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domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

By the river Sta. Elena I saw Paula, sat down and wept

My likeness of the river curtails of the man I've met, encountered a child bullying practices but believe that I'm finely became interested of the girl who plays with me symmetrically. I think I've become an image of a woman who help myself yearned for a help and closeness, he's the prince that I think I found the man who will love me most though experience different damages in my body which I think can be a physical abuse and is much a surprising yawn towards my success. he used to be a man full of secrets never told me about he's dreams with a woman especially for a soul the he will be with in the bed. Amongst all the things that I can appreciate is that I used to stay in our province where I'm with my cousin garnering lots of ideas and experiences. All about matrimony and child rearing practices especially for the real esque of love with a woman like me. The symphony of life abounds  reality and a symbol of far cry about emotions and dreams of success, is all that he wants to have for, with bravery. All of the moments is my cherish toward virility of a real woman, I never expect she will be a man of honor and dignity that will embrace my fate asking for a real love. Sitting down the verge of cognizance and motivation I look upon the river where I shouted all the wishes and outcomes of life with wayward even though everything feebled down my mind and thoroughly is upright. For my up heave towards= growth against failure and daunts he defined me as a so called deluxe woman of different characters which I believe I'm merely proud of, about myself. All the moments enamored me with much cheers and fantasies that even a minute part of my esque is of her grace from what I called beauty of my soul that one day can make a progress of my cows toward vulnerability and a good status that I envisioned much my life, all became much a colorful reality between us though we quarreled most of the time like kids on a playhouse. The far more we've been enunciated with love and sweetness I consider myself it would be a valley of reign and enthusiasm, all of the things us against reluctance of the people who had naive intellects that can easily bestow us with what we called judgement. I missed him so much, the man who'd help me attain lot's of achievements and inspirations especially of becoming a pobre, or let me say human being who lacks society and is much of a clandestine rims of tapestry that merely connects with us towards a youthful madness and fantasies, we've become friends though my shallow heart summoned the depths of the river of Sta. Elena, my cries is a woe that seemed to be a sonido or everything is our moment. Each pieces of triads is what he called myriad variables of trust that she thought me how I could enable everything to get my prim, I guess? It could be if I could be one.

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