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miércoles, 17 de diciembre de 2014

Mga pabula

Lenggoy... a talking parot like Brosia is in the meandering issues of a good thwart of the mentallity in the coasts of a good and bountiful alternation of herself. Much us what she is always create a mere knocturnal union for a blaze of good implementations. A woman of fret sound in the wilderness of pain and of a great deal with the good consequences of issues. It's a mere provocative of a slymer in the route of good coaelsces of intelligence. Her creed of a myriad fascination that can be a good equation, amidst the pivot of a pobre society. She's indulge of wealth seeking and formulation of a greater hypotheses in the means of an irony with the whims of good anarchy. From a better aims of having a weave of claiming jewelries as a woman to gain a position for bountiful esque of ethereal views. The grimm, a man of parody in life with his family being an actor and have a convulsed union of realistic ecclairs to be against the counterattack of the envious neighbors just in the means of the vitality garden or the progedy of all blood races for a means of her good diplomacies. It came an envious charms of the fellow human surge because of the intellect that the citadel have. Why hotness is a matter of confidence from a more passive culture.

"Kung sa simpleng pakikisama rin lang hindi na, ikaw ang diya ako ang sa Asia at sa iba pang karatig mundong nasasakupan ng malas at ng kataasang tagumpay na may pagibig."

quoted as what it was allegedly impervious around with me as a citadel, of diversive ecclairs of union and diplomacy. The vibrational oxygen invinsibility dove, another youngster who have juvenille delingquence in the society of the citadel, of neutrallity have occured for a better of his luck to commemorate with the instances of the better charms that being a citadel may have. Once it was a sense of good autonomy for the pure mediocrity usually of the people around.

The enemies where usually around in an instance there may be a better touches of good union against the contraband of society. For a meandering culture for ways of anarchy, the myriad things could concumbine of the so called reality. With a mere resemblance of different touches of my amalgam self, there could be my hero or my "night and shining armour" of different coaelsces of union in form of better favors towards the frivolity of much fairytale stories.

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