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jueves, 30 de enero de 2014

Cultural Imprisonement: A crayon of happiness

In the jails of long live truth and exploration of a unique though feeling no exorbitant happiness a new set of an unfrailed life had been formed in a story full of colors and enthusiasm. In the sake of a truthful and frank sense of an oblige role in the society, I see most of the things which have a lot of hypocrisy in the face of a resort that have to be innate and persevering to splurge a colorful reality. Things which are quite innovative but deal with a surrealistic world, this route had never been antagonized by the naked eye of most people in the crowd. It's everything which can be a foundation of an imprisoned wisdom that must be putted into a courageous and skillful enthusiasm of a derailed society by people who had longevity of a picturesque outlook in life and had to be acquired by themselves dreaming of a high regards that they may achieve.

  Look at this man, he seemed to be a fond of looking for his own fortune but nowhere he's envisioned to make himself contented feeling daunted by many people belong to a bourgeoise society. Because of long life experience of a sabotage he quitely experience a self dethroning reality wearing dire clothes and enough treatment by many people around the garden. For a long life journey he's merely capable of believing that everything is a just for himself that he's sufficed of his everyday life feeling comfort and enthusiastic about reality though there's the ailment of a poisonous visions made by society.

There's a faction of fishes having one line so that destruction of their rail may be avoided so far while playing with the children and having their own society that mustn't be undermine by culture in progress. Children may found them quite stronger especially that they become bigger as it is, they seemed being interrelated together having connection with themselves as a school with invigorating class for a next lesson. It's like a culture of people with life fulfillment trying to escape in a cage for a new fiefdom that they may enter. It's a procurement of new wisdom in the changing society that have to be encompassed by a new strength.

At the end of the journey there's a city of lights that I may encounter as a rode of happiness and everything as an innovative Holiday, that I may claim after a surgency in life, a sort of happiness which may give enlightenment one day. The light posts shows candle lit of sweet benigns caress by a kindred monarchess trying to make comfort of most women in her glad tydings against the pressures of the growing society. It's like a scenic trend in this surreal world that may be a good outcome for the longevity of time.

It's like a legendary story amongst a phenomenon that I'm trying to overcome against sufferings and endeavors. But though being, it's quite happy and humorous with my colleagues upon the race of jolly life with the other people in great sentiments and this savory that I am merely fascinated of foolish things. Sometime I ask myself, is there any reason why I'm here and it's just that everything seemed to be colorful though frustrating, I had to be pretty punk'd. The Nerdy User Friendly give me a great whims in this journey, The Blessed Saviour of Serye deal me with acknowledgements of flavor with her magical ear rings which some sort of a mirror. All the hours most of them as Amazons gave me a floral beggining endowed into an Emmo-Hemmian core, fairy tale inspired amongst the mass. Everything seemed to be a route of intelligence with their great help especially of the Telephone Engineering Maja though connections around are quite a present in my life. Where most people are quite humurous with the tempers of the Death Striker Kathy that boils down annoying people and help me accomplished ever pieces of sorts. It all become feastive deluxe around our life dethroning a society of pretetious people. May all the enlightenments of this little achievement be a remembral in my Memoirs, it's in the middle of our journey through the Baroque Era as Amazons against the attempts of the mad society (The Dark Forces) and the (Goats). That hours is an aide of help with them through my dire need of preponderonce with myself and the growth of fruitful journey.

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