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domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

An Inconvenient Culture

In a procrastinated story, it's my vision with much people who's indulge with myriad life and feigned truthful wisdom behind their circumstance. I never doubt it's an answer amongst them though feeling depreciated I believe there's a nuisance that strangle my lifestyle especially as a writer. I tend to see them full of illusions in which most of them are humans belong to a very wealthy preponderonce. I instated myself that there's always a fact that kept themselves involve with money, I've become pluralistic when it come's to dealing with knowledge and never wonder why they'd become that. I become an inconvenient hours in my genre as an emmo-hemmian in this world. In an oblige customs I had a lot of aspirations that synchronizes their arena with this entire race and made me feel their visions wanting to achieve a great irony and pleasant in their sight. It's a real culture... A domineering one in my journey seeking for a effeminate approach in this surreal world, I see their naked eyes thinking of things but somehow others are really abstract that they hardly find out. Everything is an aspect of culture but with different tradition. This real journey give me an instance of popularity between four sets of journeys, the traditional, the modern, the surrealistic and the reincarnated one. But amongst the four there's still a fifth one that may counteract against the madness of society. Everything made me realize that it's the evil one, a tyranny that splurge this world into nothing and I may not discuss anymore since it's non of my interest. With this time I seek the world with much people with a principle and full of virtues, but somehow everything end me up in a heartbeat of a surgent creed in myself. There's always a notion that there were culture who may give anything for their own pleasures for the greatness of their fiefdom, with bravery I think of myself that there's a wisdom that I materialized to fightback against an undermining circumstance that can pinned me away. Though in a catasthrope I thank myself with prayers for surviving against the uncomfort acknowlegdement of this world and think that some of people were being realistic when it come's to wealth and indulgence that can heave them against the pressures of society. In life struggles I see the world that most of my struggles were emerge with a sort of a well percieve role which is unkind in the sight of feigned pleasure. I always think of my self aside from cultural imprisonement, there's still an inconvenient role that I have but at least I have a very special role in the society that see's the beauty of the universe.

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