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lunes, 8 de diciembre de 2014

Sabihin mo na kung anong ginawa mo!!!!!!

                         Wala na kami one month ng makalipas...

With the levieing taxes around the globe as it is in the essences of how can I create any securities against the people, who loves coinciding with what their wants, a marriage which is a feliny in my case especially with things that I don't like. For a mere f@ct of a security it's my must have to be delved by many a reality. These hours the thinhs which is for a passive impact of a leering negotiation may a gopd propaganda be assaulted against the charms of enemies, experienced with the pills that I'm undertaking. With the vision of poisonous charms I've created a malignant theory which is possible in sight of the phantom... though I'm not much ineterested of coinciding with. Of his strength and materialism, still I'm that of a morbid sentiment because of everything's going on. As a thwart of the amicable means, the things which could be for anything that can't be a nuissance onwards the ecclairs of a better visions. Much of everything that is, purposive... Once I've tried an indulgence around the globe of the armistice that the White Zombies and the Goats where trying to imbibe in the luxuries and desteuction of society. The pluralistic means whereforth the more huffy creatiom that can be an attack againdt the mass and the public. It's more of a proper decorum to state the enunciated aspect of what is a good and if could be the better or best sort of matrimony. People who where that an instance of an adverse with my logical means and no creeds for what can't be stoic in this environment. Now in the culture of an macro system of an anti-berefting endearments can @ccumulate a passive sort of diplomacy. It's more of a sudden touches that can't be a negate in this abnormality of a society, things couldn't be depleted especially of an against to the chippanggas. Somehow I've discovered of the sensations that can be destructive against them especially of the annihilation which isn't good enough for the elements of what is a better claim. Now with the procurements occuring in the instances of the wealth that can be with much gentes. Now the excercises of my against  the harbours of against to the submissive pestilence of a greed. It's more of a sudden inculcation of what is not a veering despise against me. As a unit of R.I.P. or settlement for revitalized surgencies of good sentiment. I don't want creating any nuissance of things which is a spoilage of attitude either a brath impact with my excemption attitude. It's with my anticipation of the musn't ambiguous figurative learining in my mentality as the best construction unit to be. Now with my effort for a parch and drought of the people is learning, my strict nature of what is preponderonce for being me as a construction unit by many a human great. (Tapos un na nga sabi ko sa kany anong ginawa mo!!!!! Maghuhusidili ka dahi ako ang wagi, kaya sabihin mo kung anong ginawa mo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). So hence with my maturity of what is with the ultimatum as my father being an unica hija one day... I mean still these hours is being for better procurements of equity and purge against the human dignity, a right to human threat by the ultimatum, especially if with things which is possible in the route of everyone's excellencies.

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