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domingo, 18 de mayo de 2014

"The Written World" a Fad of Emmo Hemmian Rhapsody...

Having a reincarnated life as a human being involved with fairytale love story wearing a distinguished attire of scurf like capes, colorful trousers and a curled sleeve shirt to make more fantasy of myself. In this written world I improvised a new fad that can make stories more colorful with people making them more funky in this virile society, it's an issue to envision laughter and enlightenment to express a more creed of happiness in the written world. A joy of broken love story, a threatened life and ruined dream from a person who make themselves happy proliferating fantasy around the mass, it's an Emmo-Hemmian core which can be a resolution in the means of nostalgic approaches of human individual who strive in one room and make fun of dolls, musical intruments, bonsai plants, books and other novelty materials which incorporated their madness in the society crashed their lives into a mental ailment derailed with uneven propagandas by a more powerful ruler. In this imprisoned culture of wary world with people looking for answers in their life, nature may explain how perceptions our quintessential in this society. Giving strengths and evaluation of a good resort in the arms of figuring out, how they may create ideas which can contribute in this world, the value that give strength through the means of perception can make an individual to encompassed himself in the world full of intelligence and premises of covert movements by a stronger and powerful one. Handling a range of multifarious activity I learned and discovered many things of myself, playing my mind and develop a fad that can help most of the people belong to depression and others who had a lot of frustrations in one room. Though procastinated by auras of the evil that lurks inside my satirical life, Emmo Hemmian had it all to make a progress in the written world of coping a versatile culture. In a shared diplomacy imbibe in the eloquence of current affairs, a fairytale inspired give this written world a new project to synchronized society. As another incite it give humility and meek friendship amongst people who have dogmas in a very inappropriate way. Though life is really procrastinated, having an image of feastive voyages like a colorful monopoly in the circulation of ideas to grow in the environment. It's like a complex harmony that may established to afford the new world of individual collaborating together, for a cultural progress fighting for their interest against the cruelty of the burgeoise society. Whilst there's a beatiful theory of fad created to manage the growth of society, people who'd been oppressed by mentality, it's "a kindred heart that speaks and never go wrong" in the sojourn of one person immunity against harm of discouragement and frailty. I tend to be frugal escaping from the difficult situation where most of the anti-society pulled me with their problems especially of how the nature may speak of them if there's a path that they may enter. Seeking the world with more intersting views, it's an optimistic adventure for people who delve for a dream that may give them the whims of childlike play that leads into a victory. My crave for adventures and never ending seek of discovery like a sceintism involved to improve a new society in the midst of virtue. Even the working class society who become involved with heretical issues against people who'd been indulge with depreciating this fad people, still I'd incorporated a task that give society to be associated with the written world of Emmo-Hemmian Fad corresponding a realm of deluxe intelligence. Though individuals like me suffered from enervated assaults of paramount heirarchies of the elite people, it is certain for me that my creed for knowledge and image of inheriting a sage of popularity through the means of new accumulated fad. I merely imbibe myself that there are elements of happiness that will be an answer to express of how I percieve everyone giving no violence but help the society instead escape from too much adoration of success like an obsessive compulsive syndrome or any psychological disorders that vitiates humanity. This "Written World" give me a voyage as an Emmo-Hemmian fad claimer especially against the people whom I expect to be a denoument of a splurge for more interesting aspects rather than giving too much cares with balowny instruments of their society. More of funny issues which is detrimental in my sight is the agony of mentallity which sounds like a beat of laughter in front of many individual. Though the dislodge of tyranny give wrong suspects in this culture, it's crazy thing to look at them having the sentiments of believing that they can establish their own by dethroning a massive society that they really can't oppressed hardly by themselves. Though nothing happened with the insults I'd suffered as involved in the human entity of depression and justifiable definitions of our improvised self in the fate of incantation with more happiness and pretentious success and victory, it give a fate to most people believe with themselves and their dreams to have a fairytale story of themselves in the agony of their world. Giving brevity in the "Written world" it's much of a savor looking at my voyage, insisting a surgency to avoid the reprimands of the madness of ethnicity that tortures each belief creating a more venerating aspect and become a result to their own gift. Dwellers who had the emotions of stabilizing their world for an enormous picturesque of individual though archetypal, still it pave the reason for a human to learn how to love happiness even at the collapse part of the facade of their human behavior. Because of Emmo Hemmian fad everything welcomes a victory though childish aspects are the result of my expectations that I may achieved in  proliferating a new aspect in this  world. Realizing for the creation of my own fad around this society, it's no reprimand that faith can also be improvised to escape against harshness of reality and give an assert of different facts in my "Written World" of "Emmo-hemmian fad."

jueves, 15 de mayo de 2014

Translation and popular culture; pops and musics...

In the thousands of years where people devaluated each other through the means of capturing inheritance, we've been influenced by Spanish culture to adopt romance and veneration with emotions to each other. When Magellan started to ignite his faction in the Philippines everything had gone but there's a translated demeanor in exchange of bountiful tradition in terms of popular culture which can be a grace that have materialized. Romance in terms of food had never become inocent in influencing ideas with many people, there were lot's of propagandas and pragmatical approaches that upheave the reality. In terms of music, telenovelas and popular culture everything becomes a concotion that have been translated into a wisdom to most people. Asian (Karmas) and Spaniards (Romance) this become an oblique features of reality in the name of love and beauty. Affecting the culture of Filipino people, things tend to become ecclectical in different terms where mentalities exchange with each other but still people is archetypal of what can become a must have in good vision of anarchy of arts and culture in the alleged country. Spaniards where always vindictive in terms of emotions and  making romance together with other people, especially when they've been indulge with Filipinos. Until millions of wisdom become a connection with Asians and Spaniards translating knowledge into a more wondrous aspect of reality against the deviant society of war and invasion of who's greater. As things tend to become affecting because of romance and grace of karma everything become acknowledge now a days in different motiffs of tradition. In the growing economy, nationalities and race have tend to stabilize a more venerous issue within their personality, the root of all the consequences is invasion and trading. In terms of popularity and esque elements that may become a good concoction for people in the name of aspects and eclectic union. The terms which had been used where all a consensus with different nations, Asian in terms of karmas where bound to be always a value that may discuss the universe and the philosophy of men. Karmas were that wisdom which is always given a value to incoroporate a wondrous reality. The meaningful life is always with them, wherein the other hand things which is a color to esque of Filipino people is emotions and perceptions to romance just to leave the apostacy in romance and equilibrium of relationship. Asian and Spaniards become a synchronized in the meaning of the world. Speaking of latent emotions and traditions of a pry with the people towards growth the economy turned larger and vicidus in the name of hospitaliy. In my part I believe there were greater race to invoke a myriad hospitality rather than others who had a dogful attitude in the route of the Philippines success.

jueves, 8 de mayo de 2014

Philippine Humanities

Meet Marco my Teddy Bear...
 "People of different classes"

Philippines good demeanor in arts and culture rivets a stepping stone through highlights of the government and tourism affairs. International pavement becomes fertile and virile through the myriad stories and extravagant cultures and  arts leading to dynamic international economy. Working class society, as well as the slums and bourgeoise environment evokes a beautiful nature of culture and arts in the Philippines, with pure behaviour of a Filipino individual  depicts a Philippine society engaged with luminous values and promotes Philippine ethnic culture and arts. Philippine Humanities amidst the esoteric features hidden deep within the Slum society acquires fancy and perky enthusiatic behaviour of people chattering in the crowd with instance of jokes and rumors. As a member of Philippine society, Slums also have their own language that become a means of communication depicting a unique art, such as; jologs, epal, shuding, bingo, armas, chicklog, champion, iskabru, jabbar, mcarthur and popoy. Paving the darkside of arts and culture, these are the society that depicts the "emocore" in the Philippine status, since they are the views of despair and economic crisis that politics can't solve. Slum culture becomes a rare talk within the three classes of Society in the Philippines. Dealing with the views of Naturalistic art, this society shows destruction and pitiful consanguinity in the casualties of culture and arts. Through the retrospect of the pressuring world of Working class society endows people dealing with ideas, events and rumors to suffice themselves under proletariat society. (Various Classes (People) in the Philippines, angelfire, 12/26/2012) in the Philippines so as important as this group is to the economy of the Philippines, people in this group will strive to be above their station. They work hard in their 8 to 6 jobs, party it up as fierce as anyone, but will always distance themselves from Jologs. When the B class do it, it's normally in jest as it's really absurd to think that well we could be Jologs. But the C class is THAT close to being Jologs, so to call them such would really hurt them. Stated above in the website of elevates people of the working class society with their image of people wearing corporate attires, classy shoes with bags they're carrying for bussiness transactions and company files. In field of culture and arts society, they paints people dealing with everyday issues and lifestyles. Behind the culture of treasure and wealth, Bourgeoise society or the people of class A standard echoes the exuberant heritage of individuals accumulated with pleasures and multifarious activities regarding bussiness, politics and leisures. Their assumption about culture is changing the world with innovations and trends neglecting the old fashion customs. Giving life in culture and arts they're bound to be a significance of roman catholic culture imbibe with statues of saints, crucifix of Jesus Christ and pillars of Mary. They're endowed with rich catholic religion that encompasses a wealthy heritage intoducing Philippine humanities around the world. Thus Philippine Humanities is a gift endowed in the knowledge of the Filipino people and is a rare subject existing for our foreign counterparts settling and visiting in our country. Even with the conflicts gained during the Filipino-Hispanic, Filipino-American and Filipino-Japanese period, it became an attraction and knowledge that serves as a victory in the Philippine culture and arts. Though there's ugly features that contradicts Philippine Humanities, still there's beauty that introduces naturalistic art in the Philippine subject.