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domingo, 26 de enero de 2014


Bag and shoes, material things where I want to draw my sentiments. Emotions that I
feel tiring when I saw them as I travel so far in my long way journey. People seemed to tell that I have to change those since the running mercifull thoughts of my cirmcumstance lies beyond it. So it has to be endow in a more spiritual one, something that I have to let them know that something changes in my ego. Those who seemed to be so cautious made me more stressful and awkward at the sight of the beautiful world were everyone compete for the soul of art.

Voices inside my head wants to tell me that I have to change my bag and shoes into a more artistic, unique but quite mature one. I love the way I see when my bag and shoes where new in a way I saw a bright future that demands my personality and the way I want to be. Inspirations set my mind when school day goes by and I'll watch the entertainment of the sun in the beautiful morning while I'm carrying my bags and shoes.

New individuals to meet, new enemies to compete and challenging consequences to face but the change in my ego would overcome their reluctant manner with my new bag and shoes to outshine them. My new bag and shoes release the fears and tensions in the obstacles I have to face. My wishful desires emphasizes as I fulfill the change in my ego that will build my future. Now is the day of change, I have to tell my parents wether they like it or not but they have to settle their accounts for my shopping before I go back to school.

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