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domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

How to have a boyfriend in every 2 years?

It's always an issue with me having a boyfriend with a word December, once he came in my life I'd experience a great love then became enigmatic of my sort that he vanished immediatley with pains and sorrows deep inside of me. As a Jai_Em in the route of success, I can say still there's a tormented part of myself especially if the Phantom used to destroy with a stoic memory. Now knowing why it used to be an occurence with my life that he's like an Igor Malev who's enamored of undermining our trust. In my sort I had to be stronger and become a survivor of this society learning how to be fascinated with people who had that deluge to bereft my circumstance. With the empowerment though being frailed for my own assureties I can say there's always a myriad hypocracy of people who loves blurting out what is beautiful in the sight of each of them wanting to achieve everything of what is delcious for themselves. Saying that there's a much idiosyncratic of the wisdom that I have, difficultly speaking I'm always in a rush to gain the esteem of what I want which everyone may call a wealth and pleasure with 10 beautiful women to give me a path of success through wisdom, women who had that karmas to gain also what they want giving respect of me. It's always a good mentality for me to be adhered with a good vow from most of this faction that I created as a good established group to help me maintain my wealth thinking that they'll become a hand of help for me to become manifold of enlightenment from the path that I'm walking. As a torn woman I can say I'm very derailed with much success though hardly saying I'll continue to soar and will claim a more beautiful anarchy with a scenic life. In a picturesque attitude of a lady being destroyed by a  group of people, it's always a good sense to become genuine of my self thinking of things which can be more materialized in my route. Remembering of a good judgement with my sort I believe it's a victory for me to escape from harsh people, especially that the phantom had that emotions of being enigmatical when there's a real enlightenment even though people had a belief with a colorful life for us to prevail with what is realistic. My name is Jai_Em Goo believing that one day every pieces of treasures that had stole with people like me will come back and gain a better diplomacy dealing with enlightenment. In years of leveling up as a woman in this world he never introduced with me, never befriend who am I but teaches me everything which is good in this society, and all that can be valued. Unlike of what is more superior, he tend to be realistic of what may become a good verdict with me, especially of how I may be acknoweldge in this ill-fated society. People who were acclaimed in fatality, it's a union to gain freedom and love in memoirs, from whims in this world he tend to become a true picturesque of attitudes but still it's a debunk with my life that I never figure him out. Most of the things that encompasses of the cunning master who may steal all the things which is devious from me I can say it's a lurk a pure madness. He's a phantom in my life whom I never met from most of this world, I believe he loves this hours because it's already real happiness from our friends though most of them which I find out much difficult to be with. In my case I always had to become pluralistic in this world that my views with men were always exclusive especially when being engage with relationships. Most of the hours with me were not reluctant though difficult to be justified with issues or unresolved cases. With my own comfort, everything must be manifold in many situations, he's my real kindred one especially with these hypothetical times that I had to be liturgic telling him around to become indulge with what I have especially of the society that I can say in a good system. As my lover for many years knowing that these were only the times for me to say I acknowledge him as a superior approach with me, encompassed with proposals to avoid the frailty of my emotions. I can say it's easy to interwined now in the society called the wealth and pleasures in a very truthfull circumstance. Nocturnal twists of emotions were concocted with venerable visions not being constricted by a righteous conscience inside my path, with his right arm to give me a bundle of success which is symmetrical in terms of diplomacy. He's a good provider of enlightenment with a lovestory that I have especially of what everything may give a good purdue as a gift in this world. Esoterically speaking, I'm much that indulge with  picturesque things that may penetrate as a good karma when making a beautiful vision with the enlightenment of this harmony. In a faction of a myriad culture, there where heirarchical status that used to be honoured but it's always the appearance of an archetypal denoument from mentallities of people to overcome what they want and what they believe in this world. When telling myself I'm very anxious of vendettas, the ecclairs of my contradictions in these world, he's the only one who may say there's always a creed for you to avoid the flow of the mad and the success. Attitude is always concocted with good virtues though there were heretical lyes lied down to devaluate the more pitifiul one, if the greater one had that answers to beautify the culture. I may say, the once who were very literate on how to treat my lover then it's a good answer from my sort. Lessons and every knowledge that becomes a learning in my journey as a traveler, these may be a beautiful diary around my life and is an issue in propagating myself to achieve of what is not called fatal in my life. Will it always be a learning? I told him because much of his brives in this society which just a promise and become a bereft with the surreal world. It's better to say that these must be destroyed, he used to say it's always time for me to give a real colorful event of your beautiful esque as a woman. With me  I'm always that of a genuine individual gruelly speaking that I'm really fidgeted with a bit of danger, if only people may help me ascertain my man, I can say truthfully it's a stoic sort of love story within me. "You're a very superb being telling myself that I'm really enamored with how you're stance give special things with me. You're a real kindred motivation that help me improve of myself though it's difficult for me to seek the achievements that I'm hardly figure out, when there's a beautiful side of myself as an emmo-hemmian in this world though sounds not easy in my esque." He's very a superlative man creating different things and I'm very much endowed with pragmatic approaches of things that are a blurt regarding of what is good and beautiful with the honours of a realistic memoirs. One day he told me he'll be a great form of person that he wants to be for me to avoid the my destrcution especially against my enemies, I can't understand why it used to happen in my life even though I'm a handicap person? One day he'll understand everything and give me and my friends our special expectations of proposals from ourselves. It's always a beautiful notion to achieve more distinguishable karmas, when it comes to making stimulations of our relationships. He's the barrier of everything that I need in terms of securities and running errands against morose system of the madness of society that I may say can integrated the neccessities of what I constitute in this world and its the so called diplomatic relations through my covert acts. How fascinating dealing with my own latent faction that loves acquiring a good status in the society which is real work of heart especially in consultaion of needs in this arena. In the minarets of mountainous columns of strength to face challenges, in group of men who's enamored in destroying my sort. An answer can be given with my life to perish down the hindrance of annoyance and sardonic emotions of madness that continues to bereft of what is a real solution in this society. I proudly present the Emmo-Hemmian core or anything which is said to be the colorfull in the dark or anything that may used to avenge for the curse of love and good memoirs that may be a sense of reciprocity in the environment of love stories and success. He becomes my all years of veneration and mode of real boyfriend who understood me from who am I though in the very worst scenarios of my issues. For not loving my esque as a woman it's a figurative dellusion in my part especially of my past, I may say he's a man who may give the meaning of what the society seeks as a resolution from a form of reality though everything is stoic in my part. Giving me a basket of flower and wine, I can't say what really means that from me and I'm that woman who knows everything which is enigmatic and a riddle to discover of what knowldege can define karma. He's really a handsome man and a social elite in this sort of reality though in the billows of fate though become ill or a passive one with myself. The other one of his sight who have miniscule sort of defining himself but eagers to gain in touching the taste and savors of success. I'm into deal with anti-prophecy in this world but what's far more important with me were virtues and knowing how to cope up with everything which can be navigated by my path in this enervating catapults of pushing up comforts in the destruction of life. Every times of his visit, he had that sands of dusts to sprinkle over me just to gain what I want in the world of my dreams and things which I can't say a happiness but is a significance of dangerous applause in my sort. He never insinuated anything regarding lovestory and vows of what seemed to be equal in my sight unless he who gives flowers and wine. As for me, In my own verge of hypothesis, there's a growth of economy if karmas and fortune becomes a rudiment in giving values for everything that am I doing. At last it's friday again, a 27th day of glories of our months, 5 more months and it's our 1st year relationship without knowing what's happening between us. How happy it is though very difficult to analyze and it's hypocritical sounding that there's still many options to look for this world.
I love him... Goo_Jai_Em

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