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martes, 28 de octubre de 2014

My x-boyfriend is a kapangpangan...

Supposedly when ultimatum deals with excellencies and maturity of conserve culture, it's always a deal of nature regarding Seo or the Seoul property of the unlimited surprises for expectaular victories. The reality of an against onslaught is the whims for a pivoted ores of wealth. I deal with the views of a great reigns of name Seo as soul and pesonilities of a wife and forever accompaniment that may be a realist theory. In the route of femminism the visions of the issues mostly, would be that for a kindred and multifarious thoughts for the myriad essences of the rock emotions of Korea so to speak. I won't ever dilute of the conformities of nature, with the esque of frivolity only what is a heave would be against of a detriment. In the righteous publicity around this ethereal momentum, the victory would always be mine mediocrity rules, spices and antiquity would be a contradictory together. Whilst the overture of the humungous wealth may the succumb lures will be anticipated for a renowned victory. In the casualties of a social elite reformat me, the pluralistic benigns is my owned from the continuous denoument of used to be the monetary fluctuations, that I can invertebrated. Used to be the hours this passing in my life, where done. I finished everything in our relationship, a while go in my sojourn the stereo typical filipinos become a laughter. My exemption persona tends to propagate of the scenic means that we'd become before. Now with the issues encountering my history, I termed myself being a temptation to most of the threats in this superbia of park and the jail. Since I'm the very strength of diplomacy and surgenicies of the human beings and the above for Seoul and Beijing. To the elements of a anti-Stoic what things can be armed is the beauty of gallantries and ornaments of the real treasures that never ended. I superceded of a victory that I said already lasted since October 18, when in the modes of threats against me. The views where that purposively perfect for the silverspoon of turbulent inculcation of the mysteries running around the visions of what can be a so called monarchy of good supervision. I always tend to be the protagonist I happened a mediocrity writer for a good decadence and won't be enervated by the wicked things. In the heirarchy of kinship the devotion of different sects is a meander of the greatness, which is the Seoul and Beijing. I'm done with our motions now, he's been far away from me. It's for lots of pessimism that I've ended from most, now this is my next chapter. October 18 now ended and termed as a pure hypocicy in my life.

Tapos ayun... natapos din, di kami nagkatuluyan ganun lang siya kasimple after four months...

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