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miércoles, 10 de diciembre de 2014

Adia na! Adia na! Adia na siya!!!!!!!

Whilst in my continuous visions with the eloquence of food and ethereal views for senses of the arrival that issues could be. Hereafter the reality could always be a realistically surge forth the reality. The obscurity of the ailments that society have is always that, a detour to the lament of this negligent siege of a wrong dynamic inheritance of the so called heirarchical status of the emmanent that can be a wrong move. With the essences of the realistic against to the dynamic ventures of the coaelsced venture of being a too good to be nice and S.A.M. It's a mere revolution of the consequential harmony, the complaicancies where my harbours forth whimsnof my acquaintances.

The route for the negligence is that with my sort of the ammicabilities of the Life and the love.  It's for the union of a good causes that I may not be indulge for an acknowledgement that is with the reality. The picture of a woman senses of the lyres in my truthful neccessities with a more liquidated sources that shouldn' be mine. It's more acqeuos and flambuouyant union, a vendetta to the reflection of search against poisonous charms. the demarche, courier and the attache what's the different in them?

Whilst of this image, what can you say again? The reality in the instances is quite for the knowledgeable reality, everyone is a sensible relationship in ties of the visions not against the heretical disorders of the faction without any essences of trials. But in the image above you may say an ammicable means of searching for monetary factors.

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