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viernes, 12 de diciembre de 2014

I recieve...

During the early times of my Goldilocks theory, he is always in my eyes. When the time I wake, only heaven knows towards the Lupang hinirang sentiment of nature by a means of consistencies. The man of the hour thst mustn't be name because of the thrift and sandwich that I'd experienced in that society. Far more it is, I've been enunciated by the good verdicts of a nation. These hours, I've remembered of the story book of salamat philippines wherein two products have been intermitted but the other one have negated because of a cheating ceremony. It was an intermitent reallity that the credibility of the wealth is expounded but the more valuable remains constant. How far everything becomes enunciated by a hegemonic era against the demonic entity. The despise is that the man of I recieve, diluted a memory of my past regarding economics and literacy of human surge. Half of it there mau be a more knowledgeable instances to propagate of the wealth, with the instincts of mentallity if only a set of bouquets have been delved for the realistic touches of good views. With the senses that I have everything is so called a remarkable journey for my conglomerates of what is a so called a happily ever after for everyone. The much can create of the satirical story that I have, the far more things can be an opulence to most of the human surgencies. Now like everything that I'm dealing in the instances of the hours of a superceding that can't be a change for the nation. With the more viable reality, the more things become a good creation against the so called wondrous emporium. From the curates of analogous to the scenes of what I have in my own reflection the far more I could create a succumb, against the unvalid logic pf the enemies. It could only be a memory of my memes in the past, a man that accumulated a match of wealth giving my receipt for the brownies and chocolated double dutch I bought at Goldilocks as a woman having internship at the d
Department of justice.

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