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domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

Heirarchy VS Child Bullying A Society of Denoument for equality

Look at this pictures, they're sort of different images of children  who suffered from deviant forces of enlightenment not only in this society. If they'd become involve to a deteriorated sense of happiness what you may feel or think?

Now this image shows popularity and an esque of a woman who'd encounter deliciously divine greatness around Philippines especially of being a choice of people to be the primetime princess though cheated many times.

Now this handsome man is an epitome of a super human whom all around the human being in this Earth pointed as a view of a man who's perfectly match with me.
Now every pictures stated that I can be logical as all of them, regarding twists of fate and anything which is a glamour and worth someday when I've been deal with good proposals especially above enlightenment. There were disappointment that can be hypothetical when issued with views of reasons why they must acquire the neccessities they need to give securities in this world. 1, everyone who suffered from bullying is paralleled to karmas of achieving aesthetics and honour especially with my bestfriend who never dictated of what is a real good virtue for an equal issue in this society. Everything shouldn't have been involved with sense of beautiful opportunities for tomorrows new welcome. In my sort I'm very enthusiastic of how karmas may move them to unwaver the truth of wisdom, especially of my bestfriend. Everything must ought to learn how the balance of good sight and a better sight for a wise guess with emotions and motivations to be imbibe with my bestfriends society. I believe there's no whites but a colorful senses to give from the enlightenment that I'm saying. They're pictures of an epitome, the prime one to see the sympathy from most people and the other one to envisioned of what must become a mediocre in this society. Heirarchy is for people who had to give way from the real worthless whilst Child Bullying is for everything that everyone may see how karmas and virtues must be given a balance in this world. My enthusiasm from art and wisdom with my bestfriend who may achieve the greatest success in my sort to give values from everything which can be dealt with things which is really improtant in this world. Now even Heirarchies need securities and success, even child that have been bullied where popular because they're an epitome of people who knows better rather than older people and gives more issues that may become a success with them. If not saying popularity but everything that can be a good verdict in this society. They're all pictures that can show good proposals in an approve deluxe with what is myriad in this surrealistic world. To see everything what is cool in our minds though spoiled, still can be detailed as a means of harmony.
Last one... ang gwapo mo Enrique Iglesias, regalo ko pag ready ka na hah...

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