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lunes, 8 de diciembre de 2014

Midnight in my garden of good and evil

Midnight is just like life and death sentences you really doesn't know if you'll wake up or not. It's midnight when I used to do what I want and our living room was my sanctuary It was what used to be my garden where I can tell my good and evil feelings but it's so hard to exert those feelings and difficult to understand. I push myself to be good though it's hard but it seems to be like everythings done, I know I've change but the Ultimatum one, want's something more. Things where going heavier and more complicated as I step on the doorways of eternal joy. But what makes me sad is when I was spiritually bothered with malicious murmurs in my mind something thatnis not good and keeps the pain in my emotions. This is what the that I cam say in thebliving room whstbI called garden. Not only those bothers but also the faithlessness thatnkeeps in touch with my mind,nsonhard to predict who henis but I know he's  the powerful one who can help me cure those painsand threats in mentallityn in the soul. The creations of abbptherimg is my dark past that scaresnme so much. If that would be a documentary assault that everyone will be scared with whst I've done. If there's bad then there's a positive aspect, what makes me happy forth the reminsces of the name of the four heirarchies in my designated persona, that I can feel their warm welcome within the emotions and gives me the strength to cpnquer my fears. I don't know how to give a creed but envision a mage of retrospect and change. Memories and images thst makes me the sentiment of locomotive assert of emotion durinh my childhood years and make play with the jaundocing memoirsnwith my friends. Imagination that judgement overcomesnthengood and the bad and makes me happy that my intimate partners will live together with me in the next chapter of my life. It's a story of a garden of gpod and evil which is in reality in the depts of the cemetery lies in my joys and pain agaonst the man who delve me for nothing.

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