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domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

Sentimental me

Life is happy but the sad story is that when you end up the days of your childhood. I miss the way my childhood years together with my cousins and my aunts on my mother side, the time when I visit them at Paco Manila. The mischievous way is that I'll go down stairs whenever I nearly going home to visit my aunt and cousin. The exiting part is that when tita Amie and I will be having some fun at amusement center and relax ourselves with exiting goodies. But my concern is that my aunt downstairs whom I never say a hello though only at the mean time. I miss the lights at the streets and the people boasting their goods at the market to sell them especially the church where the place I am baptized. The reminiscing part is that when they visit us at home during new year and my Uncles used to make a jests to let us laugh at their silly jokes. These were my most sentimental years during teen years.

I miss my 1st year at New Era University when I met my satirical best friend Sheryl, nerd best friend Mark and Bashful best friend Nica Jean. We're the musketeers at school who will fight for our studies especially Humanities to where Osama Binladen was the professor. These where my most sentimental years during college. Now is the time of my new manhood the time to meet new companions and discover myself, another phenomena which will open up new doors for my story and seek my real self and developed the new me.

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