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sábado, 13 de diciembre de 2014

Hindi kami paus... di kami pa-close

Every children now is wading for me, watching their hands and making her touch. Why? Still it doesn't have any proper surgencies but only a sense of humor that integrates a good unity in a coaelsced environment. The much interrogation of the so called animosity where that envisioned of what is for the upright. Now in my continuous ascent for journey for a creed, once there where stories of an entailment that people usually of selfish and greed ascertainment wherefore an instance to destroy my mentallity of a vitality garden a citadel of freshness like a vigor of a product (Lush). The emmanents where that for the quintessential terms, (sabi nga ni Little Ningster hindi kami paus lalo't di pa namin nakukuha ang mga amin...) still... my incorporated suit of a good verdict exemplarize that I don't have any union of what is to be.... as human surge for annihalation of being me. So far, so forth the excellencies may acclaim. In that the issue against the nonchallance of what is realistically in our good sort. Though capacitated me, with what of their consents I am not that have the likeness of being with them. The realistic surge of a pure excellence where that analogous to their reasons which is selfish claim for my better claim. Now against the filth of nature, the neutrality may begin of a good rule for a mincing of an against to the nonchallance of their assaults. In the hours, to proclaim of the passive instances the more ammicable could entail for the excerpt that I have, the better demarches could give epitome to mostly of the refugees of the union. Whilst in the effort against the greed of self instances, the majority pf good causes for the envisioned terms of a good liturgy. The progeny which coulld be a good life is already have been achieved usually now in the hours of life and the realistic love for good intelligences. The mere a myriad could heave for better epitomes, the more a usual severities against the altruistic image of causes. (Hindi nga kami paclose kasi kahit di kami paus sa kaka-kanta) Says the little Ningsters of anchieved procurements against the hazards that may established a delve for many pessimistic visions by the emmanents against us. Ourselves to become fictatious of the story which asserts for the sociological dresses for a good fairytale inspired humanity.

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