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jueves, 11 de diciembre de 2014

The Bacardi shots

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Now the images where instated that still, I do not he@ve my appeasements for fruit and wine as a sign of security by my step siblings in the name of the phantom and the difficulty giver. Like a story of the time and oddysey, the water and his adventures, the lake of fire togerher with his annihalation of strategies going back to save me. I'm onwards that of capitalizing a more profitable and exact essences of what is truth against the massive attacks that he's conniving for a better means that the prowess and power to the mass have allegedly impted and quoted usually in my visions of reality. My femmininity where that, for a lucratice aspectsm these hours a Bacardi shot for an instance of a creed in the denoument of this world, still I'm against to him.

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