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domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

You got what I need, you're just a bestfriend... An Italian Hippon Kebab story

Hey... Hey... hey we got a compromise, it's my hour of conituous journey for a more lamenting vengeance with Nathaniel Cookshore, Jhayson, Huntsman, my Bestfriend and the most of all, probably the Phantom who lurks deep in my adventure to destroy my emminents until claim the royalty that I have as an Espionage, Sociologist and Writer in an Interdisciplinary status way. Many people say this is just a vibration of being a semi-diplomat in the world full of madness. For me I care everything how I would give the protagonist theories for the various sorts of mankind just to claim of their necessities as a hunger for popularity. In the midst of my search for realistic consequences I mean as an aspiring ___________________ one day. My issues were always that in a latent way, against the intimacies and my wanting to discover of the frailties that had to be ignited away. In this purity of searching for depleting down mentalities (I mean ill mentalities) of people who may be in my siege of catapulting pretenders. A synchronized realm that must perished away is a just I think in the sight of many sureties.

Interdisciplinary garbage
Negative Demeanor
Mediocre Serious
Meron ba nito?
In this sort of reality I continue my travel and journey encountering lots of people, my apologies if can't be seen what I wrote on the comic cloud. At least I pasted the picture of the very handsome man I encountered (the Fireman) whom I missed, much of things with my sort this is my Bora elegance and a journey of cooking with my Italian Hippon Kebab. What matters most with my life were the sort of my bestfriend's images whom I never seen for most of my life, I must by precarious this hours now I'm showing the very good spicy dish I made.

A buttered mix hippon-deli concocted with oriental spices that suits to the flavors of bountiful munches. My sort were always that into a very exclusive equality with my twin brother but for me as his sister he must know where to draw his lines. I believe it's always that reflective with my good qualities of imagination to pour in this realistic world, with my sort I'm very much into a myriad society of people who may deteriorate of feigned truth but real wisdom must occur. And so I continue my surrealistic world as person with many ideas envisioned for my path to be consanguine with enormous indulgence of illuminous resort. One day I'll took again my vacation to somewhere that may not be deteriorated away but  a masterpiece to a very good voyage philosophist. It's a fiefdom with us that I mingled with great people but in my part had to be aware of who they are since many things will be in an instinct of firing down what's important with me. In this world of enlightenment what I'm seeking for is him, now is the time to figure out his images but to incorporate him with karmas and virtues, and also consequences with latent aesthetics of intimacy then this would be a very good start to my career until I can desolate this feigned people who hadn't have just gaining their own victory. I've learned a lot with the testament I called Pandacanage leading me to a good voyage and karma of health. Then everything would be in a must divulging of what is truth and what may be a cure to a society in death to become civilized and renowned with the calamities usually occuring this hours. What matters most in this reality I can't suffocate everything but treat myself as his mediocre Bestfriend because I'm that an ill, selfish, reluctant lahat ng tingin mo sakin pagkakamali ko but I'm just doing everything, all of this dahil _______________. I don't like anymore since I'm very much diluted with that sort of thing which he the only one can give to the woman he'll love one day. I'm just a bestfriend, also him but what I can interwine these hours is that he's very usefull especially of giving myself an alm to burn down the antagonists sickling around with me and my bestfriend but hadn't have to be procrastinated.

Last one ang gwapo mo talaga Enrique Iglesias

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