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miércoles, 10 de diciembre de 2014

Ang wagas...

When in the opposing sides of Seoul Korea and Japan against the fake semantics. The union of glory and enlightenment could be in touch of the realistic nuptials. For the silver spoon in Asia against the fake stuff of it's side, there cpuld be a far more neccessities from the touches in route of beauty of the fire. With the essences of the pure hegemonic era, I turned a bi morbid because of the vitallity union pf my owned casualties of an against to the veneration of the leering instances. With the occuring nation, thereupon the limited sorts of a protuberance could be infinite which isn't be in the faction of a real happily ever after. With this scenic views of countersurgencies. Everything could be in the senses of neutrality, to make an effort for a wisdom against the poisonous charms of the unidentified. Somehow... I'm still alive against the massive procrastination of the contonuous death. The strata of convulsion which is a pessimistic touch forth the burnt of a never ending pain. With the issues of a more reverberating wisdom around? The better that thinhs may create for the curse of no humor. Sometimes, the simplier the better the circinstances that can endow for a better union. With the tribute of an all knowing faction, it's my procurement of what could be a fair and meaningful terms against the wrong locomotion of the blessings and the wealth. The punitive aspect of the source of happiness in the route of excellencies where much in good equilibrium to the demands of most proletariat and the creed of reality. Now the altruistic lycanthrope is my touch of allegiance, from the neutral ascent of a good nation, there could be a mere resemblance of what is a point of excellencies. The upheaved demeanor in the coalseces of a more tactful graces.

Na ang nakaraang ganap ay isang wagas na kaligayan sa... uh...uhh...uhh...uhhh...uhhh...uhhh...uhhh...uhhh. with isue in the latter stood still, of the man with lot's of purposes against the enviousness of the mere negotiation that can be an against to the harmonies of a more wisdom synthesis. From the evation of more enemies the more penchat the stronger the tradition of the graces. In the instances of the union, it's more of an ecclectical invoking derailment to decompose the massive intelligence of the negated circumstances. (Ang wagas) as what it was in name of the fairytale and a stpry inspired for the hemisphere of a better tradition against the chippanggas that things couldnbe ignited from the prowess harpoon of the strong armistice and the reason of modernity. (Isang wagas) from the equated representation of the strata by many a man of an against to the frailty. It's always a sort of a never ending story to coincide with good stories for a happily ever after.

                                         Kapalaran, na ito'y walang katapusan... patungo sa liwanag ng buhay...

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