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sábado, 13 de diciembre de 2014

Still... the beautiful neck

  My step brother...

The next thing gain in myself is my beautiful neck... again with my scurves for a good pleasure. Especially against the analogous of nature, that for a good global expansion, the more equated created by a good faction of formulas. The greater may become for the concerns of human surge. The potencies and eloquence of knowledge that may tend is that, being a woman of a femminist theories together with my step brother who still excavating many charms in this entirety. These could be a minutes of a good tendency by usual means in the aspect of the totallity of the nation to be expound. In my adherence as a woman, my step brother is that of an ill-fated guest to create a donnth in this entirety. Still as a woman I have that beautiful neck for a better whims. The better claim is an against to the paradigm of a good places of an embodiment in a real surgencies of good union. Being a citadel of the most tasks that my step brother have is his beautiful neck. As a blogger I'm very that enunciated of a good causes to promote of the good society, especially of the happily ever after that won't be a vitiate by the meandering norms of people of ill mentallity provoked by the love. Sometimes it had to be a usual union that too much jejemon isn't a neccessity now that's why a greater apprehension have been discussed by the so called colorful in the dark. My voyage now turned as a reslistic womanhood by many nations being with my mother Seo. An onlooker of a search engine opinionated optimozation. The privatized creed is that, forth the good contradiction against the tarnished tarnished exemplaries of the good visions. With the claims of my room of Michelle Branch, now with the introspection of a good labor. With these instances, the colorful it may forth the worth of a resemblant factor that music could have.

Wala pa masyado make-up yan...walang makapal ang mukha na kapangpangan diyan ahhh!!!!!!!!!
Hi she's

 that's not Andrew...
The mere I'd become of an image with the strengths of having a mere possitivism, the better I could be for a demarche of lot's of good enlightenment. With the mere feastive aspect of being me, one day I'll be this for a mere favor for good options agains the poison and a snake, for a succulent grace. It's an option for a change of society and the dreams, the mere of a resemblance call capitalization of maximation of the Wealth's and pleasures that one day I could have is for a renown issue with most human surge. The probability of my visions being a quintessential and succesor of favors it' everything for my knight and shining armour, a too complicated as what like's as that _____________________ story that I've been for an anti-greed of selfish instincts gaining the better of the wants. With the prospect for more assaults against the union of too much democracy there may always be a good verdict. How passive it could be in the thwarts of my continuous memory as a woman together with my mother Seo.

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