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miércoles, 30 de diciembre de 2015

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The study on the role of Women in Philippine Diplomacy Focused on the sending of Filipina Peacekeepers for United Nations
Background of the study
This topic was chosen by the researcher since women have improved a wide range of abilities in different field that promotes Philippine Diplomacy. The interest of the researcher was based on the relevance of woman and diplomacy through the United Nations that will give rise to the respect of women's dignity that engaged with man. Women have said to be predominant in different fields as what it was said in (June, 1991, mongabay, In the early 1990s women were found  more than a proportionate share of many professions although they predominated in domestic service (91 percent), professional and technical positions (59.4 percent), and sales (57.9 percent). The topic was also chosen to promote the women's equal rights with man and open a wide view on their strengths and weaknesses including their ability to have a role in peacemaking revolution. This will give the women to have the idea that will encourage themselves to navigate their lives in a good direction even if they suffered from abuse and unrespectful orientation of men. The role of woman in diplomacy focused on the sending of Filipina Peace Keepers for United Nations was preferably become the idea of the researcher since the growing society of diplomacy and government did not noticed too much on the role of women now a days were they focused too much on power and wealth proliferation.  Filipina peacekeepers for United Nations have the image of women's ability to attain masculine role which the researcher wants to improve that women can do what man can do. This topic has the image of masculine role of women as peacekeepers in Philippine Diplomacy. This research also enhanced the women's abilities in Diplomacy. The advantages of a strong presence of female peacekeeper in conflict and post-conflict zones include creating a safer space for girls and women who have suffered sexual violence, said Marianne Mollman, advocacy director of women's rights at Human Rights Watch, a global watchdog organization (May 20, 2010, Irrin news, The study finally wants to initiate the equality of women and men in many fields especially governing diplomacy.
Statement of the problem
1.) How is Diplomacy relevant to Filipina peacekeepers as a tool of Feminism?
2.) What are the essential tools in womens propagation of peacemaking revolution that will promote Diplomacy in Philippines?
3.) What are the advantages of the Filipina peacekeepers that will promote Philippine Diplomacy?
Objectives of the study
1.) The Researcher expects that the study on Filipina Peacekeepers for United Nations and diplomacy in Philippines will promote the role of woman in the world.
2.) The Researcher will prove the abilities of women in peacemaking revolution that will promote diplomacy.
Significance of the study
This study will contribute to the body of International Relations that will further the students knowledge about woman and diplomacy in the future. For far more understanding, this study will contribute issues on Filipina Peace keepers for United Nations and will develop critical minds of people in different situations of international arena. The knowledge of this study would also contribute to the Researchers for gathering set of facts and informations in their continuous searching of knowledge. One part is the resolution for woman that they can be presented as good Diplomats one day. The contribution it may offer to the international arena will propagate globalization in the devotion of promoting woman. This would also develop a knowledge for woman who will be  future Diplomats in representing their country in promoting peace and negotiation. With the improving knowledge of situations in sexual slavery in the entire world this study would be a help.
Hypothesis of working
The study will prove the equal opportunities of man and women in different fields especially in Diplomacy. This will initiate the women as Peacekeepers that they can prevent abuse and maltreament against their fellow women. The study also gives benefits on the society that women can propagate their knowledge on diplomacy by means of peacekeeping. The study focused on United Nations will improve women's capabilities that can influence Diplomacy and has wide impact on Society and other interdisciplinary studies. The Focus on Women and Diplomacy between United Nations and Philippines will imnprove globalization of the international arena. At the end of the study women will appear to attain an equal role as well as men in terms of peacemaking revolution. This will also provide us the knowledge about the relevance of women and diplomacy in terms of alliance.
Review of related Literature
Filipina peace keepers for United Nations enhanced the role of woman through different functions.One part is that their masculinity in giving safe guard on abused woman with different countries. Peace keepers proved that woman were not just capable of using their minds in promoting the world but also they can use their body for multitasking positions in a way they show their masculine role as what it was said in (Balana, May 30, 2009, Inquirer, Filipino peacekeepers are recognized by the United Nations for their outstanding performance and tireless commitment to maintain global peace and security. Woman now a days have equal opportunities with man in promoting the world. In Diplomacy they contributed their strenghts in protecting other woman for United Nations.
Diplomacy in terms of peace keeping security give relevance on the knowledge that  woman have strengthened ties between Philippines and other countries. (Public informations service unit, December 17, 2010, Department of Foreign Affairs,,)  loj said she is optimistic that the number of Filipino female peacekeepers will continue to increase which would allow them to continue to "set examples and be role models for Liberian women to participate in security institutions." She also commended the Philippines "for their vision in electing women as leaders and heads of state" noting "this is something that both Liberia and the Philippines share. With this statement Feminism proves that the continuous increase of woman would synchronized the world through globalization and diplomacy. Their strengths and liabilities together with their minds can be relied upon reconstructing the international phenomena for peaceful means.
Filipina Peace Keepers for United Nations is a good source of promoting the perspective of suffering that can also be an instrument in diplomacy by means of power as what it was said (Dela Cruz and Peracullo, 2011) Suffering has the power to change the oppressors. And so, the entire focus here are the perpetrators of violence rather than the victims injustices. Soelle's answer to the problem of powerlesness views the resurrection of good power. Thus this would also mean that woman through suffering has a good power that they can impart in globalization. Woman with solidarity can promote each other such as the Filipina Peace Keepers who protect their fellow women abused in other countries as what it was said (Dela Cruz and Peracullo, 2011)  Compassion somehow constrains us to suffer with the other; it demands solidarity with the other. And for Soelle, the resurrection is possible if there is real compassion that enables one to be centered on the other; there is a for-otherness central to compassion.
     This issue imparted that Filipino women have role in promoting diplomacy in the Philippines. They helped in developing the international arena with the use of the ability of their minds to promote peace as what it was said earlier. Their capabilities in peace making recvolution is better than man, Henderson said that in Africa, women can develop their nation into more synchronized era than man since they were not prone to war. With this, women can be a tool in the strategy of promoting alliance and good negotiation with other countries. Woman were bound to be a replica of man, they can do what man can do and implement equality, as what it was said (May 20, 2010, Irrin news, Women might constitute 20 percent of peacekeeping units by 2014, but Lamptey acknowledged that some officials thought it "completely unrealistic" to try replicating this on the military front. "It's a work in progress," she said. "A lot of member states are beginning to understand that when it comes to peacekeeping missions, you really do need to have both women and men in the military and police equally represented; they are beginning to understand the merits of that."
    With the sending of Filipino women peacekeepers for United Nations, the role of women in Diplomacy becomes a lot more specific when it comes to diplomacy. They were specified in terms of masculine roles and intellectual revolution. With their capabilities of handling insurgencies in their designated places, they promote diplomacy in Philippines and gained their respect through medals and awards. Filipino women as peacekeepers can promote diplomacy in the Philippines through the value of solidarity, attaining good power by means of suffering, by having a masculine role and their continues increase would gain good predominance through out the world. With this, the strengths that women can impart in the international arena can harmonize globalization and peace negotiation throughout the world. This study that the researcher stratified, forms new assumptions about woman in how they can promote diplomacy in Philippines. In evaluating Filiipino women peacekeepers, their masculine roles in protecting other countries for United Nations promotes diplomacy in Philippines.
A. Research Design
The study was taken apart through the internet and books, the strategy is make up the thesis through chapters 1, 2, and 3 which is composed of Background of the study, Review of related literature and Methodology. APA as a method of citation was used in jotting down the name of authors, website and publisher in quoting informations. It is all about women with their role in Philippine Diplomacy under the issue of United Nation Peace keepers. Comprising the knowledge in books (Feminista and International Relations) and Internet (, and the study was finally drafted. The thesis was systematized through gathering of facts, formulating of hypothesis, analysis and conclusion.
B. Data used
Secondary Data
Intenet, news papers and books are the essential tools that used in gathering of facts and informations. With the help of Irrin, and the thesis proved a the relation of Filipina women in the Diplomacy between Philippines and United Nations. Some data that become the basis of informations were the Feminista and International Relations that contributed a lot in the strengths and capabilities of women in the Philippines. With these guide the thesis was finally drafted.
C. Data Gathering technique
 Gathering of Facts, formulating of hypothesis, analysis and conclusion are the techniques in gathering Data. One factor in gathering data is cutting down the informations gathered in the website and books.Through internet and books, gathering of facts was performed. With the informations stated as answers to the thesis, the hypothesis was formulated. Finally the conclusion was derived through analysis and opinions that have been conceptualized in the study. These techniques formed the pieces of facts into one united body of knowledge.
D. Methods of Analysis
The study was finally drafted with the essence of analysis as a tool in finalizing the research. Through reading between lines and careful scrutiny the information was therefore concluded and presented the answers. Good attitude such as, keen observing, patience, perseverance and wise decision became the guide in performing the analysis. The use of five senses were also attached in analyzing the facts. Visual imagination were also became a factor in settling the analyzis. The thesis was finalized with the the conclusion through careful analysis of the stated facts in the review of related literature.


martes, 24 de noviembre de 2015

New year love 8 days to explain

Disyembre 24, 2012 es Noche Buena celebrar de Romano Katolikos, pero de me parte yo voy en el casa adonde me ex amante como encontrar. It's morning, wearing greyish dress and close shoes are my motif, my old hand bag depicts my dull personality with vigor spray that scents along the mass. Naivity makes me remember my floral past dedicated with my eccentric romance, walking near the mailbox, my heart pumps with nervousness feeling that shame may encounter through him. Though being nefarious with his tranquil  personality, still he's a man, a man with deep secrets that never tell if cheating a woman but venerations he endow me makes my heart feel scattered everywhere. Thinking at my past is like a mount of clouds encompassing my greyish attire and close shoes that delves me in the air while flying with him then look at my watch, it's  9' o clock in the morning people fought for spaces in the market while looking for goodies to buy and take proposals with the vendors to lessen the prices. "How much is the knickers?" I asked Leticia, the vendor I acknowledge as my "suke" in Ashton's Market.  "££ 5.00, for  you duck," Leticia cackled in a boxy voice but in a hurried manner. "Oh, mother the price is too high make it, ££ 2.50," I shook my head after talking then look at my bag pockets for money. "It's recession, financial fluctuation becomes so crucial make it ££ 4.50." Leticia becomes a bit temperous that moment but I still insisted since we've know each other though she's conniving like a Boa constrictor. Every year, I used to visit this public market to court Leticia with her lavish clothing line seemingly that her blonde hair prompts United Kingdom with her jeering remarks and remarkable prices thinking I don't want to depart with her anymore. "Make it ££ 3.99 or I'll heave the price higher than ££ 5.00," Leticia's morphling army attire speaks in the crowd just like she wants to strangle me. "Last price ££ 3.5" Then I shouted like it's the last time I have to talk with Leticia. "Ok, you win, tell Lyden I got the latest belt she want!!!" After shouting I wave my hand in the air and said "Ok! Thanks for the knickers!!! Then  I walk straight outside the market after paying for it. Turning my head left and right while walking made my sentiment evoking the ground while going back in his apartment. It's been worthwhile of visiting Ashton's Market for its delicious ambience envying people to go and visit the place then amazed with the vendors vying for customers around like Leticia. That day becomes unweary but foolishly feisty due to my  22nd year of visiting my homeland, reminiscing with Bobby is indulging of his meek personality but pretending to feel like happy after everything that happened between us is so difficult to see the world as beauty and romantic as Rome. His big jaws, fair complexion, pinkish cheeks, dark eyebrows, red colored hair and watery hazel nut eyes makes me linger upon his arms dealing there's no time at all for me to leave him. Simplicity with his slim cocky jeans, snickers and green shirt though naive but unwavers his athletic body reminds our long lasting sweetness 2 years past. On my way Outside Citadines Prestige Trafalgar Square, I saw a man standing and waiting for me whereas in my side its  despair, happiness, love and anger felt myself being with the man  I hated so much since we've met in the Ashton's market. That night becomes antagonizing though silence within ourselves hid our feelings, walking inside his room made us nothing to talk but stare together fiercely while the night ended as the moonlight watch us sleeping backwards at each other.
Waking up, the sunshine welcomes me an exasperating December 25, 2012, visions with the man I'm sleeping with. I walk down stairs talk with the kitchen then cook ham and egg sandwich with vegetable beverages on sides. Meanwhile temper goes around as I meet him blending fruitshake looking at me esoterically, I eventually surpirsed him sarcastically then ended snobbing around. "I still remember what you did 2 years after I give you that letter," I argued. "That year I resided Germany for an immediate thesis proposal and I've read it when our land lady gave it back three months after, I believe you'd understand." Then he burp after a gallop of fruitshake, I sob with laughter on the other hand. "Your burps doesn't make any excuses for me, so what happened after three months of reading what I've wrote? I appreciate though unrespectful." After sighs, mashing the egg and frying ham on the pan, I acted with curiousity and jealousy. "The fact is I'm not around when the letter flew in my home that time, its been 8 months after my proposal when I decided to go back Manila and read the letter." His eccentric manner waves his hair with cunning face and blooms in the sky enthusiastically. After the serious statement, continued drinking his fruitshake then smashed the glass down and sobs desparately. "You've gone for so long, I waited enough time for your reply, nothing I figure but whispers of the wind giving only few chances." Being unvain and naive  runs in my mind which is everything similar between us that time though feeling empty in what I've said, still incantation reverberates my love for him. "Chances you've waited, but I'd never stop thinking of your sudden lost and send you messages through e-mail though feeling procastinated, is that e-mail still yours?" Fixing his jammies with his bare hands while looking around the kitchen then stare at the cabinet becomes like a never ending chatters between us but I suspected so much. "3 months after I send you the letter made me decided to change my e-mail and go back to Philippines for my long term goals." Eye circulation becomes his immediate reply, my sentiments become more suspicious though he acts naturally. "You keep on turning your eyes around, it conveys no truth above all what you are telling, do you hide something?" Then I jest around with simple dances twisting my butt left and right then stayed again on my place and prepared my sandwich. "Nothing I can tell you, turning around my eyes doesn't means a lot." He then punch the table but still in a calm and serious manner. "We've been talking here for so long, its 12 in the afternoon, Italian focacia and tomato delies are stoop on the fridge, better hand it on the table." But I reacted malevolently against that guy wearing jam. "Your ideas seems excruciating don't change the topic... It's you who tear us apart and my trust were gone, every bit of moments we cherrished have gone and ruined." He does nothing on his side but prepare the dish on the table instead. Morning, afternoon and night debunk our foolishness as the day ended with lavish silence and full of despair.
After one whole day of negations we confronted a strenous December 26, 2012 behind our feverish endearments, endearment with our charming summons but feverish due to our ruined relationship. It's morning again, I fixed my curly hair then look blundered glancing at him with his esoteric eccentrical attitude that fantacizes me. Before going outside I'd look at him deliberatively with his much enigmatic looks along bewilderness that I enamored so much. With out any humor and  manifestations of love I frown and giggle as if I want to throw my mobile against his impish looks. But though being, I still reminisce the times that I used to fidget his left chest and poke his forehead saying his weirdo. I look outside the window and saw him waiting outside wearing brown coat, denim shorts and casual shoes, at last he dress well though a bit sluggish. Staring around at my back visualizes the beautiful aeons of maple leaves falling unto him then I smiled pretending hard to get and change my clothes, walk outside, hold his arms then visit Ashton's Public market. Around 12 in the afternoon we march along the road like flowers marching on the ground, then talk to me. "I dont think that letter reaches our arguments until this moment, it's 6 months past but I never feel your essence then decided to send you a messsage but I gained nothing, the letter apparently arrived after residing Germany for my professor's proposal. I came back when the land lady gave me that letter feeling anxiously about your immediate response but I can't figure you out." He seriously uttered around with honesty but our misunderstanding past becomes nuisance in my part, I poke his head with my finger tip again and prompted with quiet retaliation. "I'd waited for so long, but you exchange everything for that proposal and Germany do I still have the options? Or you bestowed me for nothing that time?" Then he continued to explain like whispering in the air. "You still don't understand me, our responses alternated vehemently as I resided to other place but still there's cherish I believe." After talking I ricocheted eye contacts with him to belittle his personality then continued talking. "Your reason is not that suffice to be accepted." Though being softened that afternoon I pretended being mad at him that afternoon came, even sunlight touches our skin still the cool breeze of the season emancipates our circumstance resonating our body, he muttered just like whispering in the air again. "So, until now you don't believe what I told you about that letter, speaking of my thesis proposal its immediate and dedicated for my studies how come it affects our relationship you're being vague." Seemingly he explains a lot that time I manage myself to take a deep breath then argued. "Your eccentric personality makes me enamored you much but still you defy our relationship and didn't take it for granted. I hallowed our relationship with exuberance I'm sorry you misunderstood how I give you attention, it's 6 in the evening better we get back at the apartment and reflect for more.
Our reflections finished yesterday and continued talking, December 27, 2012 heaved my eyebrows with his perseverance building reasons again. "My love is dull but do you appreciate it?" I become illumined that hour, my laconic behavior endowed me into a childish characteristic that jostle myself into happiness to what he'd say then I replied. "This is the first time I encountered you talk like that and I fascinated a bit. Still enamored with your chest, heheh... Everything billowed our future into darkness, luck would lead us through chances." Lying at the bed he ventured himself to dare me showing his chest but I reacted. "We're talking about our recent relationship not about steamy things and foolishness go on, wear your shirt back." But I startled with him seeing naked and acted seductiously in front of me because he never do it in our relationship ever since. Its the first time he talks to me like that so I initiated again, "trying to scare me like that doesn't affects me but never do that again or I'll leave this home and not going to talk with you anymore." Then cleared his throat and added, "being bold doesn't makes any connection with what you're thinking it's just that I remove my shirt and that's all, any question?" Feeling a bit embarassed at what he said give me the notion to talk again and stare critically in his front. "Thanks for the embarassing signs though I'm not undermined but felt proud of your chest it's still stuffy." I yawned after being infuriated, he then raised his trunk then laid again on the carpet while stretching his arms then argued. "Love, I don't know what does it means, will you define me what it looks like?" His views became deeper that day and I never wondered because that was one of his good characteristcs, a person endowed with weirdness but logical. "It's 23 minutes past 4 is there anything we can eat?" I tried smiling though it seems so difficult dealing with his "no care" attention after asking, then he agreed but added again fervently. "Steamy sensations makes me look blundered, find astounding? Heheheheh... Better study our relationship first before saying that you give everything, we stayed here for 8 whole hours I'm hungry, I thought there's bowl of lemon sautee'd pork let's eat." I nodded then argued without feeling huffy since I used to be with him like that answering my queries in a weird but logical manner. "Your still that man I knew at the Ashton's Markert, I believe I'm the only woman who can understand you being that, better court someone who's like me." Eating our meal that sunny afternoon is starving since we've talk much spending 8 whole hours in his bedroom, nothing happened but only chatters about ourselves ending the day while our mind being jaundered with steamy perceptions and my contradictories.
Steamy things talk ourselves though being appreciated a little bit and apparently it is December 28, 2012 we walk around the park and talk different issues about our lives the time we're in different places. "Germanis just so 'cold', not caring about anybody expect themselves being that. I found their culture as highly intellectual people raging themselves from technologies and innovations, they're not that sensitive about sentiments of someone. All they care is semantics and how they can cope up with the continues verdicts of life and comfort. They're bound on how people should ease difficulties through gadgets and massive facilities no wonder I conclude they're ardous of knowledge." That day felt me infurious against what he told boasting what he'd learned though in a simple way. "The park enjoys us indefinitely, I appreciate your clothes still its naivity perpetuate your wholeness and speaks of yourself having no buffy attiude" He insisted more about his assumptions, "In Germany I experience much innovations and knowledge that made me not so endearing but fascinated with their features especially woman." I smiled as we jaundered around then added unconspicuously. "Being a doctorate professor with good scholastic records and honors at Eurocampus is a good achievement though sounds simple can be enamored though. Being a mix blood Filipino-Hispanic endows me more of Philippine culture, humble and meek but heart of brevity, concise and intelligence." I thought my humility would smash his pride and philosophy that morning but that guy insisted more of what he wanted to tell me. "My proposal about Blogging ethics of Filipino people as a leading innovation towards humanity regarding advertisement and trend deals how we should linger on the principle of blogging and ads, you finally understood I thought." Then I replied without sounding hesitation and nervous proving that his boastful, "In Philippines people is concocted with good customs and virtues showing Christianity above all human race. I adore my race much rather than innovations, technologies, trends and knowledge that ruins the beauty of human race." Then envisioned his quiet but perky attractive looks. Strolling around til' that sunny afternoon crave's my mauve dress and close shoes affinitively then wave my hair, meanwhile he argued and poke my forehead. "Still I prefer my life in Germany is metaphorically genuine and rivets as stepping stone for my career growth and in the environment, Germans do not expect to be greeted by strangers, even when eye contact has been made, in the office environment. The fact-oriented thinking is, (since I don't know this person, there is no relationship, so there is no need to get into superficial pleasantries). Generally, the smaller the office is, the more greetings will be forthcoming and expected, but the bigger the environment is, the less it will be expected and offered, especially if you are not a permanent member of the staff. Then I end up my points saying it's "7 pm in the eve better we got home," our creed seems raising above the heaven though pinnacles of our past is devastating, we got home.
Even there's painstaking moments between us yesterday I appreciate the way he represents his lifestyle when he's around Germany. Today is December 29, 2012, we continued talking about cultural perspectives as well as notions about his Thesis proposal with his professor. I on one hand argued with my preferences when I was in Philippines teaching students with foreign language and diverse assumptions regarding Feminism, on our way to British Museum  he continued speaking about his culture. "What can you sense about British Museum?" I nodded thinking nothing but frown at him then he poke my forehead again and started to talk regarding his knowledge. "Founded in 1753, the British Museum’s remarkable collection spans over two million years of human history. Enjoy a unique comparison of the treasures of world cultures under one roof, centred around the magnificent Great Court. World-famous objects such as the Rosetta Stone, Parthenon sculptures, and Egyptian mummies are visited by up to 6 million visitors per year. In addition to the vast permanent collection, the museum’s special exhibitions, displays and events are all designed to advance understanding of the collection and cultures they represent." Thingking that everything has no connection at all still smiled at him, "You're smart! are you Melchor, Baltazar or Gaspar?" But he still insisted with no benevolence that made me feel excruciated again his naive pride always bolstered and its only I who used to notice those. That hour as we jaunder along the bridge his attitude vulgar again roving his mind against my close shoes. "Those shoes, seems classic isn't it? Is that your moms?" He thought that I was being huffy but I still smiled, prompted and asked him stories about his life in Germany and his cultural perspectives. "Nothing's wrong with my close shoes is it look old fashioned? My apologies but I do love my mother and misses her wearing this shoes, there's no reason for you to become vindictive it is I whom you sinned better tell what you feel than luring me with those  appraisals. I believe British Museum is beautiful and yet esoterical as well as it's pavements isn't it?" Then he argued again pointing his index finger through his chin, "close shoes, heheheh... British Museum? Esoterical? Assumptions I can't determine but quitely true. My proposal regarding Blogging and Ads heave the standards of journalism as a reasoning to the society with the means of pen and paper. Why is it British Museum becomes our fugitive place to mingle this day? Do you have any assignments or kid's stuffs?" Then I keep myself tact and avoid being affected against what he said but continued arguing. "Speaking of kid's stuffs your shirt seems somewhat sort of... But I love those, filipino people were not as eccentric as you are, we're born happy and contented of what we have. But though having a mix race I believe of the notion that our hospitality regarding each other concieves of our healthy union though we differ in characteristics we don't discourage nor discriminate, I appreciate myself understanding that attitude somewhat funny." Then he replied while the wind gusts upon us but that time he seems a bit frightened jostling him what he wanted to say, insisted himself not to tell his feelings but blurted. "I was hurted the time you've gone anxiously worried that the one who can understand me have been totally lost though we misunderstood everything, still I waited for you." Men will be men though the time I send him the letter without any replies I must be the one who should tell him that I totally pissed off due to his carelessness. We ended the day finishing tasks turning around the museum, talking, briving ourselves with knowledges we earned, looking at the people being fascinated and mostly scold each other insisting ourselves not to be affected by what we really feel together.
Tonight I guess it's Rizal day in the Philippines, December 30, 2012, holding hands though our hearts frown each other we feel the comfort goes beyond everything, as we smile but daunt attack his sentiments telling me about the letter that forgot our sweet memories. "It's not my fault that your letter flew away 8 months after I'd went Germany, do I have any options waiting 3 months for your presence? Not my fault?" Lying in the banister feeling no aghast with what he told, I prompted. "I gave you the letter without knowing that you've gone, you never insinuate but gone, suddenly lost, vanish like a bubble, is there anything happened or something that you can't say?" Nothing he replied but hit his legs with his left hand while sitting on the rockin' chair, that hour we spent ourselves still, analyzing and reflecting our past being ourselves. That night he mentioned how I played with his left chest and poke his forehead when we're still incorporated but regarding the letter he became a bit less vital since because of me then reacted. "I still remember how we played the leaves during autumn and lay out ourselves in this park, sounds annoying when I still remember that letter. Do you really love me or I'm just being a mere infatuation?" Then I suddenly mark my one hand in front of him insisting to control his chatters, interwined again and analyze his secluded aura. "Love? Yes, infatuated? No, why? This is the time for you to tell me what do you really feel? Is it because of the letter or you did'nt achieve something between us?" We're at the middle of the night when he yawn and hear me snarled on the other hand feeling our oneness though idiosyncratic that demeanor seems nothing. The street is enormous and unbelligerent against rebellious mobs and people with no deep sentiments, seemingly that our quiet ambience only matches the entire environment as well as the people having only nothing to share but looks though not aquired around. Being around the society of British people like him is like a society of big jaws but still enamored his accent and garden loving culture. Our harmonious relationship beckons our trials, pasts and eccentric memories as we walk on the bridge confronting the moonlight then continued talking together. "It's like a dramatic entrance when I saw you walking inside British Museum flaunting you're wonderful charisma, it's like 1 year of our relationship and nothing happened to us, I'm a guy." It's like I was being jeered that sunset, seemingly like there's something he wanted to tell me that I immediatley felt what he wanted to tell, maybe that's the reason so I talk discreetly. "So is that your reason why you felt a bit annoyed about the letter and the time you gone insinuatedly? If it is the reason then it's all you're fault and not me." He sighed then muttered, "Now I told you our relationship last's long because of no fantasies and magic that can define what really love is but now I can't imagine more about how it could reflect us but the only way is find ourselves more through pillow sensations." Sounds like nasty so I reiterated cleverly, "You're a real man and I prove it's your eccentricity with your mediocre pride and naivity made me like you so much and that's the way how you crave for me. If that's your reason then better explain me?" Then he continued talking, "Eccentricity and attitude is not my point but it's how we reflect our relationship, steamy sensations? Funny isn't it? Am I wrong that my genuinity for our reflections talk's my personality?" His tone sounds being nefarious and sulk against me so I smiled and ended ourselves reflecting and talking about our past. "It's 56 minutes past 4 in the morning maybe we could talk about that tomorrow released all our feelings muffled inside, steamy sensation seems nothing but a piece of your too much likeness of flesh but I do understand you. I feel dizzy and exhausted let's sleep and take more time for relaxation, good night.
After talking one whole midnight, we strolled along the Oxford road that night of December 31 2012, it's 10:30 in the evening. People along the streets were starting to light up luces and firecrackers, jostling together, playing and shouting while waiting for exact 12 midnight to shout for a big Happy New Year. "I enamor your ribbon as well as your floral dress how lovely?" I was poke again on the forehead with the guy who becomes so selfish in our recent relationship, then I argued again what we talk about last midnight. "You're being too hasty about your emotions last midnight and I don't like your reactions that past hours." Then he jeered me with foolishness but I replied a smile to make myself look stronger than him. "7 days past we talk and reflect but nothing happened between us, there's no factor at all but mocks, whispers and my gentleness, what else can we prove in our relationship?" His serious straight voice makes me much endearing but my laconic attitude that hour made me feel, our DNA matches together. Looking around the road 11:00 in the evening allowed our sentiments to release and continued talking about the new year environment. "I can still smell the scent of firecrackers and luces, it projects me the real essence of New Year, do you still love me?" He muttered but then I acknowledge what he really wanted to tell me. "I know what you really wanted to tell me, how if I tell you I preserve my wholeness, integrity, body and soul in front of God as well as justifying my virginity to be conquered after my wedding. I believe there's a a lot of chances for us to rekindle but if you think of those shallow beliefs it's better for us to move on, I'll go on my way back Philippines." That hour he talk subsequently and soft spoken, trying to make my feelings in comfort. "The stars spread along the sky, it dance along shining, giving our eyes marveled how God created them beautifully." Then I wondered after he talk philosophically, "how do you say so? After foolishness and your crazy perceptions about our relationship, you talk about the marvelous jaunders of our Lord God. Talk to me straightly and I'll answer you what you really wanted to tell me. "Before I talk those crazy things about our relationship I realize how should you as women be venerated like my father said me." Meanwhile a flying lantern falls in front of me but with no wonder and violent reactions I catch it in the air and saw a small box. He stunned since there's no amazement and shocked, but a smile and glare at his cunning face. "I ask myself in the very first place if that, that would be the answer to all our questions needing you no more to answer all my sentiments. There might be a notion that you'll give up if you recieve that thing which means a lot." Seems like the questions have finally answered that night. It's 12 in the midnight people our jostling and shouting together emancipating the crowd and giving enlightenment about the New Year's eve, the night have finished I exhilerated but still in a serious way smiling again at him saying, "Yes Bobby, yes..."

Sila pa rin

It was an nth day of my hours when a conclusion gave me an interlude to our relationship. It's all a my moment, "One day will be an entourage to this church." He told me because I'm very delingquent of thinking with bountiful things and moments of a lovingly yours life because in my part I'm the only woman to provide him of the reality and fiefdom of what he needs most of the life that we were always had with the moments cherished all by ourselves. "How did you say so? In this candid Lady of Fatima faith and hope Christianity chapel you gave me of the intimacy we have forever. Still I'm a child to play a definitive romance though sort of a pure refugee with the love in the dire need of each countries love for kindred childhood. Not interested of yours," Then it's all I remember with the longevity of period we sensitized together. "Your name is Beatriz, a woman bullied by many of our classmates because of your childish attitude." Then it comes to think of what and who am I for the most of the time that I'm in an ethereal views for reasons of equity against those oreos and gummy bears. Still I'm the bull frog whom you can give of the love I need in the moments we had." Then I nodded and make of a feastive things to be inculcated naturally with the enervating concepts that I had most of real living. "Well, for many people at the Laguna Bay I'm named as the only one Kobe because of a crunch and chunks of chips that my mother loves to have in dire need of his long lasting though vehement relationship with my grandmother." Then there's a sudden motive that reverberated in the so called purity of colors and visions of my heart, I always had that notion for a myriad studies that I must have since of my high school life. Then it's the conclusion of love relationships that I'm heaving for most of my severity with how things can become sensitized through the means of my lavish playfull demeanor in terms of a harmony. Meanwhile I wake up, he smiled where in my class and it's all a dream fantazised that I was in my bedroom together with him. Then in the reality my teacher threw an eraser in my head then simply muttered. "You're in my class I hate of seeing those things in front of me I hate sheepish animals hear... Lazy..." Then I saw him smiling while evacuating my arms in his face then told me, (Beautiful hair now life can't wait). It's a fiefdom of Byzantium epoch between us whilst the sun ray enlightenly gold with the enamors of cumulus clouds of happiness that the romance like Alynna long lasting with love of the blows in the momentum of anarchy and indulgence of beauty like Venus or Melissa for the courage of hitting back what's for her. In my part I'm very crucial of an interrelational skills for a more essential status quo reality and childish up heaving demeanor. Then I stare at him because of the veering remarks that I had to have in the name of emmo hemmian rhapsody. Well what's my color I'm Emo Hemian funny accent of mentallity and cherished beams of flower, the love of wearing tight jeans whilst my bellies where flown in front of the class and wearing colorful scurves. It's my reality in the siege of and catapults of an ecclecting moments with my childish and playfull attitude. Towards the vyes and popularity still I'm in the harmony of a mustn't derailed aspects to the severity of the scenic bravery he showed me during my dreams.
"The sun seemed to be glowing like your elbows of a crispy pata look, I like you."
"Well for a synthesis of purity and devotions to what I had with him, your so smart and a dire neccessities for my need of being on top in terms of queen bee and kinship in the class." He never explained neither become my protagonist human being ina the story of a not so heretical issues in the sort of a definitive romance. In my worth of a believable creed the most fascinating issue is always having a bountiful aspect of a mustn't derogatory remarks in the lavish designs of romance and particular visions to evade the sensitized anarchy of each schools. In my part I'm massive of the fruitful love of his neccessities. He never instigated me but imbibe an eloquent attitude... especially that he is a student belong to a wealthy family, Then muttered again. "Just call me Beok, I don't like being Kobe because I'm not a kid anymore."
"Hmmmm... Oreos and gummy bears, well m&m's, m&m's, m&ms."
"I don't like you..."
"As possible as it is... establish me a nicier aspect of perky attire or else..."
"Bull frog..."
"I don't like being called as a bull frog mama's boy..."
"Di nga?"
"It's a good notion for these students to call us a freaking (Sila Pa rin)."
"Then it's a colorful memory that we may had for an everlasting memory... but?"
"I don't like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Beatrice... Your just a bull frog."
"There must be an  afformentioned vulnerability for a mustn't deviant society."
"There's no matter of an ignorant memoirs in our sort it's valid for a consequential reality."
"No matter how far it is there's a childish puppy love that may run in the instincts of reality."
"So let's listen to our lesson may be the teachers getting mad if we play cool as if we are in punitive aspect of love."
"I don't need any excuses, maybe this would end up your mess." He then play cool until our class ended wherein I realized I'm just sleeping for a love and humor to protrude of an enervating class that we had for the longevity of hours. Another sleeping belief that I'm heaving for a long time it's a concoction of a symetrical means for a pure man's bestfriend in a playful environment... School at least I wake up acknowledging the man of the hours that happened to be my cousin Titan is talking with me. It's the last hour of our class but in our part it's been an irony to provoke an emotional motive that I always had for my life and it's for reality. Until after the hours of sleep he's laugh towards me "we've shouted by pour classmates like a noise barage for a cautious reality that he as a man indulge by wealthy aristocrat had been synthesized very well." It's a motive of a bountiful aspect and I on my part become delingquent with the beautiful dream I had for an instance.
"Atlis sila pa rin ni Beok..." Titan muttered then I sleep again.

martes, 20 de octubre de 2015

Speak easy in a good instinct

I social, in a continuous correspondence became may study in the better impetuous against anarchism. To deal with effects of good camaraderie, it`s a whim to an effect of full frugality. My upsurge to continuity is that a better realm of figurative memoirs could be that intuitive forth an impetus against the viral aspects of consumerism. Supposedly, my feminism that approaches lots of synergy where that a surge to an oppose in heinous crimes. In my sojourn to speak easy is an instinct to fight for your youthful penitence. The meaningful wrath is a reason of corruption, the glory is usually a penitence to rumors. With the union of  democracy and a republican style of paradigm, the "kamustah naman" effect where that a helm for usually a good will. In the worth of  a pedagogical parody of those lifestyle story. My panoramic vintage autonomy in the sage of rak en roll story like. Is that a deliciously divine aspect with those downy opulence of a comfort to my silly symphony story. Good versus bad or the melancholy of a haste against my sudden security. To boast of who is in reallity malignant, where that a vindicated assault to a goodness in more causes of what is righteous. An exuberant lifestyle, to the vantage point of a deluxe is that ethereal now in the view of the mass. To speak in good instinct, to a creed forth contradiction to anarchism, is a union of republic and democracy in the name of the human insurgencies. My cyclical goodness in the destiny of a purge to anarch usually, that must`t a phenomena in this evict of gully nature. Now in my own comfort of decadence forth an arena of the demolition. The introspect of a divulge boasting of pride not in deluxe is quite an creed to my being as an embodiment to this exercise of power. Not convalescent yet unequal and unruly to the terms of a sage and paradox democracy. The heave must be a rule of people but, a creed of exercise in the duly innate representative of mosr human insurgences. To an inculcated means my speak up of a quintessential terms is that, negating to my sentiments yet a lodge for people of ridge in an unfair stance. To speak of a good instinct is that, of a whims to the privatism of effects. My scientism of owned history is usually in the correction of an on look toa real pasta and italiana spaghetti inventor giuseppe ephraim. To the incapacitating endowment of speakung easy to the heave of parody in a panoramic; feastive; feisty; epitome of my under ailed ventures to continue. With this continuing virile aspect, wait lang... Che!!!!!!!! Then I engage my personality of this decadence to the faction of facts regarding speak easy, in aa good instinct. To propagated my ownership of this embodiment, proliferated for the siege of a feminist theorem society. My history of a deprive life where that of an enervated ridge to catapults of a contradiction to the priorities of a good union. My lineage of acourse to different calla lilly unveiled democracy is forth unions of a good realm. To delineate this sort of my emotions to a rekindle of  an enlightenment contradiction to apostasy could be that to devour away contradictions of my life sort. Speak easy, in a good instinct to promote my own welfare for the badjao people, could be that a feastive good culture for these months of enlightenment days.

domingo, 18 de octubre de 2015

Bed of clothes

Instead of bed of roses, I emulate of a bed of clothes society. The instances is that, of a good union. The purge against the anarchism is a federal republic issue forth a good conclusion to an interrelational aspect against cruelty of a king. Bed of clothes as a means, is somewhat lots of protections in a thwart once I`d experience of a quintessential terms of chivalry towards a mesmerize to the S.A.M. Bed of clothes, an another mimicrieing aspect towards the totallity of a society in the prelude of my fight against their playing of my emotions which is like a fiefdom in reallity. Somewhat my name Donn Guiseppe Ephraim is used internationally, how could I benefit of those? Especially in the interlocking of my own society. The S.A.M., in a reallity could of my fissures against the cruelty of nature and the madness of beauty in hide where that affecting in the kotra ambassador and made her a global unsurge of an unidle to a mere locomotion of the monetary fluctuation. Whilst in my filth of a rigor to complaicancies the issue of bed of clothes where that an annahalated armistice forth a contraband. Of the instances the issues of my dreams where that a good curates forth my ethereal views in these holidays. I have to do this, I have to do this in my contradiction of a lament to anarchy. The juridiction of the symbolic sayonara, is filthy and defiance forth my ak uspect of pluralistic essences. In the name of the bed of clothes the inculcated phenomenon of a stance that usually is a science to the scientism could be much a deluge to the viral existence of material sexuallity. The progeny of an unsensitized demolition is thar of my years in experiences before, with the syndrome of dona Victorina the adherence of a casualty is that a freed to most people. The issue is usually an issue the name of materialism, with this interlude of my freed to devulge the inherritances of an iconic symbol, this image Magnolia Ephraim where that of a lux to an oppose against the contradiction of anarchy, robbery corruption and entire contraband in the name of a citadel.

The sort of my fruition in this society, could be a sense of mediocrity onwards acatasthrophic anubis. An attitude is usually an attitude, the emotions in this travel where that proliferating. I`m really a contradiction to that of a king. The inspiration and aspiration forth rumors and gossips is an unhaled democracy to the areas of coastal onwards armistice. Hence a verdict that could be a maligned vindication is that, forth a cry in the long heaved of a contradiction to bewildered mount Jhang. To homogenized an issue, @ mentallity to the fruition of my love could be a mere good creeds of human change. To the bountiful ecclairs of a humorous international arena, the coinciding affirmative scent could be a means of a sociological whims. In this euphoric amalgam of my siege to the youth of existence, the brive of my benevolence could be a lux of in a creed of sociological uprise. Bed of clothes again forth a protection, union must always in the decadence of a good existence. Bed of clothes be my means of protection and an allurance to this globe of annahalated forge of contradiction that must be ended. Bed of clothes forth this iconic image of Magnolia Ephraim would a usual means of good culture inheritance. The sort of publicity is that my name of femministic or the Belen age.  On the cover of this sane and sagous manual, the faux pax of a creed in education would always be in existence of a good motion in an introspect to society, would be that of my dream against a maligned immanture opposition of an unwielded insanity that must be cured ina sociological syndrome. May the bed of clothes be in usual terms of my good inheritance and means to the aspect of a lodge and contradiction to the detrimented d3corum.

jueves, 10 de septiembre de 2015

The Badjao project...

The arrival of the misfitz women is that conspicuous, in gaining popularity and the wants for causes of her own advantages. My creed is usually in the better society of a good deluge. With the means of my own eary sentiments being a citadel or an embodiment, in this dislodge materialism to be destruct away. Forthe my frothe of emotions with the ultimatum, the mischevious heads of an account is that could be evicted to their detergent durable faces. With this defunct own union of mine the wants is usually demarche'd to a mere neccessities of the so called badjao people. May would be in their own cases of an aide to be incarcerated away because of their own acknowledgement with their wantedness in life. Many pobres where that unhinge because of greed and thirst for blood by anguish denouments. My diplomatic detour story would be that an nth hour to the Earthly materialism. The myriad saturation brivery in greed could be that of just for little causes of the wedding. Define to me a so called peice of wants, then it's lust unclean pervading ill natured devoid papacy. My reallity in a splendid masterpiece of being a fade to the sacrilege could be that an eface of a destructive justice to ensnared slought carapacing the eating habbits of figured greed in the bunches of decapitated laceration of their frothe of worsening attitude. The realistic of a far freed is usually of a badjao project for a million bucks by the heart and, love and emotions to a better introspect.

Dbddbddbdbdbbdbddbdbbdbdbdbddbd, the breed is really growing that maturely towards the prowling veneration of indian people. With the menace of an unearthy liabilities could be a contradiction to those soldier of the monkeys. How passionately it is with the queen of the monkeys that must become a haste to the race of good occult. With my continuous avert forth my frothe emotions the gastric sebum to diffuse in a hardly constipated gravel of lifting derailed could be forth comming in the nth hours of the headly hollows to be cherished to darkness. How am I figuring out with the airy instances of my frogmentallity race, to inculcate a debunked union could be that a pervade to better deluge. (Badder) a disgrace memoir in the route of grammar like a nearly headless nick to concurr. So much for my own magician occults it's not my race because, I'm a great nun together with the sociological embodiment against pervert blondes. A while ago I'd encountered again the feverish police people, said I that everything is a reason of badluck by their arrival in diacontinuity. Back to the badjao project, I have seven dwarves usually to concurr my service, with the great nun be always our frothe of emotions to the ultimatum.

miércoles, 26 de agosto de 2015

Love P.E.G.

It was her realistic instances to occuring the fidget of an ironical theorem. Youngsters would be youngsters, I don't like family and it's not my edge to vye in the verge of an urgent reaction. The instances of a typical tavern for only human beings and cast of casualty forth the name of the Ziyi. It's study supposedly with the haste of an opinionated Hale. The urge is that quite a contradition to their lament. The impetus of a perplex additive theory could be a contradiction to delusion of a papacy. The love P.E.G is usually a cheap sustainance forth an exchange of righteous democracy. Now could be explosive with the airy instincts against a police materialism, a mean of an editorial manage forthe the good affairs of a love Peg. The earthly union would always be in the law of contradiction to corny approaches. Somewhat somehow a study could be in a means of a society. With the vigor of my edge, the so called reallities a reallity, the virtuous is a vision of a mere totallity of concurred opinion. To the fidget of  my S.A.M. the bountiful a concrete and abstract could be delineated. The S.A.M. is a so called vision in the heirarchy of an endeavored harbours of an evade to the fidgeting minarets of the real universal forth the universal law and the universal love. The means of an ethereal view forth the worth of the fearsome ultimatum, may the occurences could impede the equity of violence to be halted. To be ignited the virtuous of the love P. E. G could be an ehtereal view forth theorems of armistice and the dealery of the black propaganda against the destruction of the so called Satan in an invert of an applaud to a virile consistencies of an immediate err to be consoled away.

A verge could be more of an innate revolution to be discuss away... thanks a lot ultimatum...

sábado, 25 de julio de 2015

The Joel issue

I need some space I hate it, and that was the thing that I've heard with Gwen Zamora regarding the wife issue. Of the seven thousand years that the exclaim of my punishment that lost my respect. With the repertoir of the heresy to delve away the spectacles of malice and the society, when my circumstance have been interwined the fault of a myriad envisioned of a mad savor to a malice denoument which is also a fault. When my charms of a learning issue to a thwart of debunk knowledge which mustn't be introspected to be. In the capacity of a derogatory remarks forth the siege of a better catapult. In the instances of a heave to be instated with passion. Now in my continous sojourn, the frivolity of visions could be usually a negate, to implore more of myself. I enunciated the fault against me in terms of racism and racial discrimination. To a further ascertainment I concieve that the fault is realistically concedering terms of an envisage by the constant manner of a creed in the insurrection of a feud. Encountering that man, in a means of racism or credibility of each human being.

To mutter of a shiver ensnaring my dog Marco, to implore a mirrage and exclusive lament. The consensus of a vision where that ardent yet evasive because of a so much powerful rudiments of a mature incident much inducive. To cower a cheapness could be that much of my own proper decorum so much with the instincts of my womanhood against the infidelities of a thwart against my own S.A.M.  to the satirical story of my challenges amd defeats before would be my own priorities of a union in my usual life sentiments against the totallity of immaturity. With the nth hours of cheapness the more mobilize could be the sagous of ethereal viewz could be my vendetta to these and those vindication of an nth and hungry detergent people. Chippanggas...

sábado, 30 de mayo de 2015

To trick

The vanity of all cost is indeed good, sad the difficulty giver. I may have any proposals if you could teach me to explicate all the knowings of a better propriety. Your tenet is to partake all the memoirs of my consideration whitch is ill attempt in truth and reallity. What can be inculcated is that of a whim for an essence of a proffesional way. But still the fault isn`t good enough to vitiate what is in an aesthetical means of logic. The camaraderies of the aqueos surgencies forth the truth. To make things in judged the ply of a tantamount depicts of ethereal fiefdom is that an urge to vindication. The fault is realistically merge with an affluence of a myriad dignity. In the sense of synergy and the inculcated aspect for phenomenon of what isn`t acknowledge yet to be. The surmounted superceding values usually urge in the visions of surgencies. I ought the difficulty giver that the continuous growth of quests had been invoked with the knowledge that usually spread. The four years of poverty the invigoration of the goats for my route to enchanted life journey and the options of my submerge mentallity. Mr. Phantom in my dreams, nightmares and trashes for your faults is that derogated debunkly though thrifty willingly in the indulgence of security. The Wealth is usually in capacity very well. Specifically I jotted down some notes for racism security, the next volume would be racism and gender equallity, somehow I inculcatedly scrutinized that it is better to pervade away of being a citadel because of your faults. It`s better to be an embodiment to happened with me next after life, the visions of the pinnacles forth this 28th of May, still alive.

Anyway, I still have myself as my friend or fiend Allan Donn, witnessing all the malice that circumtiated my society. Not inlove of what you are engraved but the pillars of you is much an aura of melted goat or everything in black. I`ve heard someday, somehow of new species deplored in this environment who look like Mable Bar Vac, an annahalated mammal I meet somewhere in school. Relentlessly speaking for the dark geek monologue woman, my prayers where indeed envisioned of her failures against me. In this exact 5:45 grey sky moonlit afternoon, you`ll encounter me no more, womanhood and birth of daughter mentallity is vindicated must be to procure my siege against the holliness or madness of Seo Hee in the instances of Scholastica Cake. I heard everything would be enunciated in the fervors of children and the youth. You didn`t love me especially that I`m a torn embodiment now.
Meet my other image Donn Charles I still don`t have boyfriend yet...

jueves, 30 de abril de 2015

A realistic story

2 of the people I encountered again once in my journey, said I that the issue is usually tremendous. The miniscule thing is their effect if making me feel the guilt. Realistically speaking if contradictions tend to be frail in the so called emotions, the freed is usually of the only one ultimatum. Against the occult of lies and the rigid materialism that could be an nth hour to the anguish denoument. Said I that the only thing to evade is that of my unwantedness of the chippangga stylz that he usually denote. In the means of facts to provoke of the reallity, my answer then becomes a defunct. The defunct is that of the usual ways which is good faction, at least the whitch can`t touch me though of her family issue dark spell. In my own visions, the world is getting darker. Atleast I saw the usual fault that demarched around my circumstances. Now the effect should her as a senseless woman against Seo Hee lord in the affirmative means of good visions. With the stench of the public misdemeanor, things tend to become questionable especially that there`s only one ultimatum to served as a grandeur above all.

Ba at may patulo pang event... then it was his embarrasment in the means of my realistic essences reminiscing that the karma could be my longevity terms of good essences. The only materialism could be a contradiction of the denoument that I usually saw. With the essences that I could prioritize of myself is that, of the annahalation of the harbours forth the effect of the good karmas that I can assault in the contradictions of my life. Makikipagplastican na naman ako hay naku, in my own means for the pluralistic essentials could be ignited a reallity forth the good effects of visions thwarting the aspect of a myriad anarchy? With the whims of the totallity of neutral effects in the aesthetic mind by the heretical issues of the past that I vindicated before. The perfectionism had been destructed now, that the only one ultimatum could judge especially of my mediocrity means. In the harbours of the myriad culture could depict of the heirarchy in the siege of anarchy. To subdue the vindication of my essences,.

lunes, 6 de abril de 2015

When a princess kills a queen and a misbehaviour

Putsa... ano ba yan ilang beses mo na pinapatay yang reynang yan di mo pa rin mapatay patay, hanggang ngayon tustadong tinapay ka pa rin. Then I nodded and make a creed for myself, that there were issues to make as a means of a right behoove though excemptional. The means of a right and a contradiction to covetuousness must be undermine. The reallity of a totalitarian faction is that the so called kingdom animalia to be defuse in the spells of visions. Whilst in my priorities of life the aspects of heirarchy is somewhat mist be navigated to the position they where heaving for. The arrival of the difficulty giver and the phantom is somewhat an analogous to everyhting what people perspected for their assureties. My locomotion of a good demeanor is introspected with the issues for an undermining aspect to be unweilded. Much of a very differentiated aspect is that of a deviant in the manner of ecclectical vision that must be absurd. How quite vitiated with my life and the temperament against the fissure to be obstructed against the tantamounted arrogance in the harmony of the universal love to let him give the homage in different cultures for a myriad anti-sageless that I usually name. With the vend of the love and image of creed for the lies of the evil queen be always a means of a positism effect in the society. Do I have to be also a citadel? Or just to become a body of usual people in enlightenmwnt and upheave of good aspect. The myriad effect is usually a good value for the contradiction of an anomaly of the pretentious design that must be like a crow to be undefend. Not heaving for a means of positivism for the reallity of the love and the harbours of systematized knowledge in the reallity of the continuous flow of energy and fluctuation of wealth.

And so to mutter a more creed for union and causes of an upsurge somebody give me another instance of an aide again. Reminiscing of the four months of my relationship again a man give me a help usually for my own value of optimism trying to navigate my life against the selfish instanes of the beauty and the hide.  It's been nine months after everyhing ended with different relationships when after everything I'd experience a ridiculous nature of degrading instances from different people. Now with my own instincts, said I that that relationship is really unpredictable bu must be circumcised like with a man. After those months I've been usually into an accident like many beasts trying being reluctant against me but pu me into security. Far it is that what the piece of cake had told me, ()

miércoles, 25 de febrero de 2015

The issue again

Then SABI KO HINDI, because in the long run I had to protect the venerated factors occuring my senses. Especially against the many delusion of the siege which is much detrimental. It become another issue again in my life, because of the lies and the truth which had to be bereft against my life. The tendency is always that a thing to become a detour with my sort. Said my amendment friends each of which must have to be undone to so much opportunity. With the realistic security, still my life is that tedious of the nonchallant society of my debunk mentallity. The so called racial discrimination is always that fidgeted by my consequences and is to be aforementioned. The usual reasoning is always that especially if the sensation is that for the destruction of emminence. Scared it is for me that the vindiction is detoured away or captured by the captain barble. Now I`m not in loneliness, forth the esque of one day triumphant sure that must conjured against the White Zombies. For more a meander of sensation, my denoument for my own story is a diplomatic detour. So it is could be with my life to promote of my own spectacles against the man that had to be rigid away. With my instances of good promulgation by means of superceding outcomes, I said that delegates of anarchism must be be bloated away.
Especially for my continuous sojourn, the imperative pessimistic status is that usual for my own catapults. I am not a woman who can wear golds or stencil steels for my own likeness ad well as chipanggas. Now against my carriage of the ethereal contrabands realizing of the marawi sensations. With my defunct life, I should carry everything in good allurance. Against the definitive much romance, said I that things must be systematized for a creed. To be continued...

The image is too dull... but it is everything what you can see in yourself.
My rebelion against my mustache,  people to counter attack in Laguna when I started to carry my grandmother.

jueves, 19 de febrero de 2015

Theories and satiable cases

Lots of my life turned much opposing especially of different cases, in the minutes running that thwartsthe reality. I felt alluring with the instances of the so called heirarchy. Though this issue is much archetypal, the progeny of media can affect the route of sociological order supersibly. My priorites of sifferent cases may undermine any situation which is a clandestine thing to be a renegade against people who have no instincts of a so called interior to the savage life of most people. The heretical delusion where much an introspect to my enemies although they valor the ardours of their voyages just for the sake of compensating with me. The more amicable could heave the event the more opposition can avert the poisonous instincts of the so called ritual. Now for the society, when saying pf the deviant behaviour, the change is like a sort of an autonomy to the situations. Things allow me different theories like this, tend to invigorate of the excellence of an ardour. Towards the priorities of the society to promote the S.A.M.  in the delights of enlightement may give the beauty for my aesthetic mind of excemptional prowess in Asian terms. The change of time and the mobilization of the pinnacles may indeed impart a random fluctuation of the wealths around the sociological values of trend. The more youth and femminism to rise the better fluctuation of the human surgencies and the matter of society.

Case is now open for the theories and satiable factions to conclide with the S.A.M. not yet appealing with the senses of the creed for a lodge and humor of the international arena. Now the society could be in my module of a mere fancible colours of emmo hemmianic literacy. With my pedagogical decorum for a mere protocols of the change amd mobilization of time where much of the punitive aspect of hegemonic society, (a clash of culture, promoting the innovation of the delightful enlightenment onwards the beauty of surgencies by means of protagonistic anarchy and the neutral decorum of me. ) With the continuous validity of society, the more inventive could lacquer the phenomena the more time could conserving with the means of society and the global enlightenment adoption. My voyage against the renegades of my life is much an enthusiastic surge with most annahalation of the human surgencies, much effective with the outrage of people who have a negate interest. Theories and satiable cases for change can depict human wants and interests against chippanggas.
My hours of a mimicrieng sense where used to be with intimacies and correct way of inter_relational friendship.

miércoles, 18 de febrero de 2015

The love of U`s

In the litigance of the memoirs and factual union, could be a reservoir for an anguish denoument towards my sojourn.  The love is always for the U`s causes to implore of a renegade of mustn`t vindiction. Thwart the aspect of a sense of elegance and route to a bountiful scientism of my environment. Atleast in the knockturn of delusion, the appeal isn`t in the essence of not a mandatory essence. In the so called fidget of the leering feastive of triumphs the love of universal may change everything even in different terms of an analogous sentiment by the dullness of my consequences. Now U`s of the so called love coul be a good against their assaults. (Eto lang naman kasi parang gusto sabihin niyan ehh... limutin kong lahat ng masamang  ginawa niya sakin para magawa niya gusto niya sakin.) I won`t mention any names but I know to whom that I am pertaining too. With my coaelsces of a harbour I am not into them especially that the case in my ancestor isn`t yet close. The so called love of all U`s could not be a derogatory, still in my visions to tell something a negation with the leer of the apostacies of life just to get what they want. The better the society, the mere a creed could depict the so called society and the love whom becomes my bestfriend. The expectancies with the love of all U`s can instigate of the lies in the name of the one day before U`s of love now... twnd to be the U`s of success.

martes, 17 de febrero de 2015

The so called crispy pata...

And the three chimpanzees plus the gorrilla family. Now with the effort that accumulates my synopsis of being a protagonist in the story, the totallity of nature tend to be my strength. For the visions of my issues, now the concrete is more of an against to a sullen herd of reallity. My continuous sojourn is that an against to most heresy. Then in my awareness of the society, said I that there were lots of anarchy to the rouge of badlucks. Tonight I dream of another a badluck story to the hypocricy of the nature, of the stoic charms and the fervent reallity. The so called thing to purge of the lutes and lies, said I that could outrage of the alluring instances.
It was hereafter with pure and the universal to ecclair, of the thoughts in the urge of good routes. I had then the continuous charms to purge away the society lurking negativities to deplore away the scent to ignite for the harbour of anarchy. Bon chance with my sort of name to the contradicting denuoments... also to purge away. Now everything tend to be my equate of surrealistic environment. So it is the crispy pata of all cases for all temperous visions of men. It could be a rigor with the means of a chance to the angles of a deterring stuation. The savors is like a morning and the expectation could be an heirarchy especially against the frailty of foods and sensation of delingquent delicacies.

miércoles, 7 de enero de 2015

To create mauve colors in anarchy...

This is another hours that I`m recuperating, henceforth the limited notions were always a good status in a faction of the realistic. What`s with my  visions is much a good varriable causes especially of against the too much naive concoction of culture. The mere a depreciation could deviate the matter of neutrallity, the mere things could give a stance and epitome for the newer essences. With these instincts that I have may always be in my coutour for premises in giving good mauve colors to the archetypal anarchy. The siege of my good union is that always for diverse strategies for an imploration a good culture. One, the emmo hemmian then the correlation of good positivism for a progress of the reallity. With the issues turning by in my own visions, be my good fragments in grammar. One good reasons is the redundant proper way of deaking with styles of linguistics. The essence is always of an overture for the sealing of a mobilized and good detour. Against the priority of the so called maturity and dynamic oppulence for reallity is always that in my essences of good union. The more apprehended that could upsurge the reallity is always for my union of good procurements in different instincts. The visions is always that for the reallity of the visions of a mere good instincts. Now, against the heresies that we are usually minded in our days of difficulties is that of being a slave of sacrilege that the phantom or the difficulty giver had gave. My visions is that of a reallistic demeanor by what is in a good camaraderies of values. The mauve colors a strength can be dignified in different coaelsces. For the enigmatic invigoration of a more lacquer in the scenic pavements. With the different envisions of the anarchical heresy that the phantom may upheave in my notions of good instincts dealing with the society. Everyone in them must have a nocturn of a punishment experiences in different senses to the visions of a good though stoic and is vitiating in movements of harbour. From the frailty of ridges be a good strata of intimacy to deviate the unlawfull means of negotiation and trends of a scenic charms.
The karma above is a luck to ventriloquate of the unions in different superbias of faction. With the instincts of my clandestine issues with life sustainance and the worth which is a good esque for ideologies. Now with my veneers of sensual attribution from garbours where that of a siege to the emnanents of my life. Being a structure of confidence I`m yet affirmative of esques of womanhood especially of the S.A.M. from my continuous tasks against the much negligence to the annahalation of pluralistic essentials be a good worth. The route for me which is quintessential in different in reallity would be that a materialized binge of truth to equate of the realm. The harbours of antagonism is that much a means of surgencies, the ammicable outcomes which is an ignited furrows of stench to propagate against the hypcricies of life. The protocols in my rigors is that for a more opinionated causes to implore of the delinquent urgencies to negate the decadence of harmony. The more synchronized with the vindiction of harbours where that much against to the occults of an ecclectical happily ever after.

domingo, 4 de enero de 2015

Strength of the culture

It's my fringe against the frailties of good union, in the focuses pf the ardours and the pledge for airy obstacles. Would always be in the strength of a good and luminous whim, the punitive effort could be more enhanced. With the essences in the route of an orientalist approach for the name of Seo it was her creed for a rate of year living in this enigmatic life fulll of assure ties. Can't harboured towards the freshness of good culture a mere resemblance could be for the worth of the Asia. It's a life full of surprises having our same beneficiaries, with so many terms and worth of a colorful minions in the worth of good enigmas. May the realistic name of Seoul Korea be in the instances of a freed and harbours of reallity. Still I'm against to the float of unsychronized moments for the Seoul Korea, a while ago I surge that the manin movie that I've watch weren't dignified anymore. Because of the much affirmative ecclairs, things become endowed with weirdness and shun of what is an occult.

The vision is much realistic now since it was a year of 2015th of your birthday mother Seo. With the wellness of truth I may behave of a girl in a ridge of good endearments, with the thwart of a passive neccessity I am your daughter one day, a poster daughter of a better creed for an anahalation of armistice for good and unheretic race. Against the alien space, I'm a matter of a brolled hair daughter usually in my dreams for usual assert. Annyong Haseyo mpther Seoul Korea.