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sábado, 30 de mayo de 2015

To trick

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Anyway, I still have myself as my friend or fiend Allan Donn, witnessing all the malice that circumtiated my society. Not inlove of what you are engraved but the pillars of you is much an aura of melted goat or everything in black. I`ve heard someday, somehow of new species deplored in this environment who look like Mable Bar Vac, an annahalated mammal I meet somewhere in school. Relentlessly speaking for the dark geek monologue woman, my prayers where indeed envisioned of her failures against me. In this exact 5:45 grey sky moonlit afternoon, you`ll encounter me no more, womanhood and birth of daughter mentallity is vindicated must be to procure my siege against the holliness or madness of Seo Hee in the instances of Scholastica Cake. I heard everything would be enunciated in the fervors of children and the youth. You didn`t love me especially that I`m a torn embodiment now.
Meet my other image Donn Charles I still don`t have boyfriend yet...