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jueves, 11 de diciembre de 2014

In the reality of the seven...ties

My life with the man in the cabin never dwell me with aesthetical emotions. Yet navigated me only of can be a peanut brittle in my emotions because of the mind buggling but a dererioration of most the so called scent of faith debunk. These is an hour of an invigorating summative resultd for everything that is so called a reflection to the memoirs, usually of who am I. As a means of woman having the story like Wenxin. The more habitual I created for a good fate the more greed of being them as an opportunist they have. The much of a protagonist in the villain world of fault, is that everything that I could, for a means of replenishing the poisons I have against the theorized subject of the ill fated chic. The means of a globalization os that for the black market control, with much an instances for a pure equilibrium. The realistic means of the so called karmas, why on Earth have they the purge to punish since they where the unjust and a deraction in sight of the benign. The belliguerences of a quintessential terms where far more equated by the much controlled armistices. So define karma again...

Supposedly they where not a mere essences of perfect bras, but a meaningful colours of the so called fix color wheel and the other side the more comples one of a bountiful nature.  So study carefully how it may contribute tp the so called piece of Cake. Much of it the more real it has on the hand is my color spectrum to navigate the meanders of truth. That's all... so 70's or seven... ties for a union of a meander to the color of generation. For a mere shopping spree culture of what is no a negate to the popular culture that could be a mauce to the cokors of Seo in the route of Seoul Korea, my mother. 

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