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miércoles, 17 de diciembre de 2014

Babae nga ako...

From the very beginning of my amorpheous body and embodiment of a citadel by lots of bueraucrats. The mere good faction could delineate the mandated negligence of the so called my demeanor in the senses of society. Now with the creeds of the visions to the occurences of the phenomena could have been an enviousness by most of the social unit in this life existencies. For a mere continuous surgencies for the fate and heirarchy. The anarchical etudes of hopes and the good verdict, can antagonize the arrogance of the myriad senses of the rigored intimacies for their own upheaved. The credulous mentallity could be created a more excemptional ones to promote a more demarche for emmo hemmian fad. Forth the hinges of high status could delve in the different senses and sighs of surgencies with the dark and colorful minions of what I may have. The pluralistic essences of fortune with different senses of enlightenment, my mentallity is all for a more excemptional strength and mystery of a historical acre femmininity during the stone age period continuing to the life of being a mere amplifiance of a greater splurge. To coaelsce of the theories and the laws, the things that could explicate the inner and outer superbia of different analogous in an upsurge of truth.

These is exact 2:45 in the @fternoon and I've been interwined by different totalitarian expectations. Now in the hours, the greater the upsurge of the truth the mere could be a good memoirs for intelligences and myriad reallity. For a better of the claims, I'll be justifiable and would be in a sense of neutrallity especially for the aims and majistrate my mother Seoul Korea. For the greater of the whims could be for the stronger embodiment that cpuld be in good expectancies of medication that could bebfpr the Seoul Korea. Haaaiiiiissstttt... babae nga ako, for a meandering nuptials of what could be articulated with mother Seoul against the tyrant publicities of the difficulty giver.

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