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domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

And the Princess Refused to be...

Piolo,Prince, Dindong, Mark Roe, Roldan, Jofnel,Rich and Reiniel... I'm writing this letter to thank you for becoming an inspiration of my life. You rekindled my heart and my soul together with the enthusiastic features of your body. I'm grateful of having a sense of intimacy with you but on one hand I'm refusing the consequences that I might encounter if I choose one of you. Though there's a posibility to become your "one and only", I still prefer to be alone and continue my long life journey as a Water Princess scrutinizing people yet... Maybe this could happen or I'll choose my path as a Spanish Princess achieving my goals and ambitions until I made it on top.

For me being a princess finds it difficult to fight against all my odds, so I'd rather choose to be alone and I know what skills I possess can overshine my obstacles and will find it easy in the finish line. Facing my fears is a challenge that I have to surpass but I know at the end of this journey the pain will ease and hastens that in exchange will be a comfort and happiness. Thanks to all of you my handsome warrior charmings but being a mischevious cinderella is difficult to find my one and only love so I'm owing you an apology since I prefer to be alone and as for my journey, I'm saying hello tomorrow, a beautiful life awaits at the bright morning.

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