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jueves, 30 de enero de 2014

The pride of bosses

                                A culture beauty of my Emmo Hemmian side of self Fairy tale                                                   
It's he who taught me things which are quite essential in most points of human being on Earth, though lost in a graceful land for so long time I think it's a sacrilege of people to pin me as a bolt without any strength to interface against the belligerent soul of people making me as a target point around. Though that past is really annoying, still I can say most of them were handsome and quite a veer when dealing with my happiness. My sudden destruction ought me of a man whom I really don't know but give me some of his knowledge that I learned to escape from a clandestine role in this society giving some instances in my part and made me keen that some important people were quite a destiny of a dramatic bomb that may be a reprimand of my thoughts. Everything in my life are vicious that must be optimized by my mind to have a clear part with the fantastic analysis and legend of a woman in the hands of many people but given an option by he who seemed to be a pride of all bosses and help me to propagate myself in the sage and humorous trends of his enlightenment. I never doubted that hours but there's a point of view that I think I had to be mad of him, because of his notions in life. Really undermining it is that I have to explore of myself to see the world quite liturgical and enthusiastic when being with him far more years in my life which is though oblivion still become a part of a ricocheted society that have a lot of conspiracies. Though crucial and an indulgence as a semi-diplomat and culture enthusiast writer, I see a derailed womanhood deep inside of myself acting in the jolts of people for a crave of lavish envoys that I may share in the progress of society. Learning with this adventure I see different protocols and modest demeanor that I'm quite oblige to see myself seeing different fads around which may improve a new culture. With his encompassed visions seeing this world as a neglect trend urge by people to decline, I manage myself for a colorful voyage in different facets of reality from the feigned supranational activities which is not so potent to be a credit of different statuses of life. I can say that it's more of something if the pride of many people who may give me learning to earn more credits, it's better to envision a reverberating culture in this world. Teaching me how to breath for myself dealing with knowledge, it's much a consecrated thing to apply the skills he taught me in this world. As a head inside my mind one aspect that I learned with him and it is keeping closed mind when hearing too much knowledge around which may seem a sociological syndrome when obsessed. I had to vow him because he's a pride of different current affairs, a pride of most women and a meek person who lead the world with necessity of a "Surrealistic World."

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