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domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

A culture in progress

How are we going to achieve things which we expect for all of the years that we're lacking in this life. Through the passive years people were going much optimistic especially of being encourage with life against the challenges. This society were growing much bigger in enthusiasm with fads, fashion, wealth and preponderance of culture. People were enticed of vying with objects that are hardly may obtain, one that I may say there's a progress in culture, something a synthesis in growth of economy. Though there's a rise in population and everything surrealistic in the sight of human kind. A resolution that may conquer our problems seemed to be an assumption to approaches but a jeering thoughts with most optimistic thinkers that may change the world. Nothing important anymore since, this progress become an answer for great thinkers, especially of humanity. Each individual think that an arouse to an invention of love story seemed to be Emmo-hemmianic (new fad you may figure out with some of my articles in If conscience may spread anywhere, people's belief may wonder and differ from ideas they exchange from each other. It happened with my journey before encountering some old age women who have deep sentiments that they encourage with themselves for a more likeness with freshness of interests, that other individuals state themselves that they're pioneer there esque as living human beings in this world that they can insist whatever they want in their life. The movement of society is much endowed, speaking of inter-relationships: each society needs a pillar to recover from the procrastinations of phenomenon that occured due to the madness of the declining economy that tends to the suffering of individual with too much status of goodies. Enlightenment through the means of wanting to overcome the problems entailed with people. We're much interested of how everything may sufficed there interests one day, like me who suffered under a cultural imprisonement just to get what I want. But nothing happened at all, a mere resemblance of feigned victory with the cunning environment and people who clenched their fists underminning my womanhood. A story of a faction where, news turn around in each of us as maiden of truth, pero hay suffrir con el sociedad eso quieremos hacer muchos buena signifique en ojos de humanidad. With the entire population though, people rise with their sentiments I saw everything is in touch with the good hands of an irony whom I may say just a figure of frugal sweetness and a kind of a bitter one. I guess everything is pretty punk'd in my journey, an adventure that I love to escape from the pressures of society, this Jai_Em Sewell and this is my cybershot.

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