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domingo, 1 de mayo de 2016

Sweetflix with Jhegs... Malapit na...

You can change your life... You can change your clothes as she told me if she could get their Jeans. Napatayo si Tita Ging sa court nung biglang masipa si Niko sa dibdib. Then I siege myself unto a mere faction of a tolerated self against a so called dependency to parents after all if that bird will be over me then I'll be over them then if the light is off an the light is on then Iaugh at them as of all against a too much Rock music of Dereycko Philirico. As a flying Angel Locsin against Valentina, I made myself happy with that kind of race. Then this is my story on long way which I'm already move on towards a pinnacles of my youthful existence. With the means of my sensation towards the people whom should I laugh at all always. She's Jhego the unicorn of the 11 Magnolias whom I litly become jmy wife or a spouse, still it's a story of my life that I could become forth a million miles away against the parodies of good instances towards a thwart of my own union. Then whilst her options it's a usually like a story when I told her my name is Sam Montgomery, when the diner is still full of colors and is a vision of the man who owns by him all of a bountiful deluxe. Then meanwhile I told the crown ganun pala kahirap kumilala ng lahi, So I decided to move away with the angst of kinship and contradiction of tolerance. It's really a miracle when you experience things like those, so yesterday it's a vision of my own expectant humor with Jehgs and her family onwards of being them as the second thought of our livingstone life. Forth my union to her miracles could be is a vision to a Reodante especially remembering of that I have, hay andami ko ng nakitang bagay nung sa mga nangyaring yun na milagro pero parang may mali, siguro wala pa talaga si Bino. Jhego is that a woman whom you could with full of secrets especially with endearments and vision of a band. Superb as it is when we reminisced of The woman presents Kimberly. The story is usually a story of a creed, Jhegs it's usually his impt to become like that a man of whom I could be forth the positivities of love and death for the realistic universal of thoughts. The things are usually of a time to an extricating modes of excellencies. With my own angst to a verdict of his father who have a very high rank position in the role of White Zombies towards a meander of thoughts and a ridge to publicity. Our sweetflix that hours is that when I used the cape of good hope. When is it again? Ahhh I remember anything which has a closely relationship towards Brazil. Just call me S.A.M. forth a real rode of beauty and humor. It's a little bit immediate horace of what they're talking once a Kalihim is always a kalihim. It's all a thunder to scream when I did something in exchange that could be a misdemeanor for vengeance to misdemeanor (The Killers).