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domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

G Em Decides to die

Many people in this world dwelt with luxuries, fame and power they never quit until they get what really they want not they love. Most of them lured with fads and crazes, others going out for mall to shop and spree, I believe I'm one of them having the same cravings in this world which made me a reason to aspire for brilliant ideas and synchronized what's really innate in me. But one day I realized something is really not yet worthy of living in this world but I can't figure out everything. In my long way journey I met her as a friend who named Dellie, there are times she give me advice never made yourself impressing amongst other people but you have to be the one who must aspire and inspire them. There's a big thought that it never means a lot to me since the thing that I can't figure out is everything that I delve for. She tried convincing me to become happier with what I have but I never quit of expounding what's the real thing that I'm seeking for. She nodded and laughed so much but I told her, go find yourself and I suggest look for better pal to talk with and I'll continue my journey seeking my esque and expound my thoughts better.

I am a good friend telling you the truth and just in this world, she told me one day then vanished around due to painful things that I scold her. Maybe scoundrels behoove what she really must have, now I can continue what I am ought to do and it's find what I really want to find until I've met a man who live on the upper east side and find myself completely inherited with pleasures and ideas which is really superb. I felt so much happy dealing with him and played that one day we'll see the enlightenment of city lights, the cougars on the town and the enthusiastic fads that plays in the modern world. I believe we'll become that much eager to seek for future and strive for excellence for the benefit of our own until one day he lost which made me squander along all the town but never find him anymore. I saw nothing around in my sight but completely blur so I heave myself and tried drinking one bottle of pills.

I woke up one day and find myself in complete loneliness wherein most of the people wearing blue and white uniform trying to wake up my sleeping conscience out of nowhere. All I saw that hours is a muslim with mole in his mouth shouting at me in great shivers. "My name is Nomad" however I named him "Muslim of Navy Seal" then shouted in the whole classroom how much painfull I got from the man who left me alone.

He thought me that it's only peace and prosperity that can be the answer at all my risk, all of a sudden I dreamed of listening unto my own conscience trying so difficult that, that Muslim Navy Seal can reach what I really ought to have. Then certainly pulled my hair, you really fall in a deep grave of love you must learn so many things in this world until you find the real thing you ought to find but I shouted reaching the whole conquest with far cry but with sensible utterance with the Holy Spirit. I believed he sensed my purpose...

Though there's still missing in my life...

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