only one, the phantom in my life who bangels me down. For more beautiful things everything in this world must have an effort in make-believing things. One day I'll prove this man that I'm the woman who's right for him, he'll see.
"I know what you're thinking right now it's easy to share more of it I can give you a hand of help."
Running against the curvatures of the untamed features that unlikely made me feel everything can be a weaknesses against the Old Elephant and the other crocodiles who has lovely issues for their own wealth, he told me there's no problem escaping against those gringots peeving against us. "Pleasures will be pleasures the truth of all is that it's we had everything to believe that whims can be our luck nothwithstanding at all. I can you the dream you love most, Magnolia of endearing wealth you have everything I love to see most especially having a beautigfull soul who has no molests within yourself. My glory will always be with you, can I have a kiss?' Though it's too difficult between us forbidding the invaders I see him as a perfect man who becomes inlove with me for so long time. He's my only one I think? Though can't see his face in a blurry ash that flares down in an airy bizaare of July 27, 2013. Great thing to divulge around my bedroom just like everything become a conclusion above all, like I already found the greatest love that I call and it's him. Meanwhile he uttered again, "This dance is between the candlelit of our happy memories, for past years of suffering against people belong to this world at last I can sigh."
"Great thing for the both of us at one glanced you have that shaved goaty mustache though blurry in my sight, much of an interesting clouds smiling upon me. Clandestinely I'm still scared especially of the people whom you called, belong to this world not knowing about the truth but share worst things to gain oppulence for themselves." He smirk then purge me a hug after kissing, that moment becomes lovable between us theres no more tomorrow, in that I feel I had bright future being a shining dancer and as a Magnolia who experienced love with he who has fair attitude and a judgemental mouth along the mass, it's a divine and mediocre pride within me airing myself also as a good sociologist in this phenomena herd with bunches of happiness though a bit undeary amongst all.
"My fairest one of all, how I court a lovely princess and a mermaid indulge with an airy feature you're much ethereal my dear lady." After dancing, we laid down the bed until we slept the whole midnight. Until morning came, I wake up in my bed smiling happily saying, "It's him again the phantom in my life who doesn't have any errs in life but a sacrifice for the sake of our feast and feisty outcomes.

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