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domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

Even fairies: have wishes in life...

Hitomibore gave me something... :)

It's a case in my  life helping people to fulfill their dreams and made their life an entire fantasy through the means of a caricature like life that may be a good camaradery. Many of it's features are a sort of difficult thing to manage, some dreamed for greatness, others marrying their prince whilst others have fanatiscm in life of being wealthy people. Having multitasking activities in various circumstances made me think on how should I manage myself and think for my own, most of the times there were perils but had to be fixed and featured as a means for my continuous learning with the society and the growing population. More of it, thousands of things entering in my mind; earning credits in my profession especially in dealing with people, gaining lot's of commitments that can be a good resort in my life, having good affiliates in this society even though life is really pressuring and a million smirk against arch-enemies. Some suffered difficulties but in my instance, I gained a very uneasy comfort but flourished in my learnings and instances. Like me, I can say even fairies have wishes in life especially in techniques and styles of making cases regarding conflicts and cooperations in assaults of the growing culture. The most heinous enemy that mark my way is the boredom frustration that finally still have good result in my life, though it's archetypal encountering White Zombies who becomes a reprimand in my life. Things are growing tighter as things are devaluating, sometimes it's a must have in my life to protect myself against the undermining circumstance of treachery and life denouments of evi that lurks inside my mind. Being a fairy sometimes have a lot of process leading into a beautiful resolution, at least I've win sometimes though not become a cheer leader or a prom a queen. Most of things which I can say a fortune in my life is not being with people who becomes a bad luck in my life. It's really much procrastinating that I construed with in a must oblige faction of people but still make a sentiment of frivolity leading my entire diary a feastive one. Life must always be given a caricature to people, mostly who'd been endangered with catasthrope whilst some have flared under derailment of underminning circumstance. There must have a succulent issues that may conjure an image of vitality in the route of giving wishes, for me though it's a strategy of a latent feigned enlightenment and success in the mass. A better understanding and ascertainment in my life is a passion and instinct of choosing a better option and it's a crave for resources of my neccessities in long way learning with people.

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