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domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

The Little Vampire

The heavy rain falls along the streets of Sant Boi de Llobregat, Barcelona, only the light posts were shown that stormy night. The town's people lighted up there candles since the electric current had shutted down. Only one man is walking along the street who wears a leather hat with a black rain coat and leather boots seemingly that his mustache was only seen in the darkness of the street with his foot hardly stamps on the floor and the water smashed within his clothes. His way is going to the church carrying a luggage and a cross with a sharp blade on its edge. Reaching the church, he opened another big luggage filled with a body of sleeping vampire, meanwhile the priest came, and both argued; "to kill a vampire, I must attack him straight to the heart and burn his coffin in front of the cross where Jesus was crucified." With gentleness and meek virtues the priest tried to convince the hunter being enthusiatic of faith and virility overcoming hatred. "Maverick, if there's a chance for that vampire to become a human I can baptize him to live again in eternity of enlightenment." The priest sighed after talking, "Father, after all he did to my wife, my son and my daughter, do you think I have to forgive this blood sucking demon? His a menace!!!!" The man shouted inside the church. "Maverick if there's another time to forgive him and give a chance to live well again, I can do baptism knowing that I can make your family back to humans after 18 years," the priest then replied humbly. "But father after 18 years of surgency to baptize a vampire making him human again is complicated to accept that I'm living with demons, they're not normal anymore they might hurt anyone?" After talking, the man breathe deeply then the priest continued arguing. "No, they won't, because I blessed them so that they can live well and do what people are doing." The man in eagerness to kill the monster rebel against the priest. "My apologies father I had no choice but to kill this sleeping creep..." Smashing the vampire with a cross straight to the heart, Maverick astounded when his arms perplex  by a monstrous hand. The the sleeping vampire smashed the the two with his claws hitting them away, sadly the priest had thrown in the pointed grills and killed while the man fell in the ground. His blood filled the floors of the church and the vampire wearing black attire with his ephicanthic folded eyes blinking against the man closed to him, his humungous body transformed into a demon, bat wings appeared in ecstacy and face looks like a tiger having gigantic fangs and eyes of lightning red.
"I swear upon the heaven and hell my daughter will avenge my death," the man whispered to the vampire. "You have two choices Maverick, to live eternally with me or to die?" The vampire talks in a husky voice. "Rodrigo, you put yourself to shame, you sold your soul to Satan just to live with power endow with undying body. Then, you transformed my family into a monster just like you." "Hahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!" The monster laughed loudly. "My powers are never ending not like you, an ordinary human being who put himself in the laws of the Almighty one? Hah!!!!! We can defeat him, but only if you would join me?" Then the vampire walk towards the man, "Just kill me wreckless demon I may never put myself under your power, you shameful arrogant," the man lying down the floor angrily talk with the vampire with blood bursting his mouth due to the painful strike. Smashing in the heart the man lifted oustide then the vampire shouted, "I Rodrigo will rule the world one day!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahaa!!!!" Then he live the two bodies inside the church and transformed into a bat flying towards the sky and went out of the church.
17 years have passed, it was a bright morning, Sarah Lei watches the sky outside where the birds fly together, their neighbors are watering the plants, washing the car and some children were playing along the garden. "Sarah!!! Breakfast is ready walk down stairs!!!! Sarah!!!! Sarah!!! Sarah!!!! Sarah call your brother!!!!" Her mom call's her. "Wait!!!!!" Sarah go down stairs walking straight to their dinning hall.  "Mom I was tired of being..." Sarah speaks anguishly as she reacted impishly, Lorites on the other hand continued what she's saying with a serious and straight voice... " A Vampire, just call your brother, breakfast is ready." "Mom you know what?! I'm totally messed up with this undying power! I can't live being a vampire, you know that?!" Giving a tranquil personality Lorites scolded her daughter in fury. "What Sarah? I told you a million times, lets be happy for ourselves we're blessed by the priest to live like a normal people. We're blessed with God's words so that we won't indulge ourselves to human blood, sleep at night, wake up in morning, use animal blood for life sustainance, eat three times a day and used our powers in a right way." The little vampire frowned, then bend her mouth and continued talking, "but mom I want to live as a perfect human being, I'm tired of eating animal blood and I hate this power I don't like this invisibility and I hate flying." "Ok, you wanna know a story? Then here it is," her mom conitnued, "your still baby that time and I was pregnant of Ben. Maverick and Rodrigo were best friends before, they were vampire hunters, until one day, they fight together just for my sake. Rodrigo's bad intentions for me made him kill his wife and left his son alone deep within the curse dwelled  on him so that he will also become a vampire like his father. My love for Maverick made Rodrigo dissappointed a lot more, being derailed with jealousy and disappointment, Rodrigo on the other hand sold his soul to Satan and came back to avenge himself. One night around 6'o clock in the evening, clouds entirely cover's the sky seemmingly it was going to rain. Rodrigo himself visit our house looking furious, with his ephicantic eyes seen glaring at me. While marveling around he choke your father and throw him on the ground then immediatley bite me affecting your brother inside my womb. Feeding you with  his blood just like a bottle of milk change you a vampire. Your father immediatley wondered when he saw us as different creatures of the night. In order for us not to harm him or any people, he injected us with sleeping medicine until he brought us to the priest and bless us with holy water to live like normal people. One night I can't insist him not to avenge our sudden change but he leave us alone and confront Rodrigo, but it's too late, Rodrigo is powerful and reigns all the vampires. One stromy night before Rodrigo wake up Maverick hunt him in the cave while sleeping. Unconspiciuously, he captured the sleeping vampire in the den and hide him inside his luggage to bring him on the church. Nothing happens but Rodrigo woke up to kill your father and the priest who baptized us." Lei in an astounding attitude made her eyes twinkled while staring her mother then prompted. "So, is there anyway for us to destroy this wrath running on our veins?" Lei asked. "I don't have any idea to unleash this sort of curse in our body, now, all we can do is to be aware anytime maybe he's around waiting for us to be his victim and do what he wants to us,especially with me," Lorites added before finishing the story.
After breakfast Sarah together with her younger brother Ben walk straight to school carrying her black hand bag, wearing black bolero with white Spagheti strap inside, black jeans and black leather boots. Long bangs covered her forehead, her big eyes shaded with black eyeliner revealing it in the crowd, she has flat nose, pouted lips and pale complexion making everyone noticed that she's unusual. "Why did mother chose Angel's Camp california to reside?" She whispered Ben. "Sarah why do you used to complain? We reside here because mom want's to avoid our ethereal enemy, he might hurt us?" Ben's rounded face revealed as he wave his bangs with his left arm to uncover his eyes. He used to act seriously but his round face seems to be cheerful and his dark eyebags made everyone feared him. His siter's frustration of being a human made him continued to argue with his sister. "I'm tired of residing Ben, why don't we face him? We also had powers. We can fly, I had invisibility you have telekinesis and mom has pyrokinesis we can join our coven to destroy that monster." Ben's annoying sympathy made him shouted his elder sister, "Sarah!!!!! We had no chance!!!! So please stop insisting!!!! His too powerful and we can't kill him, as what mom have said." But Sarah insisted her suggestions though she felt like her brother is annoyed,  "Maybe we can't kill him but I believe there are ways to kill him?" Meanwhile a cute guy from their school walks toward them, "Ohhh... Its TJ  his really cute," suddenly Sarah used her invisibility skills so that TJ won't see her. Afterwards, TJ had gone, the little vampire appeared again. "See you later at the house Benj, I'll go to the library and do some research about our curse and how to kill Rodrigo."
Bret Harte Union High School is a good school occupied by 910 students, one afternoon inside the Library Sarah Lei is busy searching for books about creatures of darkness and Satanism. Meanwhile, the little vampire was shocked being startled by an unknown teenager. She then shouted inside the whole library, "Damn!!!!!!!! May the Devil cursed you!!!!" She looked at the back gazing at the handsome teenager, tall, white american, with jet-black hair, ephicantic eyes, dark eyebrows with slender body, it was her crush TJ. "Hey... It was you, your so ridiculous I wondered why your here? You used to be at gym isn't you?" After asking, Lei cleared her throat allowing TJ to talk. "Don't wonder why am I here, I'm the one who's wondering why you're here? You must be at the park watching at the sunset while the kids are playing." After Timmy's impish introduction, Sarah utters, "Ahhhh... Nevermind I was just busy doing some of my stuffs here." Seeing what the little vampire hold in her hands the JV jock smiled insisting himself to join, "Hey, that's cool, it's about vampires and demons can I take a peek?" "Oohhh.. Sure you will," Sara replied then lend TJ the book of Vampires and opened another book to do searching and turning down the pages.
While turning the pages one by one and looking at the contents of the book, Sarah saw a page with a picture of a cross with sharped edge on it. at the bottom of the picture it says; This is the sanctuatrio, it can kill a vampire either a demon straight from the heart, it is more effective while the enemy is still sleeping, captured and straightly bring to the church. After a devotional prayer the hunter himself/herself can smashed the vampire at the heart then burn him in front of the cross. After reading she turned another page again and saw another topic, breaking the curse of a vampire blood subtitle; turning vampires into humans. below the topic says; A vampire who wants to be human can break the curse in his/her 18 years of age after being baptized by a priest. But there's one thing that she/he must do, the power of prayers were not yet completed unless she kills the vampire or any demon who becomes the root of their curse. "Mother never told me this before, I thought she's afraid of having the chance to unleash the curse running in our blood. If there's a way then there's a will, if mom can't do, maybe I can," Sarah whispered. "Uhhmmm... By the way Sarah, would you go with me this night at the party? Then TJ, give an invitation card with Sarah, "Sorry I can't go I have a lot of things to do," Sarah replied disappointedly, "But the party's waiting for you? You can go anytime." TJ bowed his head looking frustrated then continued insisting until the Sara Lei was convinced, "If your insisting maybe I'll try my best, what time?" Sarah took a deep breathe after talking as if she wants to try her best to attend the party, "9 pm sharped," Timmy gladly answered insisting the little vampire, "where?" Sarah ask. "At the church!!!!!" TJ shouted since Sarah's getting further away from him while running outside the library.
After doing researches at the Library, Sarah went straight from home to talk with her mom. "Mom, do you have any idea how a certain person could notice if there's an enemy? I mean how did you escape from Rodrigo? Do you have any idea on how to escape with a vampire or detect him when his near?" In a hurried manner the little vampire talk to her mother. "Dear, you have to be precautious of what you are saying our neighbors might hear us?" Lorites talk, with an underestimating attitude. Then Sarah prompted with curiousity, "Mom, I need your help, I'm gonna be straight to the point. We used to reside to different places just to avoid our enemy, I know you know there's a way to detect enemies, can you sight me what are those?" Being exasperated Lorites prompted with her daughter while preparing their dinner, "Sarah Lei, just calm down and I'll tell you one by one." The little vampire in curiousity fidgeted her eyebrows while frowning in front of her mother "Ok, I need the answers immediatley for its worthwhile I believe," that time Lorites never hesitated of her daughter's childish manner but having procurements regarding her daughter's questions insisted her to answer. "So... I used this potion," Lorites talk while combing her long hair then put the potion on top of the table to show Sarah Lei what is it looks like. "What's that?" Lei asks, "That's a bottle," her mother uttered having a serious straight voice and a calm personality. Then Sarah continued asking, "what's inside it?" "It's Rodrigo's blood sunk under boiled water that's why it's red. I've got it when I hurt him one time he attacked us and got some of his blood and make it a potion then putted a pendulum inside. By the way I forgot to tell you I'm expert in potions, make use of it as one special skills in dealing against the enemies. It is called Acacia's Pendulum, Rodrigo's detected whenever he's close with us. The water bubbles when an enemy is near," Lorites ignited a fire on the stove after answering her daughter. "Why enemies?" The Little Vampire continued asking, "That blood is came from Rodrigo," Lorites added. "Why is it also effective from anyone?" Lei asks with curiousity. "Because of his blood DNA connects with his coven's veins, he just want us to be like him and live with undying power but I won't and I'll escape as far as I can go farther until one day, I unleash this curse." Sarah fixed herself and decided to attend the party. Wearing a black coat, a black shirt inside, black leather boots and black mini-skirt she looked into the mirror turning her eyes around, saying; "I can never make TJ love me." Before Lei goes outside their house her mother whispered; "The pendulum inside the potion is like a compass, it moves around pointing the enemy, bring it, maybe it can help you?" Then Sarah blink her right eye while smiling at her mother.
Going outsitde the house Sarah bring the Acacia's Pendulum together with herself at the party, meanwhile walking through the church, the trees gust, as well as the bushes. Sarah Lei panicked and wondered why the Acacia's Pendulum did not bubbled and the pendulum tied inside it never moves. She turned around then released her fangs and armed herself for a fight, suddenly the pieces of stones float around her and thrown at her. "Dios mio, me hermano, I'm not joking little crap get out of the bushes!!!" Sarah shouted. Then Benj got out of the bushes while laughing at Sarah. "Why are you so scared? I'm not Rodrigo hekhekhekhekhek..." Benj forced himself not to laugh but the effect of his foolishness made himself insisted. "This night is my night with TJ, so please walk around and see yourself for a partner," Sarah Lei uttered.
Inside the church, is full of colored lights, the loud music urges the teenagers to dance more. Meanwhile she immediately tapped her bag since it's shaking, opening it made her feel a little bit warned since the Acacia's Pendulum made by her mother is bubbling and the pendulum moved around. As TJ walk towards her, the potion bubbles faster, until the pendulum point at him. Lei wondered and ask herself, "Why? How? I can't believe his Rodrigo, But how? His too young to be him? Maybe he has also the power to change his physical attributes?" Raising her voice made the JV jock listened attentively and walk towards her then chattered with the little vampire along the crowd. With amazement TJ proudly praise Lei's costume, "You look so cool, I like your costume, GROOVY... Shall we dance?" Sarah stop whispering with herself then talked with TJ, "Ahhh... No, I mean yes, no, I mean for a while please," then Sarah make-up her mind until finally decide to dance with TJ. The two danced as moonlight sonata played changing the loud rock music. "TJ, may I ask you something?" Sarah asked. "Oh, sure you may," TJ behooves himself in the crowd, while holding sarah's arms and body gently and whispered, "Do you have extra-curricular activities? Do you have any weird activities?" Sarah, ask with curiousity. "Me? Extra-curricular activities? Yes, but Weird activities? No, I do physical excercises like muscle building at the gym and basketball but I don't have any weird sessions in life, I'm cool." "Sure?" Sarah asks, "sure I never lied since my birth, maybe I do it sometimes but it is not my attitude to lie with a special friend like you," TJ answered. Meanwhile a man on dark coat with ephicantic eyes came upon them, "Oh, my incredible son, will you introduce that beautiful young lady with me?" The ephicantic eyed man asked TJ. "Uhmmm... Dad, she's my friend Sarah Lei Nightstrom, I met her at the school library," TJ introduces the little vampire with delightful expectations from his father. "Ohhh... A Nightstrom she seems to be a little bit interesting since I have a lot of Nightstrom friends in my teeanage years," The man talk with a husky voice. Then Sarah ask Timmy to introduce his father with her, "anyway Timmy how about your father he seems so mysterious but I prefer to be enthusiastic if I would know him, would you mind me If I want to know him? Then timmy replied nodding in front of his father and the little vampire, "Ahhh... He's my father Ronnie Underwood, he's one of the professors with high remarks in our school." "Hoah!!!... Cool, sounds optimistic," Lei waved her hair with her right hand smiling at the ephicantic eyed professor after talking. "I never admit that I'm a good professor like one of those in school but I love teaching children like you," the goo goo eyed professor talks humbly. "By the way Mr. Underwood? Can you leave us for a while?" Lei excused herself for a chance to talk with the JV jock then walk directly at the confession room. "Ok..." Then the ephicantic eyed professor walk alone at the party seeing the crowd dancing with the music. "TJ, you must know something about me," Lei speak with an obvious attitude seemingly that she's hiding something. "Know what? by the way, I'm Timothy  just call me Timmy instead of TJ." Sarah Lei's hurried attitude with curiousity against herself delve against Rodrigo but that night being quintessential of changing her identity talking swiftly.  "Ok Timmy or TJ, just listen to me carefully, I was born freak and you may finally get scared if you know the truth," Lei talks seriously without knowing that Mr. Underwood is listening at their back. "Know what? I don't understand?" TJ ask doubtedly. "I... am a vampire, I have fangs, and my claws grow in my finger when I'm in a fight," Lei added seriously. "What?!" then TJ, put his hands inside his pocket wearing White long sleeves, skinny black jeans and sneakers. "If you don't believe then look at this,"Then sarah revealed her fangs and claws, the little Vampire changed into a horrific monster with eyes glowed in a crimson colored orange. "Whooahhh!!! Ohh, God Heavens!!!! Your freak I can't believe!!!!" TJ shouted with amazement but a little bit scared. "Wait!!!! Don't be scared, make yourself free and comfortable, I'm not gonna hurt you," Sarah lei kissed Timmy to replenish nervousness and fears. "Tremendous..." TJ talks quivering but of weak voice then fell down. Meanwhile inside the confession room Mr. Underwood bloated while Sarah's trying to calm Timmy, "Hear yeh!!!! Hear yeh!!! Hear yeh!!! what a pleasant surprise," Mr. Underwood appeared and talk inside the confession room. "So, if you're a vampire then your mother is a vampire too, huh?" Mr. Underwood tried making stories, changing ideas and thoughts about family backgrounds to lure the little vampire in ecstacy,"Yes, then how did you know?" Sarah Lei prompted seriously being enigmatic with the professor then continued talking. "My name is Sarah Lei Nightstrom, my mother is Lorites Nightstrom and my brother is Benjamin Nightstrom that's all," Sarah Lei finished her story while suspecting Mr. Underwood. "Well, I also had a wise guess that your mom live in Kirby st. Angel's Camp California Together with you and your younger crap." Then Sarah changed the topic immediately, "Well, sir, your son collapsed maybe we have to seek for help?" Then the mad professor reacted furiously "No need, Ms. Nightstrom my unveiling powers could help my dear son." Lei then finally answered but with squirming voice "So, you mean your Ro...Ro..Ro..RRRRodrigo?" "Ohhh... Boom!!!! Your right and I think its time for me to reveal myself!!!" Then Mr. Underwood with his monstrous body showed Sarah Lei feeling nervous but not loosing hope. "Hahahahahaha!!!!! After many years of hiding my face, I Rodrigo found my love one. Putting a spell with my son is simple in order to hide myself against your magic potion Dear daughter." "Never call me a daughter Psycho," Then Lei bravely whipped the Sanctuario against Rodrigo's eyes making the big monster cried in pain. "No!!!!! My eyes!!! I can't see!!!" Then Rodrigo used his powers to cure his ephicantic eyes, bursting with blood immensely scattered on the floor then immediately waved his hand and throw Sarah Lei outside the room making a great comotion in the crowd. Being hysterically panicked, the crowd bumps each other stilling and looking for ways to go outside the church. Amidst the mutifarious strife around, Rodrigo fly  assaulting Sarah Lei with his fury attacks then submerged his hands to hit the young lady. But TJ immediately tried to still his father's antagonistic attack, being eager to defeat the enemy he realized something mystify in his body while running as fast as a turbulent wind. Running close to his father Timmy strike Rodrigo with a big ply wood and fell down. "Sarah!!! Wake up!!! Wake up!!!!" TJ summons the little vampire, upon waking up, Sarah  hold her head massaging it carefully then stand up while hearing whispers from the JV Jock being enamored though vitiate about everything that happens around. "My dad is Rodrigo, it made me analyzed his secrets from time to time until I found the truth that he's freak, he might hurt us? I'm turning 21 tomorrow, after 20 years of age, this is the time that I realized we're the same." Then the two kissed without noticing that Rodrigo's nearly waking up. "Wait our enemy wakes up he must die," Lei uttered. Meanwhile the vampire woke up then extremely vanished, Then Sarah tried to catch the vampire running outside the church. "He's  lost, mother's might be in danger, we have to after him before everything get's too late," then stared at Timmy after muttering. "I have my car we can use it," TJ talked immediately. After a while Benj came with a very candid funny attitude "What happened dear sister?" . "Ben there's no time for jesting we should go back to house and rescue our mother. I'm turning 18 this 12' o clock midnight, that Psycho-monster must die before everything mess up." Then  TJ inserted a phrase, "if your turning 18 then I'm turning 21 this midnight, we have the same birthday." Being hurried about Timmy's baloney phrase Sarah Lei becomes sarcastic hitting Timmy a cautious phrase. "Nah... Unsensible statements must not pay attention too much, we should rescue my mother before that jerk might hurt us." Then the three ride on the car and hurriedly went home to secure Lorites.
Sarah, Benj and Timmy got home, where they immediately saw Lorites carried by the evil vampire. "Ohh!!! He used hypnosil to made her asleep," Sarah whispered at the two boys then shouted at the vampire, "put my mother down!!!" But the vampire never released Lorites and vanished. "Remember what mom told us? Before a vampire get's marry her wife he must bring her at the church and used  powerful spells to make her like him," Benj sounds as if he wants to gain a sense of intimacy with Timmy while talking with his sister. "Ok, we've got to find out what's goin' on the church," Lei uttered. Then the three went back  riding Timmy's car, reaching the church they saw Rodrigo pray's a latin spell surrounded by his creeps. "Alright, take care of your mom Ben, I'll take care of these creeps," Timmy answered. Then the creeps attacked the two boys while Sarah Lei on the other hand  run towards Rodrigo. "Your mother is sleeping don't disturbed her or I might kill you, she's not gonna' meet you after this midnight because she's mine," Rodrigo talked in a way he's teasing the teenagers. "What if I want to get her?" Lei defies the vampire furiously. "Then fight my power young vampire heheheh," Rodrigo utter a little then armed himself against Sarah Lei. The evil monster tried to use a fire ball hitting Lei but suddenly the little vampire discovered a new skill, huge lightning force field revealed out her hands making the fire ball bounce back to Rodrigo. "Ohhh... Cool, this is the first time I've discovered a new skill," Lei wondered in the air as she smiled teasing Rodrigo.The monster annoyingly attack Sarah on the ground because his powers can't hurt the little vampire. They smashed each other until Sarah Lei finally got the Sanctuario and smashed Rodrigo on face. Then the monster hold his face screaming loud making him emmit a fire against Lei but the little vampire fly away. Meanwhile Rodrigo uses lightning strikes and throw it against Lei, desperately, the little vampire hitted on the arm then Rodrigo pinned her down the floor confronting in the cross. "Famous last words little vampire?" As the big monster frighteningly reveal his claws and fangs attempting to kill the little vampire after talking. "I remember what the book had told me about the Sanctuario, in order to be its master, you have to prick a blood on your finger tip and wipe it on the edge of the blade then it will follow you whatever your mind want's to happen, you will be its master." Then the Sanctuario moved outside Lei's bag and goes up to her hand then strike the vampire's left arm. The monster fly around screaming in pain with his hands. "Aaaaaarrrrgghhh!!!!!!!!!!! take away that disgusting knife, it bits my freaking arms!!!!" Rodrigo find it difficult to fly anymore since sanctuatrio hit him little by little. "I don't know what might happen if I kill you while your awake but what's important for now is to burry you alive with this blade!!!!" Sarah then run after Rodrigo smashing him at his heart while in front of the cross. "No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" As the vampire screams with pain, his power blasts outside his eyes, nose, face and the whole body releasing his whole energy inside making the whole church beamed. Waves made Sarah's hair blow in the air, While Rodrigo was floating with the Sanctuario engraved inside his Heart, Sarah Lei get the oil and match inside her pocket then burned Rodrigo making his body melt and blast into ashes. Rodrigo died, silence penetrated inside the church, bad spirits relinquished, nothing lingered around but smokes and scent of pulverized rubber and meat due to the death of the evil vampire. The district police came to investigate about the monster but Sarah said; "I killed him the story's finished," then she wake her mother up, being enthusiastic about everything in dark visions of Rodrigo, Timmy and Benj came. "Everything is done," Sarah said, "But our powers didn't vanished yet?" Benj asked his sister, Sarah then open the book she burrowed in Bret Harte library. It say's here: It is a grateful thing for the Lord our God to kill the vampire who cursed you, once you've killed the vampire alive in front of the cross give's God the knowledge that you've faced the monster even in great danger and you show courage to destroy the enemy. The curse will unleash in your soul but as a reward the powers you gained being a vampire will stay with your soul together with your family who was attacked by the enemy. You can make use of it in good things especially in facing other forces of nature. Anyone who helped you haunting the enemy will also be rewarded with unveiling powers just like you. Sarah looking at the two boys seemingly she got the answer at the end of the night, "Maybe that's why our powers never unleashed." Meanwhile Lorites woke up, "what happened? my head, my neck, I think my body's break into peices? Rodrigo, where's him?" Then the little vampire attempted to talk jesting her with her mother as if their enemy is still alive, "Mom I totally killed him, and... where humans now, we can eat burgers, or sandwiches or chocolates and drink juice instead of blood. Tomorrow is a new day from all of us it's 12:30 in the middle of the night let's fix this mess." After cleaning the church Benj and Lorites stand in front of Timmy's car waiting for Sarah and Timmy. "So, ready for our class tomorrow as humans?" Benj asked, "Yes, maybe no, oh I mean yes let's go," Sarah answered with hesitation then TJ hold her arms, pulled and kissed her under the full moonlight. The three go to the convenience store, eat burgers and corned dogs celebrating their victory as humans until the midnight ends.

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