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domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

life expectancies

In my very first stage of facing the real world I felt so scared since I don't have any idea of what I would be in the future? I don't know what sort of occupation and position that I would have after ending my college life. In my continuous sojourn, I always face different endeavors but never stop aiming and looking forward of what life I would have after these college years.

Life is full of surprises, different colors and most of all full of expectancies. People expect of the goals they want to have in the future but inf their first stage they will suffer from different strugles but sometimes in the end they would realize what they expect they meant for is not really for them but there's always a bigger picture that will surprise them in the end of their journey. In my brightside I look forward through optimism, in this, though I felt that I suffer many endeavors in life I push muy mind and expect myself to think that the ambitions and achievements I want to earn is near my palms and all I have to do is to strengthen my innerself that I will earn my credits after the frustrations and endeavors I suffered.

For me life goes on, if you suffered today then expect that tomorrow's another day that will share you the fruits of yor hardships. Financial problems, emotional relationship gaps, broken family and frustrations, these devious issues in life will deprive your innerself. Calmness is the key with these undying stresses in life so I always try to sit back and relax, I try enjoying life though its not good and think of the positivities that will be the outcome in my future career.

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