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domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

The tenth day hour above enlightenment and my last warrior

It's quite liturgic with my voyage in the hours passing around where I encountered the very fair lady at the far east of my life. She's not that pretty as it is but I believe she becomes my sort of equality on the right success, notwithstanding at all through the means of my belief with entire realm. Hereafter she becomes one of my ecclairs and can be sorted with a realistic approach in life which everything can be a deluxe verdict with my proposal in a very difficult situation. In the midst of my difficulties to sort her just to realesed of what can be jive, internationally speaking with the society of our entire group. She becomes quite a memes of my own sort against the devilish lurkers who tried murmuring deep inside of me, but her calculations is that accurate to accomplish of what is really worthy in the eyes of macho man. Who's her? Said the macho man, then I said myself a woman who named basic accounting calculation.

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