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viernes, 12 de diciembre de 2014

Wala ngayon...

Then in the eve it's going to be an enunciated aspect that things could be in the senses of neutrality. The thwart of a circumtiated humor where thst quite a vye to most. Wala ngayon as I think of the Goldilocks man whilst in a fortune of a bitterness onwards the theories of the abnormal society to create a fad amd norms. For the consequential essences of the masive issues which is a so called an against to the heresy of demeanor. Hence in the knight and shining armour that I have... thought so that there may be lots of ammicable reaction to a humorous levelized concepts of the so called furies of signs. To be in touch of the fissures and the altruisic knowledge that usually most people have of their unsensible indulgence of what they want. There may be lots of voyages for most of us, doorways to lineage of wealth but... the wisdom is usually negotiated with lacks of appraisals. Onwards the detour of the rollicking myriad images of what is an occurence in the thwart of the evil that lurks usually in people without any senses of a so called memoirs in the society. Much of the envious people, the sentiment of an upsetting images become a negotiation to much of my neccessities a real security for most who needs a specific motions of a happily ever after. From the credulous instances of intermitence there could be a verge to what do I could be. The ricocheting crude of a thwine to the security of mostly with the uneducated people or everyone living in the abnormalities of an unlacquer society the things that I called am against to the vengeance of the malignance of heresy and emotional indulgence to unviable denomination of the unclass. Things which were frailty to the motives of perception could be interfaced by a real international image of heirarchy. Wala ngayon... kaya ayon nag-I recieve 100 na lang ako sa mga asaness na low class chipanggas. Wala ng moog!!!!! wala ng ganap isang paglikat!!!!! Sa mga kalintong ng paglikat at lutong bahay na pinagdikit ng aking sinok mani!!!!! Naglalaba nga loli心lilikas na mga kasunduan sa mga laso't sinag talang mga kutsyilyo't lamesa!!!!!! Pitong libong taon tayo nagsasama hanggang ngayon hinihila mo pa rin ang sangkalan ng mga pintuan patungo sa walang hanggang pagtatalumpati!!!!! Wala na ngang moog ang samahan ng sambahayan tulog parin ng tubig ang hinihingin mo!!!! Hanggang kailan!!!!

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