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domingo, 26 de enero de 2014


To sacrifice your love is to escape from reality and lavish disgracefullness, After being taught by the muslim navy seal, I encountered a man named marc roe. He told me of something which is really feisty deep within my heart, we seek the whole of  the Earth, scourge the deep seas and heaved the heavens above as we watch the movies, different sort of movies which is an exile to the sadness that vowed me against the guy who fooled me. Once I told Marc Roe that I love him so much though there's no enthusiasm inside my soul. He is an enlightenment that actually fantacizes my realm and is a moment of truth in my life. Never been wondered with his reign in my heart we fecund together with love thinking that I shouldn't have to go back towards the guy who's been killed by the muslim navy seal. Something lacks my heart even if she becomes a big teddy bear in my life and perky staff that suites my heart. Wanting to tell everyone that I'm a Psychic vampire all I can do that hours is manipulate their strengths which easily can be controlled by my own. Wanting to know what lacks my life all I think is treasures and freedom can give me the aid against the ailment that lusts the reality and unforgiving heart. All I think that hours is how should I feeble the people who dismantles my life and control them by my own will with a kind preponderonce. The real gift within me is my perky attitude that everyone feels the real love in that I touch their heart. Escaping against the pressures of life, being fooled and tried to killed by the guy who wants to kill me I tried calling the phantom if dreams this dreams are for real. I remember what the Muslim Navy Seal had told me before and it's learning how to be brave and fight for what I want in life, "Do I have to get scared of him if there's no reason at all?" I think I haven't, Marc Roe is somewhat a believer and a keen seeker of love and freedom that's why I'd become interested of her. Thinking of love and happiness which is a courage that I give her means nothing for me where I decided to throw the cherished moments that we've  emancipated together as we experienced the myriad truth and blessings. Though it's all a luck I think the things which is nicier, where because of my love with the guy who fooled my I did it just to escape from the pressures of reality but happiness and endearment instead. For me failure to do achievements is all at risk but my crave for the optimistic things pleads like I was an offer but it leaves everything as a blank for the success that I was looking for in life as a wanderer that will continue my journey to real treasure. Throwing all the happiest things that we've been together I think it's nothing but a piece of junk, ahora... Thinking that I won't love her anymore. All I believe this hours is the phantom, a nigel and a Green lantern who'll give me the esque of being a mermaid.

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