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domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

Nakakasura ay...

Nakakasura ay, yano ay and salapid are the new words that blurt in the mouth of town of Sta. Ellena,I came upside down with my cousin Joey at different places of the town. I've met new people, new crowd and fascinating phenomenas that strikes us like thunder. I spent my holiday vacation with my aunt and uncle chatting the whole night about our other relatives. I've experienced a lot of paradigms in my life when I was there, I squashed the floor, wash the dishes,iron and washed my clothes and prepare the dinner and lunch for us. We've tried solving situations such as love life, stress and working life by means of pieces of advice that rekindles our heart. 5 days were enough to complete my life of enjoyment, Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Oh!!! I forgot I've also spent my vacation with KC at Quezon before going Sta. Ellena and eat different delicacies such as native egg sandwich, pickled Caldereta and Giniling. I spent my life enjoying different sides of life at the province but the most exciting part before I go back home is the time when I was in Sta. Ellena, Joey and I tried to enter the door but its locked so my cousin stamp on the highest part of the table in order to unlocked the door but immediately our uncle came to rescue us and the most unforgetable thing that blurt out of my cousin's mouth is "Bonet halos iginapang ko na ang sarili ko para lang sayo".

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