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domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

A Fairytale to Eternal life


I used to think of myself how difficult it is to wait for him, he's a real modest of a quintessential being here on Earth. Waiting for him a thousand times when will he come back to cherished me. I... I'm Maggie... Maggie Zionet, a traveler, a Sociologist, a writer and a spy from my own world who delves for different knowledge that can earn me so much. Speaking of much reality I am not this, wanting to thank of his father who gives me direction to learn a lot of things that can make my name famous and wholly especially of my peers. One day, I wake up in this world telling myself how much I love him especially of the experiences that he taught me the last time we've met. That hours I finally experienced how should I escape frome different clashes of daunting phenomenon, I stow away in our house saying I won't go back there anymore. Once I saw myself walking on the streets without knowing everything what will I do and where will I go too, I'm not exactly sure of the safest place that I can say is a real life, He answered, "Heaven"
"Who are you?" He answered again, "Michael, there's no saints there, no holiday seasons but is always an eternal happiness. We never love exchange gifts and the thing which they called Christmass, Lenten season? We never appreciate Holly week especially of the creator who finely made all the beings in this Universe. Do you know how much he love's you?" I can't talk that hours but it's love that render my emotions and intellect, I prompted, "why?"
"Why? Because he misses you so much," I nodded then felt a little bit embarassed of the things that he told me.
I only reacted much of how I misses the one who freed me from the sins that I showed the world. "Brother, if there's something that I want to tell you, then it's all how I love the one who freed my soul from the discourse of the people who enslave me. Even though I never experience of the things that I expect from him, it's better that he let me feel the love I need. If there's one man whom I give the love story and great sentiments of seeing the most beautiful woman in a sight of a real man then it'll be him."
"Who's him?" The guy ask me again, "I really don't know how should I escape from this realm full of pleasures and troubles against the arid obstacles. I'm just waiting when it'll going to happen and it's so long for my entire seeking of the love that I want to let him feel."
"Uhuuuummmm... So why are you here?"
"There so many things why I'd came here, one, my family who suffers from the catastrophes of the evil that lurks around our home, two, my liturgic success and finally the real things that I want to have and it's the never ending love that I am looking for."
"Do you know why Cinderella have given an ample time to stay on the party the night she'd been help by the fairy Godmother?"
Then I answered immediately, "it's really easy, because everything have limitations, life is a cycle of truth and false but you have to follow your dreams. Just like an imagination that can be a realm one day that you'd think it's beautiful and right in the sight of God. Angels... Angels... Angels... You're all the same, never been indulge with perishable things which I endow so much for happiness. All of the things that I am carrying had been totally lost, especially of the PS Vita that was given by my cousin. I had nothing at all anymore and everything that I am looking for all this entire week is the wedding that he told me."
He never smiled but used to proclaim his features, from there I sought him, he know's a lot of my secrets especially of everything that I want in life. I'd realized how God knows everything around this world, that he send a messenger who can lure me for believing the things that I'm tiringly waiting for all of my life. "Whooooohhhh... Perishable things, my prior concern in this world why he told me to follow you is to teach you the meaning of love."
"Meaning of love? Huh... If you don't know how to take care of your things then you don't know how to love them, first and foremost I leave it away because of the real love that I am look for 5 months past. Ahora, si sera no encontrar en me camino puez yo terminara a todos el va aun alto tiempo. So contradicting am I right? The answers are too far from each other, I love my cosas para muchos but the day I'd meet him. He explained a lot, with those answers, my world becomes clandestinely admired of the chances that might give me by the almighty one. Now I really don't think so if he'll go back to end everything in this world."
"Selfish you are young man, never seek what he really feels right now for the entire human race whom he had to save especially that now is the judgement. He's voice is needed to let the sin perpetrators taste the madness of the Almighty one who created us."
"What? Huh... Look at me my life is in a wary instance of people who loves to kill me and bring me down."
"Hahahahahahaah!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you think he'll give you the miracle of wedding between your souls playing together if you keep on twitching yourself for the love that your looking for?"
I frowned at him then felt the emptiness keep inside my heart, then think of those things after he obstructed me with his powerful words seemingly debunk all the pessimistic things inside my soul. "Ok, little by little I analyze everything so I have to understand but sir, right now I'm just tickling myself that everything might be a lure, one of your despondent cheddars, a flavor to your taste. I hope you enjoyed so much of the things that you've done against me, thank you soooooo... much...
"Woahhhhh!!!!! I can't believe you told me all of those, my status is quite greater than you living being of the Earth's surface." Then I was amazed looking at my back while sitting on the pavement with the vendor who help me revive my life. Nothing I can't achieve that hours, speechless, mindlesness, seriousness but ultimate goosebumps as I catch his looks standing on my side. Meanwhile tranquility offers my kindred soul as I saw a miracle up in the sky, he seemed to be so serious and no feelings at all. My emotions told me looking up in the sky that it was all a price if I bravely face my obstacles. In fact it was just a consolation besides, so I think I didn't won yet and finally continue rant saying lovelots to the vendors who help me seeking refuge in the midst of the public and mass. I wondered massively of that picturesque crown that he showed me, something which is surrounded by wing and heart, really gigantic in my sight but featured it as consolation price so I decided to go and continue my journey, having a heart, strong and brave as what I can be if I sufficed them that I'm sure enough to be his girlfriend. Girlfriend, is it right I think wife if I could have that luck they're telling me. Muchos preguntares bailar en me mente, as I look at him with fidelity. What's far more scary with him is that attitude of a silent predator, never acknowledge any jests but only a matter of success. That hours I think of him, is there any time for him to take charge of happiness that he longed waiting for? Then I breathe deeply thinking of how I could find the real price that I'm looking for then it's the eternal life.
"I sorted you, you're so longed for the real success emulated with wealth and happiness in this world. If you're seeking for it then I think he's the one who can give you the greatest name called love."
"Anyway sir, my pleasures, Uhhh...Uhhh.. Ahehehehe, just like what my loyal sister had taught me. Can I have your name? Or your number so that I can call you in case of emergency? I believe your sort of a mystery that I can lean on. Look everything is a mess in my career but there's something that I should up heave that could be a real clamor of royalty in my life."
It's a synagogue of worship but I remained calmed since the minutes that jaundiced along my way is really conspicuous regarding to everything that he said. My memories were not so fatal because of the realizations that come after me, being consanguined with rejoice and hopes of life that I can have that day I smiled because I learned how important it is to become aware of inheriting the kingdom that he will share with me.
"Anyway do you feel an ecstasy now that you know who really I am?"
"Not so, but one day I think my questions will be sufficed if you heard it."\
"Ohhhh... Sure, you will but I thought those things are all wisdom that can be a real laughter in my sought of real love and enlightenment from the sky. Anyway, here's my phone you can talk to him, he can answer all your questions, especially if been rotter of the evil thing that you're talking to. Oooohhh.. I can't say he already save you because of the heroic acts you think you'd already done after all those months that you'd chattered all the happiness and plans together especially in the future."
"Ok, sir, I've got all the reasons maybe I can talk to him right now."
Then the supreme being had vanished away maybe he get reconciled again with the one whom they called the almighty one. I look unto the phone then reminisced again the happy thoughts that garnered my life with my uncle who used to teach me with different skills. But all of a sudden it's all a happy memory that should be in my thoughts, an esque in my childhood life. Of all the human beings here on Earth he succumbed me with real guidance telling me never pay attention of the whispers who delves me for nothing because it's a mere vengeance of the evil who warily despot my life in just one rage. Many times it happened with me believing that I'm a resemblance of princess idiot who yearningly looking for a twist of friendship with anyone thinking it'd be a lesson in my past life. He, Alexander the Great who give me of the special skills as an epitome in my body balance against the  rudiments of dark force. Meanwhile the phone ring, I answered immediately, "Hello!!!! This is Maggie answering your call, is this the one who can give me all the answers?"
He laughed myriadly giving a jest like nothings happening at all.
"This is no time for jest and melodic comedies, why are you laughing?"
He suddenly took a pause but I feebled in my way thinking how could I survive in the midst of nowhere knowing that all he has is sharing of odds and some flavors to all the hardships that he surpassed after all been disgusted by many people.
"For a while, I'm nearly going to die because of the people who runs after me, they're totally insane, they're freak!!!!!!! Look it nearly kills me I don't have any weapon at all but just a piece of wisdom and keened heart in a society struggling for survival and pleasure. This world is full of menace and wary people I don't like to live here anymore, does anybody will have to share of the comfort and love? It's already night. Anyway who are you?
"Paolo," it was the immediate answer of the man who's talking on the phone gaved by the supreme being before going back to the heaven and give messages with the almighty one.
"Look at those beautiful eyes, those fine eyebrows, and those kissable lips! That nose, those ears, those cheeks! take a closer look, because you will never see a face exactly like that on the face-no pun intended- of the planet. Praise God for that!"
I wondered gladly so much of the things that he told me then continued asking him, "so, do you see me... Mr? Actually somebodies trying to catch me there's a lot of reasons why I'm still here. Some said it's the world really comes to an end, I told the supreme angel the three things that I have to to make all things upright. Anyway who are you?" Nothing he reacted but continued talking as I run my journey.
"I think it's just a cycle of your renewal my dear sister and to tell you brighter answers, your just trying to escape from the pressure of what they called social status. You need time to relax, can I call you Czarina?"
"Sir I had so many names, some call me the Magi, others call me Jai Em, sometimes G Em, Fitz, Donn, Guiseppe, Kreuk but an old man give me the best name and it's all what they praise. It's really incalcitrant, weird thing you know, it's an esque of myself but I think you might laught if you hear it."
"So what name is it?"
"Maggie... Maggie Zionet, does it really sounds special sir? It's just what the old man called me, that one day he'll be happily say it's a struck from the heavens above. They called it Eternal life, sufficely saying it's my edge that people above praises me so much especially when I heard the things which they called wedding. It's a real love, now I'm looking for that liturgic success and is a nuptial in my maturity."
"Yoahhhh... I really can't explain everything but sometimes I've meet a lady who has the same problem like that, my sentiments arouse the minute I've met her, wanting to proove everything she already said she like me so much but I counterfieted that she'll become rich, as rich as yearning the treasures below the sea." Fondly saying I laugh a little bit though the hours were sardonically fainting between us talking together like vampire and human courting in the midst of midnight meal in the name of blood and root of all pleasures. "Hmmmmm... So, you think you'd already owe me some Michael told me this is just a sort of a rescue that I'll had to have before the real accomplishments of whom they called the almighty one happened... One of this days." Then I feel how his heart smiled like a plenaries of International law, then prompted. "Cream of the crop young sister whom they called Maggie Zionet, may I excuse you for something will you give me the spell?"  Crucially thinking of beautiful things and wonders that he called me lady even though I was in a human form of what I speak of myself a beast, I mean a man, frowning at the stars I had nothing to do but tell everything. "Magnolia Krizza Zionet," Sounds ancient like from the ealier BC's am I right. Look, I'm really scared of how I could take the real success that I'm look for because I'm just looking for nothing, I really don't know what might happen next. Tomorrow is another day, another afternoon, another month that will interface the world for me." He sob again in laughter just like a mysterious jack the ripper or killer who can easily kill me in just one rip of knife in my body. I never initiated everything but paid attention at all that I'm listening and it was him, talking together clandestinely we'd never juxtaposed of our visions thinking that I'd enjoyed so much of his company.
"Dreams are really hard to achieve but there's always a fief from every achievement that your trying to undertake. On my side the greatest thing of all is love, but I think it's not really a success I believe I can be emotionally in touch and the thing that I called myself hemmianic, or emo-hemmian rhapsody side of myself. Everything which I called, emotionally indulge with fairytale and love of wondering music and sound, it's all a silly symphony but for beautiful souls and mind feeding songs but heart warming, unpittiful and quite lovely. I came my dress being rugged and torn down seeing a town were I felt I'm secured. Until I envisioned the safest place that I thought everything I could not be wary of, and it's the rail road town under the train thinking it's a safe place to go buy. Feeling a little bit enjoyed, I think he's already gone so I hid my phone again and continued running along the beautiful cityscape of Metro Manila. My fears had gone, troubles and bother deep within my emotions becomes long after and fissioned with great escape against the harsh reality. Climbing upside down to cross the cityscape through the rail road town which I called the Macadamian town, my versatility and esque as I wear my dire clothes becomes a vain during my adventure at that town. Then there I saw a wicked looking guy sitting on one bench and is thinking of something. "Hey... Hey... Hey... I think it's all notious if I could ask you some help dear brother." He still frowned and sarcastically told of aeons and rapid love. They continued shouting of in great ardours and give me some clothes to wear, I think I'm very socialist that hours lending some help from them to give me everything of what I need. Meanwhile I run closely at one part of the town and there I saw a group of boys joyously talking together illumined with peace and trust whom I think becomes a confidant of mine the minutes past by. I shouted rampantly like my temper weakens so much in that they're the only people whom I can become secured. "Hmmmm... It's already midnight and I think I'm dying most of the people have their farcries in delve of my soul, later this morning everyone might catch me I'm a prey now. The Huntsman had already preach the gospel where am I living and I thought there's no space anymore for me to run." The group of guys suddenly laughed heavily but never paid attention at what I am saying but christened me with happiness and sing along with different musics and made me think it's all a matter of listening to music that can aghast my fears. One of the guys started to talk, "What are you looking for?"
"I'm looking for what they called liturgic success but the huntsman had already taught the towns people where am I right now he's really a menace in my life. I really don't know what to do right now? He seemed to be scary and might kill me in just one hit."
The guy never reacted nor smiled but let me feel something different which is all a sympathy, then shed tears in front of me. I started thinking is this the guy whom I looking for? Anyway What's far more important from now is my liturgic success, this is what we called love not a success. I whispered myself and promised that I can make every effort to push myself on top, there's no more room for hindrance and sympathetic self  decline. I really don't know what exact time is it, but I look unto the moonlit night after talking with the strange man on the phone. I blink at the stars without knowing how it explains a lot but I gladly smiled that my emotions told me of the liturgic succcess that I am looking for is near. Love? What is it really for? Maybe it's better to think of shopping spree and beautiful dresses that I can have if I could get there funny thing to know. The minutes entered my night becomes doubting, scary and hopeless due to the screams and horrifying warns of the enemies trying to catch me thinking that they're one of the White Zombies who radically wants to fringe and offer me against the most leading Philosophist who strangely wants to purge the goodness of the almighty one but I never qualm myself. The guy talk happily wanting to explain about everything was really happening in my life. His crowd one by one talk to me and ask, "if you're looking for him then better guess who among us tells the truth," then I knarled my lips and start my aimless speech. "I'm living At Ayala Alabang, my name is Maggie Zionet, the Huntsman who's trying to kill me is already here but I believe I can trust him. So if there's any problem between us I think he had to talk to me, I'm dying." I become halfheartedly scared but my emotions of being calmed, little by little becomes notious that hours. One of them talk to me again, "So you're looking for the huntsman?"
"Not really, I just wanted to tell him a thousand times that I'd nearly find the answer which he wants me to know. The question is, why is it he's trying to kill me and give me more chances to hope of earning what I had to earn, I believe if there's something that I deserve to have then it's the three things that I yearning for, four months have past." Then the guy started talking again, if you're looking for the Huntsman that you're talking then look at him, all of them pointed their fingers to the guy who shed tears in front of me. I just smiled and look at him undauntingly and started to talk, "So ikaw pala yun, pano ba toh? Nung una pinaasa mo ko uuwi na tayo pagnakita kita, ngayon andito na ko ano pang inaantay natin?" But he smiled, wanting to let me feel what he sentimentally feels right now. As minutes continued intruding in my hours, I wondered figuratively my conscience had gone one by one and my body becomes feeble until my heart slows down that hours. Feeling pretty asleep in the midst of nowhere, unknowingly I wake up lying in a bed where I saw the wicked man who help me in the verge of need. Surprisely I'd been attack by a great strike of the wicked man ravagely told me I'll die and never live anymore, like it's all an exchange soul and blood against the melancholic strive of endearing what he want to conquer with me. All I remember that hours is a clear suffrage which is a woman's strength, tending to fightback against the wicked man but I can't no longer fight anymore so I push myself to chase my life seeking refuge with the Huntsman whom I know can only save my life. That hours I became grateful due to the chances of life that God gave me, continued running towards the souther area thinking that my way wards where into Baclaran. I walk clandestinely so that people who follows my path won't be consipcuous of what am I doing until I jaundiced in the place itself having my emotional patterns and behavior follows myself in nowhere. I continued running, walking, standing, sitting meeting people and appreciating the woes that run through my veins vindicating when it'll really happen. It's all a word say but I think I'd just have to believe that I'll owve everything, all ventures and difficulties that I rancored in my life. Will I call him a phantom or maybe a huntsman whom I don't really know if he court me or I'm the one who's courting him. Specifically I think I'm the one who's following me after four months of letting go with my distress against the people who love's fiefdom or should I say if only there's chance to throw them, if not in hell then in a world full of fief. He's really a Huntsman who fraudly trying to catch me with all his might but I think it's much safer to be with him rather than living with those White Zombies and allied stone age soldiers who bothers me so much. Never acknowledge where I could go I push my own instincts in order to follow the society where I was going on, though there's a lot of shrinks in my conscience, still a a great move that urges me to follow the track that I think is of modest way to achieve his demands of what he called love. Turning different ways and escaping against the harsh vapors of crocodiles who might kill me I instigate every corners of the place and seek some of the towns people who might be a good help with the problems that I'm endearing now... much...
Until I found an area speculated with group of warrior looking mobs of teenagers who have a keened idea of telling me where's the man that I looking for. Then they happily rejoice so much saying that I can be the only key to their freedom, in everything that I heard I think I got a lot of answers especially of the facts they'd told me.
"Hey young man what are you looking for?"
"I'm looking for the answers which can be denoument in the ends of what they called story... Story here on Earth which seemed to be no more match with the fecund life and frantic attacks of the public.
"I thought you don't have the answers yet and you can't find it here. One things for sure he has everything that you're looking for, maybe?"
Then I immediatley turned over my head on the northern part seeing another guy with hair protruding up to his neck and similar white complexion as the guy whom I encountered while teaching some High School stuffs at a very great school.  In the middle of midnight we've talk together.
"Actually I had a family that I must feed," He answered instinctively but I never cared of all he said. That hours I think of how should I help myself against to end up the mess that was created in this world thinking of how could I ask God of the permission that I have to finish this obstacle and won't back anymore together with the others. "I believe you're the only one who know, how we could go back to that place that you're talking. I don't care if you laugh on how I look, my physique and my facial features. Does it look so funny, isn't it?"
He reacted nothing but wildly grumbled in every corners of the place were we stood still. Until I forcefully shouted, "All of these things happened against me because of the beliefs that you uttered with me before I stow away in our house. I think it's just for rookies, a lot of experiences that I'd experience in my life especially of believing that dreams can be as true as what you all had told me before. Now I'm here, do everything just to proclaim all the yearnings that your urge so much for a long time." The man severed ethereally then flamboyantly hold a wide blockage of wood which nearly throw against me. "Putsang!!!!! Uwi!!!" That hours what I feel deep inside my heart is just success though I have to cry all hours that night I struggled for the pains that I'd experience in my past especially of the long live months that I'd encountered a new sort of happiness thinking it won't end anymore.
"If you're thinking that I'm the one that you're looking then it's wrong because I already had a family to feed and give life nothing's unworthy right now especially that I'm a family man."
"You're wrong, I know you have a lot of it that can obstruct those people who undermines the weak ones, and only it's you whom I know can end up what the future tells between us."
"I think it's better for us to eat outside and let me introduce something of myself outside this subdivision." I can feel how he tells the truth that hours thinking that I have to believe with him so I cherished those hours like it's all a truth and an everlasting blessings in my life gladly with a man who might save me against my woes. Going through the ends of my journey he merely run away living me alone in one chair where there I fell asleep until I woke up in the morning seeing a picturesque of a cloud engraved like a man and woman kissing up in the sky as the sun happily approaches me.

I guess it'll happen when I'm already become a pretty punk'd...

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