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domingo, 26 de enero de 2014



Jovan Akbar is a wealthy student of Antalya language school in Turkey, as a common Turkish student Jov have fascinating features, a deep sight eyes, long face, hairy mustache, long bridge nose, a slender body with tan complexion. Though living with a prominent family in Sun village, Jovan Akbar is not endowed with golds and precious minerals but they own mounts of plants, fruits and lumber that they trade around the country. Jov is a man of faith in God, but though being, he still live in luxury intermingling with socialites and going out to the malls for shopping and dining in a classy restaurant. He is a man that everyone can call venerous socialite and party lover, but with little knowledge of God, he's faith isn't enough to prove everything that he's absolutely endowed with virtues of a real servant. For all his knowledge, he can reach everything that's why he is as wealthy like the other aristocrats living around the Middle East. One afternoon, the wealthy arab uttered with his friends vehemently, "consider the ravens for they won't worry what they feed, drink and where to find their shelter, but I believe that there's always a notion that everyone must live with materials but thou shall not glorify it." While gently getting his high technological Nokia Lumia 920 inside his pocket, three of his friends muttered. "Woahhh... Jov, you still owned the latest kit mobile phone, I felt sarcastic, you always reign in Antalya. "Jinema Uctad the wealthy RTW trend trader who seems to have a sarcastic, bashful but yet smart attitude among the class startled in the crowd together with her expensive shoes. This lass used to say that her father is bound to guide her where ever she went, "My shoes is not enough to bewilder our classmates and professors I wonder if they won't." Meanwhile Ryal Nchlibre, a student renowned for her prominent celebrity parents chattered with the three. "In my part I believe mass media industry gets to be fancied with my mother who had bought me a yacht yesterday, I probably relieve my painstaking lovestory with my boyfriend." "I dare say professors in international schools were genetically borned to scheme for wealthy students like us." Unwavering his Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina, Marwad made everyone circled their eyes rounding it feeling sarcastically while heaving their one eyebrows. In the middle east world Marwad Rido was acknowledge as the lustrous merchant since he owned one of the biggest fine jewelry stores in Antalya. Marwad has the attitude of being essential in the crowd he's always imbibe with the assumption that everyone needs him especially of his brand new technologies. "Today is a bountiful blessings came from God I want to shop for new clothes and offer the most nutritious fruits for the supreme being, I know your being nefarious of what I've said but may I give you a lot of exorbitant excuses for being so philosophical about God's love."
"I understand your notion Jovan akbar (The wealthiest student in Antalya) but I believe one day you'll regret that you offered a mount of blessings for him," Jinema, uttered reluctantly but still envisioned that Jovan will ragged down. "Hahahahahah!!!!!!!" Then the four intimates emancipated with laughter as if there's no tomorrow. "It's like working yourself to death... Hahahahaahahah!!!!!" While marveling around the room Jov with vigorous laughter smiled frankly looking at his mobile then played mario bro's. That time the faithful servant seems to be wronged for his feisty but foolish assumptions and permit himself as God's servant, but a servant with a haphazard manner. The believer became nullifying in the name of faith trusting himself that God will never leave him alone but to give him extravagance and luxuries instead. He initiates himself as a good one and never become enthusiastic of evil. One evening two supernatural beings argued about the standards of the wealthy student of Antalya language school. "Its been so long decades and we've never seen each other, I wonder how you look seriously with my Lord's servant."
"I believe this pitiful human kind is weak and meek in faith and wisdom came from your Lord. He love you because he has everything what he wants but with his faith I believe I can easily undermine him, go away, and tell your God I can relinquish his life. This servant is nothing but a piece of material thing around the world." Satan, the darkest creature amongst all the being in the universe uttered reluctantly showing his great hatred and jealousy to the wealthiest student of Antalya language school. Being a ludicrous discerning living in the world, Satan loves setling people in his trap until he nearly engulfed him with all his might, he believes that he's knowledge can reverberate through the hearts of every human being.
"Foolish you are for threatening human kind like that, God always have good reasons for people like Jov. I believe that this man will be saved by his faith, do anything what you want from him but never hurt him nor dealt with his life. I believe he'll surpass your odds," Uriel uttered in a hallowed voice, with his faith from God, Uriel entrusted that justice may prevail in Jov's long run.
One morning, Jov wake up being astonished at the echoes reverberating downstairs, "Jov!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Being wondered about everything the student ask himself, "mother never shout like that since my childhood? " Looking around the corners of his gigantic bedroom with his gadgets, shirts and other perishable materials spread everywhere, Jov emulcified himself at what he'd seen. "Who mischeviously squandered my things without any kind venerations?" Jov continued going down the stairs to talk to his mother, but... "Our biggest share holder give up everything in our company's stocks!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a temperous morning!!!!!! Go!!!!!!!! Fix everything from your room then talk to your professor about everything that happened and ask him that we'll not heaving our shares yet." Jov ask himself, "am I wronged for everything? Do I have to pay for all my faults? Maybe I've got to pay for everything, ask for his forgiveness and offer the healthiest mangosteens in our barn, I think this may  render my family's situations. "Going straight to the class, Jov wondered at class filled with chatters while looking at him, the weakling  prompted that everything happens for a reason then muttered around and ask himself, "they're  looking at me, do I look crazy?" In an immediate cause, his classmates rejected him, feeling confused about everything, his mind bespectacled around why his classmates become so deviant against him. That morning became antagonizing in Jov's life since he felt unenamored by everyone, his journey seems to be exasperating and aghast.  Walking towards Jinema, Riyal and Marwad, Jov uttered with a cyclical voice then turned around with the three. Within a minutes while no one chattered with deluxe materials and fineries but muttered about different ideas. "Anyway Riyal, what is your philosophy in life? I believe one of our friends deals much knowledge regarding life and keeping in touch with his faith, I believed aren't you?" Jinema prompts and tingled her pink stilletos then acted sarcastically while looking at Jov. "Jinema, your thought becomes highly profound, and I appreciate it. Speaking of views and philosophies I believe there's only one living being here who must be tested if he really concieves with genuine faith and wisdom. I'm pretty conscious of mass media this afternoon Marwad, my bracelet feels me would you give me a hand?" Marwad do's nothing but to give notice on Ryal's left arm feeling exasperated while looking at Jov. On the other hand Jov's multifarious thoughts of what had happened in his mansion made him eager to seek more when he suffered rejection from his peers that morning. Everytime he chatters with the crowd he gains nothing but snob attacks from the three. "Oh Ryal, I acknowledge your parents from reigning the night at the gala," but the prominent celebrity daughter ought to talk in front just like slapping the weakling. "Jinema, I..." But the latter fidgeted her arms then acted sarcastically. "Marwad I think I have to go home early, mother's being generic these past days talking with other people, I dare say we've got to mingle some other time." Then the prominent celebrity daughter pack up her things and enunciated "goodbye..." Tickling Marwad's collar, Jov earned nothing but a rigor antipathy. Everything worsen especially the a week after when his professor proudly present him in the class endowing him with a shame. "Mr. Akbar what happened with your grades, I computed your papers and ridculed with it, I give you an apology for  gaining straight D and hope you won't regret this news and better fix everything next time." With Jovan's astonishment about the pessimistic results he encountered, didn't do any actions to talk to his professor regarding the shares that his family can't offer in the school anymore. Then the weakling servant in great despair walk alone outside the Institute feeling unappreciated, the consequence he encountered in life becomes a heinous one, but behind everything  though become hopeless, never stop trusting around where in one hand he go out for shopping instead. "This is so malevolent maybe God become's angry about everything, I hope I can find something that can feel me at ease." After walking straight to the coffee shop for a frappe, the socialite started to think for religious philosophies. "Faith can't be done without the name of greater love from the almighty one, foolish I, to laughed and tell that I just work with him for granted." Suddenly a great storm came, flood divulges along the streets of Sun Village with the detriment catastrophe, Jov's chauffeur as well as his Benz thrown away and exterminated. Life becomes unfair that even Jov's generous mutual interaction with the supreme being becomes vague apparently and that his conscious mind begins to interact with him to cursed life and do evil. "My soul is not yet damage, I'm still wealthy, I'll offer more fruits, plants and lumbers for God the father and thank him that I'm still alive though being bothered. I have sinned a lot, God is wisdom and love, he always lead my path, I believe my wealth never stays along with me but my courage and faith is a wisdom that never fades away, these are blessings I can deal with him, thank you almighty father." The wealthy student stayed alone outside the mall waiting for the storm to perished and played Prince of Persia with his euphoric mobile kit. Upon browsing at the games, Jov sighed about everything that happened. Nothing he can do but to entertain himself with his mobile phone, laptop and digital organizer left with him as his last belongings. He never panicked for every day is a new morning that rekindles his soul, believing that there's always a new beggining. "This is a sort of chivalrous worth living, I'm still wealthy and God never lives me alone for I'm alive, my mobile kit still exists foolish everyone who cursed the name of almighty one, this is a real life that I'm facing with." Meanwhile the storm perished, floods emancipating the ground cascaded through the Nile, people merging on the highways becomes fewer little by little. The road becomes quiet metaphorically. Traffic lights, mall decors, volunteers and employees become dull until everything around in Jov's path seems to be luminous with God but tiring in his part. Jov look at the stars and the sky with deep sentiments and agony but keeping everything secret within inner aura. He then keep himself rejoicing though being miserable in his condition. While standing alone at one corner of the streets a group of thieves run closely through Jov and stole everything from him. Even in the midst of great wilderness and trial the wealthy student of Antalya Institute became more enthusiastic that God is still understanding and endowed with never ending love, Jov's upright virtue though being too sophisticated and mediocre pride made him think that God knews everything even within the deepest corners of human's heart. "All I need to have right now is benevolence and understanding about everything, God is mystified and holy, I believe he see's me as I endure everything around, I believe." After the uneven jeers of the thieves, Jov walk alone at home without riding any cabs and think of wisdom he can overthrow to himself to see the reality is just, even though he feels hopeless and pathetic. There upon the beautiful roads of Antalya, only the weakling servant of God walk's without anything but to watch the dawn of the sky just like welcoming the stars to shine and the moon to smile, he then thinks how God will talk to him and tell that he's prayers were answered. While walking alone near the vicinity of his mansion, Jov do's nothing but to think consecutively, that, there's always a reason why everything happens. Looking at the enormous gates, Jov sighed and muttered, "Why is it too dark inside?" Then continued inside his humungous garage where his frantic mother awaits him. "Jovan!!!!!!!!!!!! your father's testament have perished, we have nothing at all, you offer so much with your faith, we've lost anything because of your God and, where is your? Bag? You've gone home without carrying anything. Look at you, you look so miserable." "Mother, I've lost ecverything due to the thieves attacked me a while ago." Jov nodded after talking then look at his mother nervously giving his mother the notion to blame the supreme being again. "You offer so much with your God and we gain nothing but treasures of detriments and bad lucks, your God is of no standard but bunch of balonies. Look at what happened to you, our house and our wealth negated, that foolish being you used to talk give us an unsurmountable dishes of plagues, menace!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Due to procastination and persecution, Jov did nothing but to stand alone outside the dark night while rejoicing his candle lit alone and thinking of how marvelous it is, in one side he thinks of becoming a mere resemblance and used furniture. Looking around the ground the wealthy student thinks about the shame he encountered and the immediated crisis attack his family seemingly he's entire life was ruined and everything is wasted. Nothing left around but dusts and pebbles mysteriiously saying nothing but just getting his attention, think nothing, be encompassed with deep despair and reverberate everything around in the sky how birth curse his life and that God never heard his agonies though he enunciated all his words of astute and philosophies about God. "God's rancor echoes in my soul, I'm in deep despair he's persecutions undermine me so much, life is unfair and my zeal for him never speaks of my entity. This life is full of disgrace," While sitting at one corner Jov deep sentriment levitated especially when his mother leave him alone, took everything and delve for her friends and socialites to reside. One morning Jov woke up again seeing the sky happily though everything becomes miserable, hours past little by little Jov's condition goes tighter especially when he felt ill. His world turned around just like time twisting upon his fate, wondering heinously about what will happen next Jov's philosophies in life and wisdom from God have perished. His intellect derailed himself, his mind becomes dull, knowing nothing around just like an underestimated baby crying loudly just like seeking sanctuary for his mother. Bothered in a freightening desitute Jov while suffering amidst the severity, becomes more patient pursuing for God's worth and love, believed that one day his obstacles might done and perish. But being involved with social class, having high standard and a mediocre pride the wealthy student of Antalya blame himself for negating everything about God. "Everything's gone, what I have is everything that came from God. With this agonies I've sinned against him." Each passing hours Jov forgot everything what he does, his past and the worst is, each moment that he'd encounter he forgot everything. He felt being suffocated and twisted in pain just like his mind being lured by evil poking his fault and belief in God like a devouring lion. Nights and days past, Jov's patience and faith keep him in touch though feeling desparately. In wilderness, Jov's vague mentality, sudden lost of consciousness, feeling bothered, can't do anything but to think that everything will hover equality and just. "May God enlightened me with his words of wealth that never perished, I believe he may, one day." Meanwhile a great stormy weather confronted again, Jov with vicious sentiments insist himself while praying deeply for God's mercy. "My fears and shame bestows me, may death foresees my future. Everything vanished in my sight, this body is not mine but my faith you'd always delved in drought and satisfaction of my soul. My endeavors and struggles is an oblivion that kills me little by little, I ask for forgiveness with you almighty one though I am not worthy of your great love, everything isn't a just in life but may your servitude gives me perseverance with my soul that break each passing days." After prayers and patience Jinema, Ryal and Marwad came seeing Jov in a wrecked condition then pays him nothing but mounts of persecutions. "Look at you, after great servitude and faith with the Almighty one you gain nothing but despair and longevity of endurance. You suffered a lot, I thought earlier it is better for you to fade away, your life is worthless that God never been eager to pay attention." The sarcastic intelligent shopaholic lady uttered while raising her left eyebrow making herself extraordinary while antagonizing against Jov. "You've been lingered nothing but a piece of junk, look at my bracelet its genuine, I'm feigning, beneath my visions all I can say is just thank God that your still alive." Being in a malevolent manner, Ryal's voice seems an incantation beyond discouragement and weaknesses. Apparently being with disgusted features, Ryal squiled Marwad to underestimate the weak human being on the ground. "Seems like you've sinned so much against him, how can you believe your sins have forgave? Shame are you, better cursed the Almighty one." Jov though being detrimented emphasized his knowledge deep within his frailing body and bothered soul. "I believed there's something you want to say Marwad, Though being weak in this long life trial, my endeavors won't reach your ecstacy foolish are you, conceived with multifarious broken philosophies. God is fair to all who's really upright and a brave heart, someone who knows how to face his problem wherein the end he may encounter embelished soul deep with strong Holy Spirit and faith." Suddenly a great storm came, whispers, coolness of the air, sparkles surrounded the whole area and the four colleagues bothered especially Jov. That night becomes severely holy on the ground of the wealthy man of Antalya gaining vision with the enlightenment of the almighty one. The Lord God started to speak, "You've surpassed so many trials collegiate wealthy man and I believe you've learned from many experiences. Now I'm talking in front of you since you didn't give much concerns of your faith but your perseverance though seems miniscule is still meaningful in my sight and I believe you finished your long way of running. I ask you some questions? Do you believe sacfrifice for greater love? Then Jov replied, "I believe in that word my Lord but what is the essence if everything lasts and gone like a bubble." Then Lord God replied in a wide whole ground where Jov sats along, I believe your endeavors give me a lot of meaningful love that shows me great sacrifices. "Then what's next?" Jov replied after scratching his head. "Then better strengthen your faith and belief as well as your perceptions with everything that what you have. There's a lot of times that I see your heart takes me for granted, do you believe how much I did just to explain you the meaning of life against extravagance? Everything in this world can easily be gone in one click so if ever you love something or somebody that already lost. Then always set yourself for new modes and prepare for everything is not constant. Everything you love in this world might easily be gone so better not love too much of the things which you inherit in this world. Love my words for it never fades away but always stays in your heart, it never perished." Jov smiled and nodded but acted again sarcastically though being a bit scared in the echoing voice. "I believe in your words and I felt apologetical of everything that I had, though I lost everything in this world I'm still happy living in this ground feeling only the essence of the faith I have with you. Feeling frustrated of everything that have lost in my sight, wealth, wisdom and friends, at least I've learned my chivalrous adventures against the odds." On God's final words Jov felt blameful against himself. "It's an easy way of trial I believe you absorbed everything, every test and every word that I show you, philosophies is much more greater than struggles and endeavors." That night Jov ask's why in the echoes talking with him that night but he immediatley woke up in his realizing that everything is a dream and astonished as his friends looking at him seemingly laughing at his turbulunted hair and mustache. That morning became Jov's happy sentiments with God as his wealth and everything he lost came back immediatley just like in one click.

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