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miércoles, 3 de diciembre de 2014

Si Aljon...

Sayang talaga... last night I've encountered another security for the synchronization of truth. With the inheritance of a deluxe karmas either consequences and answers, he appeared and nurtured me with the essences of creating analogous sentiments of a sense of platonic environment. Kaya lang bigla siya nawala, then it's my terms of events notious vibrations for the worth pf interdisciplinary studies. Quintessentially speaking, the thwart of a humungous denoumenr where for the instances of crackles and chocolate reverberatiin of good views. The inheritance that I'm always heaving is that a matter of affirmative reaction. In a senses he's much handsome, why on Earth he stood very ammicable and gave me an imbibe of inertia and good grammar. In the studies of answers and intellects of consequences maybe he may give me a mathematical result of concoctions with an endearing momentum. Since from the very capable delve for the hypothetical answers thw must have wherefore the legalized sentiments of the upheaved nature of anti-deviant society. From the coaelsces of primitive reasons uo to the medieval period of excellencies. These permissive nonchallance and melancholly may become a dettering result which is a mustn't to the inheritance of what I am had to have for the siege and lure of everything that can I be anxious in the diversive theories of being that a sosy visions to conclude of being me. It's a very massive deplore in a so called proper decorum of good instances. Feisty how in the issues that much turbulent in the mentallity which I'm asserting in the ascertainments with my colleagues Piaget, Rouer and Fuege. The verge is much always for the coinscidences which can't be heirarchical but is a good circulization but an adage to the good fairytale modernities of twists of the fate and concoction of truth. The matter is always for the allegiance and good diplomacy. With my esoteric sentiments of persona. The auras that may speak well of the essences from the pluralistic envisions of the rigors against the ravages of the thwarting memories either the realistic conflicts which can be a truth. When in the earlier momentum of the ultimatum I guess ot could be a form of legalities from the harboursnof the varying definition of the proper decorum, with the strength that things can be, only people can become bad and good in the fate of reality. Humans can only haventhe freedom of speech. Realities where for the better of what is a good sort from amongst us. The society which is continuoisly changing will be an avert to the exemplaries of union, with the tasks of mobilized environment the cpunterfieting nature would be a humungous armistoce for much I'm in the search for the union of good forces. In my memories for Aljon, hoping that we may tend to be exquisite together, he'll be that anxious maybe because of the incites that may become against to uncle Vernon. It's a coy to the intrinsic beauties that Philippines had, the exotic definition of being a Tagalog race, not Chipanggas. For an applause of the reverberating Gui that I am against Sweet November. Then there may become a tedious instincts of good nature against the papacy of the hypocratic Santo papas. Feastive it is in the commemorating endearments of the story I'read once, (ako'y isang tiganh na babae't sabik sa lalakeng galing sa Roma't kastila.) Funny it could be which is only for the unammicable senses or people who creates no humor but a sadistic romance either visions of killing me softly love. Yuk talaga with the essences of my new freund Aljon or the chubby white guy of the good human instincts and platonic circumferrences.

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