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domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

The weird experienced in a clashed culture

Once I had a story of a very status quo culture studying in a very primitive school of people who know intellectual visions in a very different way. Quite it is that I saw most of them had that weird idea in propagating their own propagandas above an esoteric features, meandering their thoughts like a sleeping people in conspiracy. It happened with me traveling the rode where I suffered a clashed culture of two different people of the same face. With my experienced being involve with a man whom I encountered in my school with a very delicate looks in front of many people and the other one who'd help me also but splurge with luxuries. The primitive man look at me wisely and acted very different like there's an err in him apparently. He share me wisdom and it's their culture to lure and jerk most of people with naked eyes, unlike him there the social elite party class man came but without any knowledge he has a pragmatic approach upon what is good and evil. Learning with both contradicting culture in the verge of a delve in knowledge and beliefs, I ascertain them that they're both had that mystery in nature. It's like when society deals with people, you have to be aware of how each ethnicity have that culture is different from each other. Everything made me astound that the primitive man I encountered is venerated with different behavior knowing everything with gifts and homily of wonders. The other one, the man of party class society is merged with woman and mystery. Speaking of nature and my covert acts I see everything like a story of enprisonment in a very selfish realm of people who torture their members for the sake of a shared diplomacy. Until one day I escape in the symphonies flowed by their own affairs to make me involve in a company of dettering forces against society. The primitive man is a whiz of occults while the latter share common interests with passion and love in conspiracy.  If deal with aspects of femininty I survived in that crisis of both people whom I acknowledge had selfish instincts in life, the rise of woman become bountiful blessings to divulge a wisdom for the greatness and more innovative surreal world. Though they become the deluge in my walking life being a refugee in the intelligence of nature and life. Warying myself in happiness and achievement, and desire for how it explains my emmo-hemmian world to propagate a colorful envoy to different current affairs. The conflicts in two different culture may be good notion to most people who delve for knowledge and truth of how nature explains the beauty of journey in thoughts and my espionage against bangkay to White Zombies, from White Zombies to Vampire and to Vampire to Emo inspired world. A very transparent covert movement help me discover how diplomacy in a diverse but hypothetical way with terms of far cry with the wonders and prophecies of good fate and feigned congression of heirarchy their own tradition. The primitive man is very archetypal of viewing my femininity but acted seriously, not like the latter who seemed more interested of controversies and fame. Luckily I am, that I've discovered people in my story who never encountered each other but taught me that society is tranquiled when it comes to enlightenment that never seen by naked eyes. Like a dream of a beautiful fairytale at least I escape from a Snow White into an Ugly Duckling world that may act as a treachery in the stalemate society of a warrior trying not to involve but achieve the gold and ores in this world full of pleasures. I never confront them after leaving away from the woods but said to myself "We may see each other one day." With the union of balowny environment, human beings like me had that thought of seeking for an accumulated whims that may suit my perception of how my story will be concocted with surrealistic view of wealth against a conjured possessed conniving illusion, it's a vogue.

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