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martes, 16 de diciembre de 2014

Tapos ngayon ano ng mangyayari?

With my adventure in these hours not thwarting the aspects of neutrality anymore. A happily ever after thst must be enunciated of a severe psychosis in that, I've turned into something which is not a good opinion. For the reallity what could happen with my sort, is an assure ties for a notion. Usually it's expected that the mere complaicancies that could heave he union for the eloquence is potency of how society interwined with the human entity either it's insinuation with the change of the population. What could be the next if things where not in an autonomy anymore. My creed for my neccessities is all an acknowledgement of good fortune and everything which is my luck for who I am and what I will be especially in the name of S.A.M. the more of a mauve of colors could make in touch of the better appeasement the more ecclectical could humor may become in an assault for realistic outcomes. The the thwart of a better hegemony now, he@ve in the hours and touch of a better acknowledgement in future. For the better of the intelligence, the quintessential tasks where for all the good aspiration of what is a so called dignity and rights of human either in terms of adventure.

Not an expectation for the usual arrival of a consent does anyone can imbibe what hour is this? for the next,what could everything in life may after the union if there's no more interface with the assault of the realistic dignity. In the thwart of the so called aspect of a halr of being me as the citadel of beauty and the mediocrity of human surge to implore like my mother Seoul Korea. Ano ng mangyayari after niyang pinaggagagawa mo sakin especially of that balowney imperfection in sight?

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