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domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

The 9th warrior

 My dear fair Carlo of the media and communications all I remember she told me is the that daughter of a queen who has lips pink as cherry blossom, skin brown as wood, hair dark and crescent, as eyes twinkles like a melon. "See how I give chances for the fairest princess of all," it's all what we've talk together naming me as the Woody Brown or Grazildon who fall from the sky like Mr. Bean. You've been gone for so long time my dear warrior Carlo as one of my 9 saviors secretly astonished me from the long hours of eve in the woods. I'd wonder if she could help me against my pondering moments against the dark forces who yawns to capture me but I can feel she could be one of the honour and glory as I bestow myself having a karma of good and bad. It's the old which who says I have to give her my heart as Dear dear Grazildon who lives in a far far castle briving with life expectancies while escaping from the chivalrous success of the king who wants to marry me. No wonder every people on the towns have that rumors that I must run and run to save my life, this minutes I shouldn't have known that it's hours that counts everybody's happiness.

Your the princess who have lots of uses maybe you can be a good messenger one day it'll be our chance together with my other warriors could have that security not handing that help from White Zombies.

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