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viernes, 5 de diciembre de 2014

Wala ko sinasabi tungkol sa mga ganun...

It's my life of endearing what they used to call a fate of reality. I muttered that in the values of a better necessities, (infairness remarkable ang mga instincts na ayaw ko sa buhay ko.) With this visions I allegedly envisioned it's all a meaningful route of excellencies that I don't like any nonsensical heirarchies which isn't in my life definitions. With the archetypal auras of what is a reality, it's a faction of what is definitive these hours of a good collaboration with the severities of a renowned ultimatum. In the pluralistic essentials of what is truth against the harmony of what is a bewilderment in the sight of the ultimatum. These hours the visions of greater equality where that feastive, still I'm much for the demarches of the bountiful denouments against the acquistion of the reverberating realities of the angst by many a man. The exquisite is that what is everything a momentum with much a collaboration of the scenic visions, I give an epitome to the above that it can be notious to make a coaelsce to the strength of the phenomena (madness and sociologocal change). With the materialism of the issues it's much my definitive sentiments that there may be a cumulative visions for the status of an effect with the leering jaundices of the pragmatic arches, which isn't forth the lamentations of heirarchy. In the hours passing these moments it's a more vibration of a good karma to promote in the instincts of goodness. With the coinscidence and accidents of the motion, what's far more important in my life is the progeny of what is the wants of diversive life. Now the effect of sociological behaviour would tend to become calmed especially of the project Seo. In the hours for everything in the venerating aspects of good colloquial Senas will be at all coasts of anti-depreciation. For an ultimate denouments for good stories it will be more refreshing in the culture that may be an asault to the chippanggas of no demeanor. For the instances of a berefting humanhood everything would be for chance of a victory. The limitations of the fugitives would be far more creative either litrugical for many reasons against the essential factors of truth and extravagance of the muttering reality. It's a good concoction in the sunset turning down these hours.

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