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domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

Blast from the past

Mandy Moore, Emminem, Britney Spears, and a lot more... Something that pushes my mind in the horizon of High School days when I spent my life having good times at SM Manila or Robinsons Malate with my friends. We used to watched movies especially Horror; "Feng Shui, Ring 0, 1 and 2, Don't look Back and Wishing Stairs" and Dramas like let the love begin and allot more. A walk to remember; a tear jerking movie that reminds me most of Mandy Moore who used to be my super idol since High School. Freshmen and sophomore years made my life so easy and comfortable. Sometimes we cheat sometimes not, most of the time chat along with my best friend as she draws creative sorts of figures in her mind. Candy, Dirty, I'm a slave for you, without me, burn and just like a pill, songs that soothes within my mind sang during Intramurals, Foundation day and Family day. After heavy examinations and submission of projects each individual gathered together to decide whether we watched horror or drama. Funny thing is that when we established Casino de Laboure Home of gambling for seniors. High school lassies used to bring Candy Mugs as their youthful magazine for dresses and girl stuffs. The Nipa Huts built for high school bystander was useful place for students who compare their assignments and projects for intellectual reasons. One thing reminisces me is Mr. Filch A.K.A who used to discipline most of the mean students in our campus, every month he used to check our haircuts and cut it if its long with my disappointment he lost. Various bands and singers used to visit our school to have a concert such as Kyla and Jimmy Bondoc. My friends shout as if their mouths reached Kylas face, as the concert ends I slept with my aunt's house when I leave our school late at night and when she celebrate's her birthday. What happened to Mrs. Schwarzeneger? Ahhh... is she pregnant? Familywoman? Married? Or still single? By the way she's my good values teacher who throw bunches of books with my friend because of abusing my childish bestfriend, this teacher taught us the value of utang na loob. I missed our very own motherly teacher who used to cry a lot because of Sancho with his stubborn company. The best knowledge I earned from her is baking especially the used of sifting in order to break down big pieces of hardened flours. Though I became a newswriter in college at the mean time, I still remember Mrs. Adbot whom I learned the techniques in writing an application letter. SOCATOA is so difficult to understand but my Mathwiz teacher give us the wisdom to acknowledge those values. Expressing the meaning of Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo made me easier to understand these since my wealthy teacher help us analyze these two books. These random flashes goes beyond my mind and laugh at the funny situations but appreciates with the values I learned. I know there's a pessimistic and optimistic sides but I rather reminisced the optimistic one as a heart strengthening on my long way journey. If there's one thing that I could wish for that's to go back in High School and be with my friends as a different one.

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