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lunes, 8 de diciembre de 2014


Lapiz, ballpen, papel

I run away, run away to hide
I can't resist myself to hide from you
So I go home again
 To say something to you. 
Something that I've never done before.

I am a sinner, I'm a sinner
Forgive me from everything that I've done
Please never get mad,
Coz I'll never give up from all the odds that
I'll face just for you.
I'm a sinner.

I used to say that I'll never do it again.
But sadlybI've broke my promises I've made for you.
But I'll never give up.
To strive all my endeavors just for you,
But I'm a sinner.

One day, one day I'll prove myself
One day I'll prove myself that, in am instances.
I'm not a sinner anymore.
So thank you very much
For helping me to think,
That I'mnot ansinner anymore.

I am a sinner, I am a sinner 
Forgive me from everything that I've done before.
I am a sinner
Never bring me down
Never let me think I don't want to do it,
Coz I am a sinner.

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