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jueves, 11 de diciembre de 2014

The Avignon

How do I say so in the Sword and cross distances of a mere international arena! A story in my life which always a regard to the undulated demeanor to invoke a silence for a more reasons to bargain. Around the trend of the mass and the public, there's no ascent in the society if the closeness of the meander to evict the nature of society (change). But there must be a power either the so called a prowess to the prime instances of faults. When the so called norm have been created, then there must be no negligence to the care but a specialized wisdom for intellect around the adherence of the lute. Prior to the prowl of consistencies the more that I've been venerated of the union could be an avert to the passive courier for the truth. Everything must be kept in sense of diplomacies. The trend of the tenets in diversive mimicrieng aspects of usual enemy couldn't be an hour in the essences of truth. Towards the succumb of nature the things which tend to be fired out must be vitiated much away to be an evaded circumstances against the leering practice of the hidden agenda usually by most purpose. A must have forth the senses is quite a good resemblance of the usual maturity of most of the people. In terms of the reality, there may be a crude to the existencies of the well manage of the usual reward against the fault that shouldn't be a happily ever after. It's a realistic Avignon story for better human surge in the name of the Seoul Korea, especially that these hours have cred the ediblity of the good visions of beams of the sun against the desecrated indolence of the parcel tongues of slickering detractors of mentallity. Usually, now that the more logical I could be, the realistic my arm horses should follow me. If the abnormal society had been automated, the worst could create destruction against the abused of the enemies... a whim could be for the realistic story of fantasy.

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