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domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

The Princess Story

Donnatello is a highly eloquent and womanish guy living in Benedict Canyon Drive, Beverly Hills California. A highly eloquent  guy since he's good in speaking english especially that he uses it in terms of diplomatic relations, I mean when he utilizes his speech in dealing with other people. People call him Donn for Donatello was too long, he came from an italian family where he used to eat pasta and wine but loves reading about spanish culture. His mother loves plants and orchids while his father was much of drinking. The story starts when he passed the entrance examination in Harvard University and meet different people that made his entire life a fairytale.
It was spring in Beverly Hills, the flowers bloom, scents spread along the streets of Benedict Canyon Drive, every poeple loves staring at their beautiful garden but Donn lies down in his bed instead, thinking of what degree he would take upon entering college. When he tried to read his pocketbook titled The Spanish Bow by Andromeda Romano Lax, he became hysterical as his mind took the idea of taking European Studies in Harvard University.
"Now I know where to put my future, I know highly intellectual students used to study in harvard to gain good credits!!!" Donn shouted and jumped on his bed as if the bedcover looses its form and the bed was enitrely distorted its surface. He called his best friend at the phone having their idea talking about the program they have to attain on the phone. "Hey Misch... I was totally bothered of what degree I have to take but then I finally decided as I've read my pocketbook." Donn talks happily then Misch answered imperviously... "So that makes you so happy huh?" "Yeh... And it makes any sense that a blunt people like me? Saw my name in a bigger picture, passed the exam at Harvard University and now totally decided to took the program I've chose." "Yah... Then?" Misch. asked in an upsetting manner. "The point is that aside of passing in a great school, now I, Donnatello Vernini is taking European studies as my course. I've decided to reside at Massachusetts and expect that my career would pursue my bright future at Harvard." Then Donn clear his throat, "So, are you anticipating any advice from your good best friend?" Misch talk's seriously. "Hmmmmm..." Donn speak hurriedly, "Totally no, I mean yes... Seriously yes,  Is European Studies fits my personality very well? Do I have the aura to be a good spokesperson? Is their any Relation between my course and my plan to be a good spokesperson?" Donn speaks swiftly but with trembling voice. "Donn... please... One at a time." Mischil's voice seems so upsetting. "First question European studies? It doesn't fits you well but the heart judges you what you want. Second  question as a spokesperson?" Donn asks Misch."You do have what it takes to be, but its in your own way of building your personality." Mischil Guns replied with a very potent knowledge of her words. "Lastly is their any relation between your studies and your dream?" Donnatello seems excited while asking Mischil a question. "I don't think so? that's the hardest part but I think their's a connection since culture has a big part in developing personality. So anymore advice?" Mischil continued. "Thanks a lot dear best friend, How about your career? Have you decided how to pursue your dreams?" Donn chattered, ""Well I've passed in Columbia University and I took Information Technology." After talking Mischil on the other line whispered her mother who calls her for lunch as if she wants to bring down the phone. "That's a good plan and I don't need to be so excited about my future. I have to take my lunch, so see you tomorrow at the church?" Mischil took a deep breath after talking. "Okay... " Donn answered in a bit sad since his best friend speaks without any token of appreciation for his career. "And Donn never call your self blunt if people see you as a person without sharpness in mind think of yourself as different and laugh at them because they're all the same."
Every Sunday is always the first day of the week, nothing's unusual about everyone but what's important is that they used to make holy themselves by attending masses and listening to what the priest preaches. Everyone is in black, the crowds occupy the whole church and everybody opened their black umbrellas to protect their albino white skins against the sun's ultraviolet rays. As for Donn, he wears red and white checkered polo with black slacks, wearing black leather shoes, making use of wax to fix his hair one sided at the right with bangs flowing in his forehead seemingly happy when everyone saw him. Even though the sun is too high in Sunday afternoon, the cool weather at Beverly Hills makes the wind blow the trees. But still the people opened their umbrellas but now, seems to be that they used those for making their attire beautiful and not for protecting their skins.
Meanwhile Donn saw Misch under the tree at the back of the church where he called her to attend the mass with him. "Hey Misch!!!! Hey Mischil!!!! Over here lets go inside the church and be holy!!!!!." Donn shouted, "Ongoing!!! I'm nearly finish my reflections down here!!!!So Wait!!!!," Misch replied. "People seems to be a can of sardines inside, faster!!!!." Donn echoed his voice within the field as if his shout can not suffice the whole area through his loud voice. "Yeh Right!!!! I'm going!!!! So please stop insisting me!!!" Mischil replied with cunning face. As the best friends saw the church full of people inside, they tried hard to fit themselves with the people occupying the way through the sits. Misch's boyish attitude made her push the people around her in order for Donn to occupy the spaces. Intimidating old ladies made no match for Misch in a way she pushed them also away until they acheived their main goal, to gather enough vacant seats just for them.
"Never underestimate my might, I can do extra curricular activities such as sumo wrestling," Misch talk's seriously with her sarcastic voice giving Donn the Idea to think her taunted manner as a women that a man never wishes to have in front of the altar. "Well then, I thought your a bit more masculine than me. I never thought you can do that!!!! I was surprised, men!!! I can call you Superman!!!" As Donn shouted with a cool voice like a punk in the streets. "Donn, lower your voice the priest is starting to preach the good news," Misch again talk in a serious manner. But, Donn again started to talk childishly in front of many people. "Damn its so hot!!!! People around here made me feel sick!!!." Then Misch with patient temper speak again for the last time, "Donn, you know what are you doing as what I told you so, since the first time we've met." "I know, I know, never talk inside the church especially with a loud voice..." But after a second, "Look!!!! Theirs Marc Winner!!! The handsome professor who teaches Spanish at Harvard University!!!!! Misch!!! Look!!! Yooohoo!!! Mr. Winner!!!! Over here!!!! Over here!!!." With Misch tempting anger made her punch Donn at the nose with all her might. "Ouch!!!!" Donn shouted, "Like I have told you never underestimate my might, Misch talk again so seriously." "My nose!!! Its bleeding..." Donn cried like a dog looking for a sanctuary crying when he has no master to feed him. He still has no wife until now, many people said he was a playboy since his teen years that's why nobody loves him so much when it comes to serious relationship with women. Now you know the story about that guy, now listen to the good news so your spirit would be holy, Misch talk again in a serious manner.
As the mass started, the crowd suddenly gain silence as if only the essence of the wind was felt by each individual. "Everybody knows the story of Cinderella, she run at exact 12 midnight until she go back to her normal self." After telling the story, the priest cleared his throat and continued to talk, "Philosophically speaking does anyone of you can guess why did she run at exact 12 midnight?" As the priest talks in a big like old man's voice, everyone in the crowd look at each other thinking of a good answer. Marco Winner raise his one left hand and tried to pick an answer within his mind, as the deacons gave the microphone, Mr. Winner started to join the discussion. "Father, if you love a woman but she did'nt love you? Are you still going to love her?" The priest sighs and think carefully of what Mr. Winner's question then talk. "Is their any relation to the topic?" The priest asked Mr. Winner, "my point is that everything has limitations, if you love a woman but she didn't love you then try to find another one." Mr. Winner replied, then the priest ask him "So what's the limitation beyond there?" Then Mr. Winner replied, "The limitation of heart, father, if you really love a woman then you should better go and find another one. Love have limitations father, if the one you love can't give the love you want then there's a limitation of what the heart wants. Let's say a woman doesn't love the man who love's her so much and the love she can give is friendship then that's a limitation." "Oooooohhhhh..." As the crowd murmured like ghosts whispered around the whole church. "Sounds  terrific," Misch whispered but with a taunted voice. "Good example young lad, that's the philosophy in the story. Everything have limitations, that's why the fairy told Cinderella of her limitations upon entering the ball. She can attend the ball but with time limits." The priest smiled at Mr. Winner as well as Mr. winner smiled at him too, seemingly that he hide something from his eyes. The people whispered again, "his a real womanizer," the old lady whispered, "he talks as if he knows a lot of knowledge in this world, the other lady talks bitterly." "Womanizer... " As the crowd whispered with each other pointing their words at Mr. Winner. The mass ended, people goes emptier little by little until the church was closed.
Months past by... Beverly Hills is an elegant city, people usually go at shopping centers along the coasts of Beverly Hills. Donn again in his part packed his things very excited upon residing Massachusetts and entering college at Harvard University. "Farewell dear best friend, I guess its about time to depart our ways. Your going hell and I'm going my trip to heaven," Donn whispered in a bit joking voice. "No one's gonna punch my nose anymore, there's no true friend who would give me advice anymore, I won't hear her serious voice anymore with her taunted manner that made me scared of her, I won't see the person whom I called (man trapped in women's body), I'm gonna" --Donn's phone ring and pick it up then saw Misch's name appeared in his phone then continued to talk--"missed her," he answered the phone, a taunted voice talk again, it was Misch. "So your residing Massachusetts," Misch talks seriously without giving Donn the idea that she'll gonna missed him. "Yeh, Ahhh... I'm gonna missed you dear best friend I have a lot of stuffs, pictures, letters and anything to remember your old looking face," Donn put her hands hurriedly upon saying Misch's old looking face. "I'm not interested of having fun with you, I was supposed to check if your ok, if your fine and if you still remember what I have taught you." "Misch... were best friends since were young I'm old enough to teach like that." "Donn..." Misch tried to speak but Donn continued to talk, "Misch... you know how much I learned from you. I mean, look, Aaaahhh... I'm still childish, but I know I'm eloquent speaker and I know I can make use of my eloquence without your guidance and paying me attention." "Donn..." Misch continued and tried to argue with Donn but Donn talk's so seriously and continued. "I'm not a kid!!! I mean sorry... I did'nt mean to... " As Donn doesn't know what to tell. "Donn..." Misch reiterated and said, "Donn if your an eloquent speaker then you can defend yourself without listening to your heart immediately and do just what your heart have told you. I'm just giving you a test if there's no need for me to guide you and give you more advice." "What is, I didn't mean to? What is, I mean sorry? That's what everyone uses when they're scared to defend themselves and doesn't know what to tell." Misch then continued her advice, "I know your not blunt, your a bright gentlemen handsome, though a little bit gay to function but nevermind." "I'm not that gay to function!!!!" Donn's curling loud voice in the phone made Misch to laugh a little then continued to talk. "Donnatello, or Donn for short just read more books be good in what talent you have especially in public relations and prove not only to me but also the whole world that you acheive your goals just like what you have said since our childhood." "Yeh... I'll prove to them all what talent I've got and acheive my goals just like superman." "My mother's calling me I have to take care of her she's sick, so... can I bring down the phone?" Misch talk hurriedly but still in a taunted voice. "Alright just take care, and by the way always grab the opportunity when its on your way and never fear of taking the risk to fight in the battle." After giving advice Mischil conitnued talking, "thanks Donn you learned a lot from yourself, you'll be a good spokes person as what your dream have told you, bye. Mischil bring down the phone after talking, then Donn wihispered himself, "Take care and... Bye old," the conversation ended and the eloquent speaker continued to packed his things.
The city of Massachusetts is a small state in the Northeastern United States, it is rectangular in shape and is the sixth smallest in the area. Along the way to Massachusetts the eloquent speaker ride's on the plane as he saw the handsome Spanish professor in Harvard University who used to wear white Pineapple satin made longsleeves with black slacks and leather shoes. He looks like Superman not only to height but also in body, complexion and looks with his jetblack one sided hair which he used to fix using gel. His tantalizing eyes and dark eyebrows made everyone love's him so much. Meanwhile Donn called him, "Mr. Winner!!!! Hey Mr. Winner!!!! Over here!!!!" As Donn is trying to reach the gentlemen, Mr. Winner is looking at the window of the plane waiting for someone to sit with him at his side near the aisle. As Donn reaches Mr. Winner, he throw his small bag at Mr. Winner's side so that no one could immediatlely occupy the sit near the aisle but only him. Mr. Winner on the other hand was shocked and said; "Ohhhhhh!!!!! you made me surprised, I was thinking of nobody but you blew my mind," even though he was shocked, Mr. Winner still speak in a very calm manner with deep hollow voice. "Damn!!! So...So... Sorry Mr. Winner I was just merely wandering around and when I saw you, I wondered why your always quiet or keeping yourself alone?" After talking, Donn hesitated and scared a little because of Mr. Winner's serious looking face. "Yeh... So?" As Mr. Winner asks seriously with his eyelids and dark eyebrows going upward seemingly that his cute face made Donn much intimidated. "Well... Yeh not so interested but I was just wondering" --Donn's sudden ailment in speech eloquence attacked his mind giving him the idea of being a good spokes person which is his dream-- "why a big guy like you sitting there, thinking alone but never talks with anyone. I mean if I have given the chance to have that looks why don't I try to make use of it?" Donn's idea of proper diplomacy of asking the right question made Marc answer what Donn want's to know. "Well... Hmmmm... I do think so that a man like me have the looks, the body but I don't have the mind. Mind?" "What do you mean?" Then Donn offer some chocolates in his hands with Mr. Winner. "Chocolates?"  "No thanks," Mr. Winner replied, "okay, how do you say so?" Why mind? Donn asks curiously. Then mr. Winner answered, "I don't have mind but I do have the heart that only knows how to love and to beloved but my mind never exposes, only my heart, that's why all I know is that what love means." Donn wondered so much and continued to talk, mind is an essential part of human body, "if you only exposed what your heart tells then everything is empty since you never used your mind. With that, you might easily be tricked especially women who would try to seduce you." "Probably you've got the answer, anyway we have a school party on Wednesday at sharped 7 pm, here's the invitation." Mr. Winner invited Donn and give him the invitation card. "But Mr. Winner I don't really understand what you really want to say, I don't have the idea." But Mr. Winner's untrustful idea made him not answered Donn's question but decided to sleep since the full moon's light passes through the window of the airplane and the clouds covered the airplane with the beautiful stars shine above the sky, the head stewardess decided to turn off the lights. Though a little bit sad because of not knowing a lot of answers, there's a smile on Donn's face making him happy that has Mr.Winner on his side sleeping like a superman.
Hours past, morning came and the plane from California landed down to New England, Donn and Mr. Winner came together at Cambridge but departed their ways since Donn's home which is one of his family house was located in Godwin way while Mr. Winner's house was located in Godesdone Road.
The welcome party dedicated for the new students of Harvard University was held at the Harvard Film archive, 24, Quincy street. Each students prepared snacks and fruit punch for the visitors, the hall was designed with disco balls, the stage was filled with DJ's, hosts and electronics for music used in the party. Americans really appreciated the meaning of "time is Gold," before 7' o clock, tons of visitors came inside the hall just to merry themselves and do what they want. Mr. Winner attend the party but still wearing White Pineapple satin made long sleeves with black slacks and leather shoes. Meanwhile Donn came wearing skinny fitted pants, white polo shirt and white topsider shoes painted with red on both sides. "Hey mr. Winner!!!!" Donn called the Spanish professor then answered him. "Oh!!!! nice clothes, and your wearing..." Then Donn answered with hesitation, "Skinny jeans sir, that's skinny jeans that's what everyone loves to wear now a days." Then Donn thrown Mr. Winner a question, "so your wearing..." Then Mr. Winner reacted shamefully, "Ahhhh... Ohh... I wear them usually because I love them so much I have a lot of it in my house." The two talk so much a lot of things until they become much closer and better. Meanwhile Donn invited Mr. Winner to go outside the hall to know more a lot from him. "Since were close enough as days past, can we go outside Mr. Winner?" Mr. Winner replied, "Oh... sure I think the place outside is better to talk for friends like us." Then the two go out side the hall, Donn used his opportunity to ask a lot of questions for answers he didn't know. "Mr. Winner... Why have you allowed yourself to go to parties like this without a woman? I mean looking for women? I mean dating some women? So your trying to ask me some questions again about women huh? I'm sory sir I just wanted to... " Then mr. Winner replied, "so do you believe?" "Do  you believe what?" Donn continued his interview, "I'll going to be straight with you, do you believe with hearsays?" "Sir, I'm sory if I offend you I just want to know because being curious and bothered I really don't know what to believe I know nothing." So Mr. Winner told everything about his past, "I am not a womanizer, I am not a playboy. It's just that I met a neighbor living in front of my house, her name is Madeline. I called her Madz for short, she's a good cook, a responsible person and if she would be my wife she's a good housewife. I was inloved with her and as well as she is, I thought we will be happier as our relationship get stronger. But one day, I felt she's cold, not literally cold but her feelings for me become harder until she revealed her secret that she's pregnant and will mary the man who accidentally took her at home then that night, something happened giving her child on her womb." Mr. winner sobs and can't take what happened to his past then drink his beer and suddenly fall down. "Ohhh... Your drunk," as Donn was shocked and catch mr. Winner in the air and give him a hand to bring him in home.
It was 11:30 at night when Donn bring the drunk professor at home. Mr. Winner's house is clean, seems like the person living in the house is women. The curtain was neatly White, tied with ribbons on it, the floor shines as if Donn slips on it, the sit cover was neatly fixed upon the sofa, the flowervase on the clean table was filled with fresh scented flowers and there he see a picture of two women on top of the table seemingly looking at each other. On the leftside is a half body picture of an old woman wearing White longsleeve blouse with brooch designed and white roses on it. Her hair was curly and short, she seems smiling at the world looking optimistically. The other one on the right side is another halfbody picture of a beautiful lady with long hair wearing floral dress seemingly that she smiles with everyone. As Donn lay Mr. Winner down on the couch, Donn suddenly fall on Mr. Winner's chest. As he look on Mr. Winner's face, he whispered himself,  "this guy really looks like Superman, if only I am a woman as beauty as Madeline I'll fall inloved with this guy and I'll give him all the precious things around this world just to have you. Huh.. I think I'm acting too womanish..." Donn talks annoyingly with an annoying voice, the GrandFather's clock rang. It was 12'o clock midnight Donn forced not to kiss Mr. Winner realizing that he was a man, he run outside Mr. Winner's house and got home. "Now I've realized again what father had told us, just like Cinderella, everything has limitations. I am a man and I can't give him what he wants from a woman because we're the same," as Donn whispered himself again disappointedly.
After the party a great monday morning came, at least one week past after the welcome party, Donnatello Vernini's first day of school made him feel the guilt in his heart since his past drunk day at the welcome party when he seriously fell in Mr. Winner's chest. It was eight in the morning when he entered his Spanish class. Meanwhile he was shocked when he saw Mr. Winner walking toward the classroom. "No, no, not this room, not this room not this room," as Donn whispered himself until Mr. Winner himself reach the classroom and entered upon it. "Good morning class, I'm Mr. Marco Winner, just call me Mr. Winner for short. I'm not just Spanish but I also teach Spanish, My mother was Spanish and my dad was American that's why I'm Winner," Mr. Winner talk swiftly but still in a deep Hollow voice. So, as I call you one by one just say present, "Clayman Pammilove," "Present..." As the cold voice of a lady with long curly hair raise her right hand. "Anderson Marie Fe," "present!!!" as the girl with long smooth hair, white complexion and chubby face shouted with thin voice. "Aifletone Mary Rose," "present!!!" as the small chubby lady beside Marie Fe raise her hand and talk cheerfully. Lastnames started from A ended, now mr. Winner called lastnames ending with B. "Beaufort Sammie," "present!!!" as the big guy speak himself proudly as if he is the Iron Man of the class. "Bellatrix Khaye," "present!!!" as the boyish woman shouted at the back of Sammie. "Bowman Cristina," "present!!!" the beautiful thin lady in a fair complexion said present. As the class was called from A-U, Mr. Winner called lastnames started from V, "Vega Lady," "present!!!" As the talkative lady shouted  and continue talking with her seatmates. "Vernini Donnatello," "present!!!" As Donn screamed in the whole class loudly like being shocked from his heart. Ah... I mean present, present sir. Mr. Winner look sharply at Donn then continued calling names, "Vexor William," "present!!!!" As the boastful jock build with muscle shouted. Then Mr. Winner called the lastnames starting from W, "Woodenburgh Rizel," "present!!!" The sexy lady raised her one hand. The classes started and finished with orientation each student introduce themselves one by one until dismissal.
Days past, Donn usually spent his vacant classes with Mr. Winner especially when going home. Many girls in school totally attracted Mr. Winner that made Donn so famous at Harvard. Many ladies ask questions him about Mr. Winner, Usually crowds of girls tried to talk with him for the sake of the handsome professor until time comes when talkative Lady wallk towards Donn and bumped him. "Awwww!!!!" Donn screamed, "Ohhh... Sory, I'm so sory let me bring you to the clinic, I think your wounds blast on your face?" "No, I'm not, I'm just feeling dizzy but don't worry I'm still fine, I'm ok just make yourself free around the school I won't disturb you." "So if your fine then do I have the chance to disturb you?I mean can I be your friend?" "Oh sure... If you want then it doesn't matter if I'm going with your way." "Fine, then you're within my way. No I mean, is there a chance for me to be with you always?" Donn think carefully with what Lady ask for. Then Lady continued to ask for a chance, "Vacant? Wee hours? Dismissal?" As Lady asks hurriedly with a cheerful face. Donn doesn't really know what to do but to accept the privileged of friendship.
Months past, Donn, Lady and Mr. Winner came together until the end of the day. Lady became a good friend for she helped Donn in his assignments and hand him some food during snack time. As a token of appreciation she made him told a lot of Mr. Winner's secrets.
The next day Donn and Rizel attended the Philosophy class at 1:30 in the afternoon. A thin man entered the room wearing sneakers, skinny jeans and red polo attached with black stripes. "Good afternoon everyone, I'm Mr. Fame and I'm gonna be your professor in Philosophy, said the old man with sharp voice." Lady's loquacious attitude made Donn hard to analyze what Mr. Fame is saying. "Ohhh... I forgot to tell you I'm also Italian don't you notice my last name?" As Lady continued to talk as she quiver's with excitement. "So, we're the same it's nice to know that Italian race run's with our blood, good to know," Donn also quivered slightly while looking and talking with Lady at his back then move his body again in his place, then Lady continued to talk. "Wow it looks so nice!!!! I saw one pair of it with Mr. Winner!!!! why don't I have one?"  Lady with jealousy, hold the superman pencil topper attached on Donn's pencil on top of the table. "Yeh, both of us have 'em both, but if you want then I'll buy you one, please stop talking." But Lady continued to talk that made Donn so annoying and slap her on her face, "Ouch!!!! I said stop talking I can't understand what mr. Fame is talking about." "Snow White is a real fairy tale that give's anyone a moral lesson but with different aspects of life. So if I ask you do you believe in every people?" "What do you mean sir?" Sammie asked. "People have various ways of decieving, everyone can be your friend but some has secrets of enviousness and treachery." "The old woman gave her an apple with a poison because she want's something to get from her and it is beauty." Meanwhile Mary Rose raise her right hand and share what story she have one day. "Sir, one day, I saw a letter on my locker and as I opened it I saw big letters saying big fat Ferret. I saw a name attached on it but I never payed attention on it because I don't wanna make things bigger." After talking, Mary Rose go back at her seat with tremendous manner as if she was annoyed in what story she have shared. Many students shared their stories, until everyone realized that something's going wrong around the class. Some of them act's as the old women who gave apple to Snow White.
One morning, as Donn and Mr. Winner walk along the University, going to Donn's locker, he saw many students laughing at the flyers they are holding. Mr. Winner tried to pick some of it and was shocked on what he saw, "Damn!!!" With a deep hollow voice, what's the meaning of this? Then Donn tried to look on the paper and astounded that he have read all Mr. Winner's secrets. A lot of it was lies some where truths especially the picture he saw where he and Mr. Winner walk's on the way with holding hands. Then he saw another picture of Mr. Winner, beneath it was engraved with "From playboy to easily trick by women", Mama's boy, Conceited, Big liar and Selfish. On the last part both of them saw; Donn really love's mr, Winner so much and he nearly kisses him the night after the welcome party. What's this? How did everyone know our secrets and most of it were wrong? As Mr. Winner wondered looking at Donn. "I... I really Don't know? It's just that I was really excited going to school to attend Spanish class but then I was totally shocked when you... and me straight to my locker and saw this flyers." Meanwhile Lady arrived, "hey Donn, Mr. Winner look what I have? Then whispered at them, I never expect your secrets were selling like hotcakes for free. I mean sorry I didn't mean to give a joke but what I saw is that your secrets voiced out around the whole University." Mr. Winner walk straight at the faculty room looking so serious, sad and mad. While Lady and Donn continued to walk directly at the room where they we're waiting for mr. Winner, The two go to their seats and continued to talk. "Just like mr. Fame have told us beware of any people, they might deceive you," Lady whispered mysteriously. "But mr. Winner is a good friend of mine he'll never do treacherous things at my back," Donn talk feeling bothered until mr. Winner came and continued their discussions about proper conjugation. As The class ended, the students have gone, Lady in a hurry told Donn she can't go with him since she have to do a lot of assignments, until her Flash Drive fall on the ground without noticing it. Donn picked up the Flash Drive and summoned Lady, "hey Lady you forgot your Flash Drive you might need it?" But Rizel keep on walking instead until she's too far going outside the University.
Donn goes home, he tried to join Mr. Winner but the latter ignore him with a snobish face and said; "No" when Donn invited him to go with him on gymn the next Saturday.
Donn's home was enttirely furnished, he used to clean it when it was dirty just like Mr. Winner's house and that was one aspect of their friendship. Being curious with Ms. Vega's Flash Drive, he opened it on his lappy and there he saw a folder entitled scrap. He tried to open it and there he saw the list of people she's going to tear apart. There he saw Mary Rose's picture, beneath on it say's how she's going to be sabotage where he saw the way things go under Rizel on how she would tear Mary Rose and Marie Fe's friendship in the air. After looking at the names he saw his name together with Mr. Winner. With his amazement, he saw their pictures and the secrets he have told with her, finally Donn decided to crack Rizel.
Classes came again one morning, Mary Rose a chubby girl, a silent type lady who doesn't want everyone to know herself especially her secrets. Her fat small face made Donn so attracted to her, her pearly white teeth reveals in the crowd when she sings her favorite song "Heaven knows". 9:30 in the morning after Spanish class, she walk straight from her locker, as she opened it she saw another letter engraved with big letters LOOSER!!! BOYFRIEND STEALER!!!! and finally WHITE BOUNCING PIGLET!!!. She carefully look again at the name of the letter and it was Marie Fe's name. With entire madness she walk swiftly as if everyone saw her like a running train with smoking ears and red face. Her sweat run's along her neck until she reached Marie Fe and finally boxed of her mouth. The fat hard hands is nearly going with Marie Fe's mouth but Donn arrived and secured Marie Fe's entire body. Rose's punch fastened along the air, with madness she forced herself quarelling Marie Fe with Donn made his body as a boundary against the two. "Wait!!! There's no problem!!!!" Donn screamed "No problem? the problem is with that chubby faced pork stew!!! She ruins my life and I have my proof!!! As Rose insisted to pushed Donn away in order to grab Marie Fe's neck and choke her." "I also had a proof!!! It wasn't her!! Donn shouted," Mary Rose replied, "If it wasn't her then who?!" "I had this," then Donnatello wave his hands on the air as he reveal Lady's Flash Drive. The three went at the prefect's office to show it to the Dean and invited there classmate to saw what's the issue beyond. Everyone realized it was Lady who kicked them at the back. The dean decided to call Ms. Vega until she was totally expelled.
One morning Lady walk's annoying as she let her dropping form to sign it by her professors, picked up her things on the locker and ready to be kicked out of the school until she saw Rose staring at her with mad face. "Say good bye to your beloved friends, FREAK!!!" As she punched Lady at the mouth.
Everything is alright again especially when the old woman was not around anymore, each of the students studied very well until the final exam to got deserving grades.
Final exam is near, every students in Harvard prepared themselves to meet the grades required at their courses. While Donn on the otherhand walks optimistically on the road trying to grab his opportunity of joining "The Handsome of them all" Competition. One night he squanders on chatting with Misch on the phone, "What a pleasant surprise mr. Vernini?" As Mischil Guns, talks seriously. "Misch is that you?" Donn ask in an excited childish voice. "How, am I going to give my phone to anyone? I'm not that stupid, this is Misch." "Serious?!" Donn asks with a funny accent seemingly that his joking though not that made Misch annoying.  "Donn? If your going to ask me again those stupid questions I'm going to bring down the phone." "Wait!!!! I'm not joking I'm serious, I'm just taking my safety with frank callers. I mean, what if you might get at risk? What if something happened with you? maybe if your kidnapped? Or accidentally ambushed by syndicates?" Donn talks anxiously before Misch reacted. "Donn? you think as if there's no safe place in this world, your right, I accept your alibis. So what's common?" Asked Mishcil Guns. "Well, people might take risk Misch, I mean dreams are for rookies," Donn talk's pitiful. "So?" Misch answered in a sarcastic attitude. "People might laugh if somebody told there ambitions which seems to be hard to identify, impossible to achieve, something that one might hardly get." Then Mischil continued to talk, "So, your talking of your ambitions, did I have the right guess? Didn't I?" Donn answered, "Perhaps your right, I'm really ought to tell you but I feel so shameful!!"Mischil think sensible, "Hmmm... Donn? I'm your best friend since were children, I act like I'm your sister because you don't have one. I know your strengths and weaknesses, you'll never be afraid to tell me what you feel but I'm not insisting you to tell me your secret ambitions so all I can tell you is never fear of facing negativities and consequences." I appreciate your advice and it sows in my problem, Donn uttered. "If you tell me your problems maybe I can help you much and give you more aspects," Misch looks like she's insisting Donn to tell what he want's to tell using reverse Psychology. "Ok, I really want to pursue my path in modeling industry so I'm planning to join a competition," Donn speaks with a quivering voice playing pity while looking at his pocketbook and throwing it in the air, he's walking around his bedroom and looking Mary Rose's picture while talking with Misch. "I want to join a competition in search for model, maybe it leads my path on being a famous Spokes Person? The competition entitles; " The Handsome of them all". Do I have the guts? I'm sculpting my body by attending gymn sessions and I know it's embarassing but I hope you'll not laugh?" After talking Mischil laughed in a loud voice and its the first time she laughs so much like there's no more tomorrow. "I didn't expect you'll laughed at me so much!!! I hate you!!! Why don't you helped me instead?!" Donn talked with anger feeling symphatized with himself. "You pitied yourself and that's right of understanding your situation in order to consider yourself of solving your problems but you did'nt understand me." "I hate you!!!" Donn shouted boisterously as Mischil was laughing and turn off his phone.
"I'll gonna make it, everbody laughs at me, I feel the pain of what they are trying to give me. I'm going to give my very effort to win the competition," As Donn continued doing sit ups, curl ups, dead lift, inclined, declined and flat dumbell presses and more body building duties. After six months of doing excercises the competition was held in summer vacation at New York Times Square, Donn decided to fly from Massachusetts to New York for the competition.
Everybody in the city of New York, Manhattan was gazing as they were on their sits. The night was filled with lights like it is the first time in New York to held a competition at Town Square. As the cometition started, each individual do their best walk along the run way. Men of different  race vyed for the competition but most of them were Americans, Donnatello's seductious body was founded in the middle of the line as he flaunt it while his walking, wearing only underwear. People shouted for the models as the trainer shouted at them at the back stage, "give yourself an attitude, do your best walk provoke any emotions!!!!". After the runway, before the Question and Answer portion begins, the host called 6 out of 20 contestants who will continue their fight to win the competition. As the host begin to call one by one he was shocked when his number called "contestant number 7". As the Question and Answer portion begins; contestant number 5 was called and the host begin to ask him. "So your name is?" And the host give the microphone to contestant number 5 and answered "Daryl Mcqueen". Ohh... What a masculine name? Sounds like a hero. So, how do you felt like being called as one of the contestants who will compete for most handsome model search? I felt enthusiasm, vigorous and excitement as I was called to vye for the competition. Great!!! So here's your question; "How do you face your endeavors of being enthusiastic in joining the competition?" "Well I had a strugle in life before joining "The Handsome of them all" competition I was totally mess up due to what my father is doing at me. He used to laughed at me since my brothers became prominent businessmen but on my side I'm a Black Sheep. I used to work at a gas station until I heard about the competition and joined. My endeavor is that my family laughed at my qualities since they saw me as a man without good future. What's funny is that how they laughed at me made me think that they just defy me psychologically to attain my ambitions giving me the answer to have the chance to stamp over the pessimistic side of myself, that's all." After the answer, Donnatello realized everything how his best friend Mischil Guns laughed at him, giving him the idea that she's just giving him the inspiration to achieve his goal. Meanwhile he feel pessimistic as he was called but he fight it thinking of happiness and positivities. As the host called "contestant number 7!!!!" Donn walk slowly near him and the host make him laugh to make himself feel better. So here's your question as the host ask's, what is your greatest philosophy of life giving the aspect of joining the competition? "Then Donn answered, joining this competition give me the philosophy what the story Rapunzel had." "Behind negativities lies a true beauty" "to elaborate my answer, The sinister women doesn't allow Rapunzel to get out of the tower since bad people might ate her. It seems to be so negative to Rapunzel until she made herself believe that people are kind in various ways. They'll never eat you unless your against them, but what's more positive is that she saw the positive outlook of the world as she met her prince charming and killed the sinister women who enhanced the negative side of herself. Finally she live with the prince seeing the world with positivities, that's all thank you." Then Donn gave back the microphone to the host. The contest finally ended calling the the fourth placer until the winner of the competition. While Ervin, Donnatello and Daryl remains the last contestants on the aisle. Sadly as the host called the third placer, Donn was shocked as he's name had been called and took way at the back. Meanwhile the host nearly voiced out who's the winner, Ervin was shaking while Daryl act's naturally on the stage. The host reveals the winner and shouted, and the winner for the "Handsome of them all" competition is; "Ervin Stockholm!!!!" Daryl suddenly stunned. "Ohhhhhh... Damn," Ervin cried a lot and hugged Donn and Daryl making the remaining three tearjeking with Ervin. "Never loose hope, I believed you gained a lot from the competition and you'll achieve greater things than me," Ervin whispered to Daryl and the latter move backward as the winner get the trophy and the sash. The competition ended just like a piece of cake, Donn went back to his home at Benedict Canyon Drive Beverly Hills where his plant loving mother and alcoholic father wait's to cheer for him and celebrate his victory together with his bestfriend Mischil.
"So, you didn't won the competition, aren't you?" Misch uttered seriously. "Well Misch, I'm sory for everything, I mean sory for..." Then Misch continued to talk, shhhh... shhh... shhh... Stop crying, so you've learned what I mean to say?" "Huhuhuhuhuhuhu..." Donn cried symphatizing himself and saying sory with a loud sobbing voice. The best friends hugged each other, and conitnued to talk as they were on the park. "It doesn't matter if yopu didn't win the competition what matter's most is that you strive hard to make it on the race. Mischil's word of wisdom made Donnatello released his fears. "Yeh, your right Misch... and its hard to be on top three out of 100,000 handsome guys in America. I still prefer myself as a winner and will continue my credits as a model. and by the way Misch, I want to buy a puppy," Donn talks as he breathed deeply, so what sort of dog are you going to buy?" Misch asked Donn. "I want to buy a Chow chow and I will name him Jaime and the other one beagle and I'll give him his name Dax." As the best friends walk along the park, Donnatello chatter's, "I also want to buy another Dog and I'll give it to my new best friend." "Who's him?" Mischil asked Donn, "If I tell you, are you going to allow him to enter our friendship and know our secrets?" "Just tell me who's him?" The best friendswalk in the middle of the night Donn introduces Mr. Winner, "I want to introduce you Mr. Marco Winner. As the handsome man shown his shadow at the beam of the moon light the night that they were on the park, and his body with his face revealed smiling with Mischil and Donn. The three talk along the park until the night ends where they live happily, ever and after.

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